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  d.d. 2014.04.09

How was it, to experience this
Paradigm Shift?

It was not at all sudden.
Nor immediately understood.
First i thought in terms of squares.
Then in terms of equilateral triangles.

It was not at all simple.
I had to question my sanity.
I had to test it, write it out.
Which took me 5 years of work, thinking, realisation.

It taught me the difference between education and intelligence.
Knowledge is not necessarily understanding, or wisdom.
My quest was  not to create a universal field theory.
I tried to understand the charges in the quarks: 1/3 & 2/3...

In my archive work you can see how i started.
Triangles, together, forming a larger triangle.
And noticing that numbers added up strangely.
And realised that the adding up, formed ... squares.

"The mysteries of the equilateral triangles" described it.
It seemed to have no immediate relevance nor use.
Tetryonics in itself i work in progress.
I thought that tetrahedrons were photons of energy ...

Then i had to re-think everything.
I learned from the geometry how to do that.
I listened to hours of university lectures.
From which bits and peices helped me understand.

I revised everything that i had written.
In 2012 i had written my 4 ebooks.
I thought all was ready for publication.
But that a mathematical addendum might be helpful...

But ... i realised to revise my whole oeuvre; which took a year.
I posted the information on the web, as i went.
Then, in 2014, i was able to publish my books on the web.
With one more to go: the book on Biology.

A theory is NOT a belief.
A theory is only as good as what it helps understand.
In you do not understand a theory, that does not make it false.
A theory is simply a tool or technique; a 'hammer for the mind'.

We are all taught mental tools and techniques: Hypotheses, Theories, Laws.
These become meaningful to the extend that they can help you understand.
Every new theory is like a new suit; you have to get accustomed to it.
Such as "spin is an equilateral geometry", is best taught at an early age.

There are two examples where 'squares' versus 'triangles' fall in place.

Mathematically we speak of 'squared numbers; we learn the technique in schools.
In electron transition in atoms (Quantum Leap) this is important.
Atom energy levels are related; ans also described in squared numbers.
In the Bohr electron/orbit this is described.

Unbound electrons leap in squared energy levels only.
I related that to the eight energy levels in the atom.
And the 8 transition bandwidth spectra between them.
Instead of subtracting, division gives the Rydberg formula...

This is described in detail in my books.
It is a 200+ yr known mathematical formula.
It was used, and worked, but not understood.
In Tetryonics it can be understood as the KEM field.

In the nuclei, energy level increases are by squares.
This is a next level/layer in the tetryonic triangles.
KEM field match the squared numbers; for bound electrons in nuclei.
This becomes meaningful in connection to the Synchronous Quantum Rotor.

Deuterium is the fundamental unit, the motor, in the Atomic elements.
The Z-number describes the number of Deuterium Nuclei.
Energy can be added/subtracted from the Deuterium Rotor.
The electron does the same in the atom.

Electrons can increase the rate of spin.
In Tetryonics that involves consecutive layers of triangles.
The particle topology is made up of equilateral charged facis !!
These some might call the Higgs Bosons.

They hold a squared number of Planck Quanta; a triangular shape.
These add mass and energy (inertia) to the momentum.
Protons and neutrons are identical particles, with different charges.
Electrons and protons have same charges, but are different particles.

They have squared numbers in their charged facia.
It is specified by the shape/form of the triangle (layers).
The energy in determines the dynamic within the field.
the number of quanta in the charged energy facia is 10**19.

Deuterium can absorb the energy, in whatever atomic element they exist.
The Schroedinger Number describes the energy level; others call them 'shells'.
By binding electrons the spin will change by a squared number in the KEM field.
It is the equivalent to adding a Boson in the configuration; changing the energy level.

That is what we then see as the change of energy/heat/light.
It is the difference of the squares described by Fermat (which applies to spectral lines).
With always squares to change from one level to the next.
In the atom, the maximum energy level/size is 8 levels.

The atomic shells are squares are layers in the triangles in tetryonics.
The squared facia ("higgs Bosons) have energy stored in triangle-loops.
That determines the resistance to induction, by the circulation in the loops.
The resistance to acceleration in the EM field, is called "Inertial Mass".

That is what gives Mass Inertial.
Tetryonics makes that clear.
Bosons are NOT round/spheres.
Planck Quanta are short-circuited equilateral electro-conductive loops.

Particles have equilateral topologies,
That is where inertial mass and gravitation comes from.
I automatically replace equilateral by squared.
A squares number is not a number associated with a square; but an equilateral triangle.

Serpiensky's Fractal is an arrangement of triangles within triangles.
When you fill his triangles fully, you find the principle of tetryonics.

Simply accept that planck quanta can be represented by equilateral squares.
But that the same can be done is triangles are used instead.
Then you can see that the one is as valid as the other.
But that the triangular system works quicker and better.

  • always start with the templates.
  • Make the models.
  • Turn on the right brain.
  • It is necessary, to understand.

Geometric errors [1024x768] 300dpi.jpg

Geometry of mass-ENERGY-Matter Particle toplogies [1024x768] 300dpi.jpg

Atomic Nuclei.jpg

Fermionic Matter [1024x768] 300dpi.jpg

Tetryonics 82.12 - Real Numbers.jpg

Tetryonics 97.07 - Fractal Flower of Life.jpg

Tetryonics 95.03 - Quantum level nuclei masses.jpg

Tetryonics 96.01 - Differentials.jpg


Tetryonics 02.07 - Tetryonic geometry.jpg

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