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Tetryonics is the insightful colourful coherent work of Kelvin Abraham.
Shown as triangles, on paper, it makes use of tetrahedral relationships.
It addresses the relationship between Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness.
In describing how electricity, magnetism, radio and information correlates.

  1. Listen to the story of Kelvin Abraham: how Tetryonics originated.
  2. Download the Templates, and follow the Course on Tetryonics.
  3. Consult the Tetryonics section on YouTube, download material there:
  4. Download the following link to use the Tetryonics Torrrents
  5. The Tetrahedron is the minimal space-defining shape in 3 dimensions.
    Point [0D], line [1D], plane [2D] and volume [3D] are integrated.
    The Tetrahedron is the static equivalent of a Vortex inversion dynamic.
    Therein a volume  [3D] flows from the surface  [2D] via a streamline [1D] through a point [0D].

      A tetrahedron is a geometric shape.
      A tetrahedron defines dimensional relationships.
      A tetrahedron contains operational logic.
      A tetrahedron also has an algebraic meaning.



Tetryonics is a fundamental (and artistic) explanation of universal coherence.
The core element is always the tetrahedron shape, shown by its facets.
The maps of tetryonics show the patterns in universal quantum relationships.
These make it possible to recognise the pattern underlying cosmic laws.

  1. The Interviews are invitations to explore the foundations of Tetryonics:
    1) Who is Kelvin Abraham?, 2) What led him?, 3) what did he find?, 4) How can You use it?
  2. The Info section gives basic understanding of Tetryonic theory.
    It DOES require a different kind of thinking (as in learning any new language)
  3. The Course is a train to learn about (the use of) Tetryonic Theory.
    It assumes that you know nothing about this way of thinking, as a start.
  4. The Resources provide you a link to all the educational materials.
    You are invited to download everything onto your own computer, and share it.

All of the material on Tetryonics was created (c) by Kelvin Abraham.
It is freely available for free sharing; nothing shall be monopolised of it.

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