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The universe is composed of Quanta; Planck’s Energy Momentum Tetrahedra.
Symmetry is the essence; that can be drawn on paper and coloured.
I made templates of this, which ended up resulting in 5 years work.
They are the 8 basic energy levels, as equilateral geometries.

In Tetryonics mass and matter is different.
The basis is the equilateral triangle.
With a north-south, or positive-negative polarity.
Download the template to see the details.

Cut the template, and build the tetrahedra.
Start with the N1 series.
Use the rest to build all of the atoms.
You will need to print quite many of them.

The templates are colour-coded for +, -, N, S.
The strong force is a bonded tetrahedron.
It matters how they are lighed up.
By that, you can build bigger and bigger particles.

There are charged and neutral tetrahedrons.
Cosmic creation started by aligning these elements.
A triangle has a + and - side.
Each has a polar opposite negative.

As soon as a triangle is released, it interacts.
The interactions create patterns, as Hawkins postulates.
Development of the pattern reflects the context.
It shows the dynamic of Interaction.

The equilateral triangle with +/-/N/S all imply that.
There are no monopole nor 11 dimensions.
What you need is paper and scissors and glue.
Then follow the tetrahedral charges and build shapes.

The basis shape is the tetrahedron; the tetryon.
Physics does not know it, as yet; it is mistaken for electrons.
The geometry matters; it is the same as that of electrons and positrons.
The only difference is the charge; also with respect to the heavier quarks.

The tetrahedral shape of 2D mass energy Matter, literally.
The book on quantum mechanics explains the details.
Leptons differ from quarks by the charged facia organisation.
It is the difference between ‘rod’ versus ‘rings’ in organisation.

  • Start by printing out the templates,
  • Form the tetrahedrons.
  • The +/- and neutral (dielectric 'gluons').
  • That explains the 2/3 charges in modern physics; in fact a +8 or +12 charge....

You can make all the sub-atomic-elements, and hold them in your hand.
You can see how the charges fit; and how the universe forms.
Get a container to store the Tetryons, and play with it.
See your understanding grow, literally, while you play.

It takes a few weeks, and in months you will train spatial insight.
You will learn to not use expectation, but operate what yopu can see.
You see how the fields rotate, connect up, form patterns.
It takes training: practice and practice.

You will learn to work with cheirality.
It is the right/left spin between +/- and N/S.
Here you can see math in action ans geometry.
But more important, you can (literally) grasp the grammar.

Equilateral triangles will show the way.
Each corner has a different meaning.
By their complementarity they show the connection.
By using the physical model, you avoid mental intellectual mistakes.

First, see that squared numbers are equilateral numbers/geometries.
You can only see that when you start with the paper templates.
It helps to learn to count, multiply, but also understand complementarity.
You will also learn when what you are told does not make sense, for the universal process.

It reshapes our understanding

  • Print the template
  • Cut the N1 template; that is the 1st energy level
  • as separate triangles, is as groups of 4.
  • Explain nothing; just let them play with it.

They will put colours next to each other; and see patterns.
With the two pages you can make all the element and all forces in the universe.
As long as you stay in a plane, it is flat physics, mass energy only.
That is the driving force that shapes the universe.

Cutting triangles in groups of 4, you can fold the edges and make a tetrahedron.
In physics that is the particle creation process.
They attract and fold up by the properties of the corners.
Creating negative, positive and (twice as many) neutral tetrahedrons.

The symbols represent the charges.
Physics is +and- connecting up.
Use sticky tape to hold it together, if you like.
Groups of 3 Tetryons are leptons and quarks.

  1. print
  2. cut
  3. paste
  4. understand


Day 1:
triangles: hand out the sheets, and give scissors for cutting the triangle (groups)
Day 2:
tetryons: play, with triangles and tetryons; tables full of it
Day 3:
explain the game of sticky tape: +&- or N&S (Red and black) may be stuck together.
Day 4:
show that this can form loops, and snakes, and other forms with inside and outside: physics


  1. tetryons are building blocks of the universe.
  2. groups, and clusters can then be shown and labelled.
  3. label red/blue/green as electromagnetic fields
  4. within a week they understand all fundamental physics

Neutrino's and so on will not be enigmatic but simple.
From then it is a matter of creating matter: forming atoms.
Someone can make plastic or wood or clay models of this.
it makes physics very tangible, simple and logical.

In grade 1 your child can know physics.
They will have it as a alphabet for creation.
It is a beginning of cosmic learning.
Everything in the universe is based on that.

They will know mass =/=  matter
The last lesson will be about flattening the tetryons, converting matter to energy.
That is the star dynamic; the making of sunlight, and understanding of stars.
Together with understanding mathematics.

    Learning to count is implied:
    addition and multiplication is "seen".
    Odd and even, squares and complex numbers, can be seen.
    Integration and differentiation becomes evident.

      Red and Black can be understood to be electric.
      Green and blue can be seen to be magnetic.
      They learn electricity and magnetism, via cut and paste.
      Thus understand quantum dynamics, right from the start.

Tetryonics is Bottom up understanding of physics.
Observational mathematics is top-down.
Tetryonics (Geometric metrics of mathematics) shows another way.
The maths becomes better when understood as geometry.

Calculus involves curves, and motions.
It implies arrows, known as Integration.
It is the amount of triangles (Plancks quanta) per second.
In the ebook you can cut out the triangles and see in 3D what Newton/Einstein described in 2D.

Replace squared by equilateral, to get a better mental map.
It replaces squares by triangles.
Acceleration adds triangles; as logical extension.
Verbally complex..., it is easy to see in the geometrical shapes.

Children will know that Odd is equilateral or trapezoidal; a pattern of coherence.
Likewise, irrational numbers van be seen to be physically geometrically finite.
Pi is the shape of the equilateral triangle.
Squares are the height of the triangle; associated with linear momentum.

Children will understand mass, linear momentum, velocities and such not as words but as meanings.
Playing with shapes can be understood as intent in action; creating as creator.
With more being involved when the geometries are more complex.
Leading to insight in complex mathematical equations, in a very simple manner.

Euler’s formula, complex in itself, has a concrete physical geometry.
It is an electromagnetic wave: triangles linked together flat on a table.


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