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"Exploring the unknown;
doing the undone"


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The Course, in
By playing with the shapes, the 3D logic is sensed.
It activates the inner understanding; as intuition.
By doing it, understanding is direct; unlike as achieved via algebra.

Tetryonics is bottom up; starting with the triangles.
Science tries to infer the abstract by analysis.
Tetryonics starts with the logic, 'the grammar'.
With that understanding, all falls in place.

It is like learning a second language.
It is not about translating, but interpreting in the new language.
Physics does not require math, although it can help.
Best to teach this geometry to children, for a best start.

Learn what you need to know.
Use what you actually need.
In schooling this is 'forgotten'.
Tetryonics starts with direct needs.

newness requires a leap of faith.
Most people get stuck in dogma.
Dedogmatisation is needed.
It also requires demystification.

The universe works without supercomputer or equations.
Life, nature, must be logical and simple.
What we see as complexity must be simple.
So, best use an approach based on that understanding.

Start with the geometry; simple.
See how relationships are possible.
Apply it; see what it offers.
See how little else you need to understand.

Many people get stuck on the difference between faith and belief.
Faith is what you experience and feel; belief (or dogma) is what you are told.
What you are told might (not) work for others.
Faith and experience is what you live (with).

There are many words, and many forms of mathematics.
The symbols are not real; the map is not the territory.
What matters is how we experience and live it.
The Tetryonic Templates make that very tangible.

Odd numbers are bosons.
Even numbers are photons.
You can only take that on faith.
But you cannot turn it into a belief.

To learn tetryonics, use it.
Just as you would do in learning a language.
Mathematics is a recipe, for 'baking a cake'.
Everybody will use it in their own unique manner.

Science is not about prove and disprove, of equations.
Science is a method of thinking to understand something to be able to use it.
Science in many ways has become very dogmatic - as in a church.
Science instead is a means meant to get to know the unknown.

Children are still the best learners.
They have nothing to compare insights with.
They are able and willing to accept any idea.
Also erroneous ideas, passed on by others.

People with knowledge have a resistance against learning.
In tetryonics you can actually model and understand it.
Just as it explains cold fusion and how neutron stars work.
It is up to others to decide to use and benefit from tetryonics.

Max Planck came up with an unusual insight.
"New ideas are born, but only the next generation can appreciate it'.
His ideas took more than 100 years to be really taken on.
Even now, the understanding of 'modern physics' is incomplete.

There is a conflict between experiment and science; exploration and dogma.
This needs to be understood in science, by scientists.
Science is NOT an object, of knowledge.
Science is a process, of understanding; getting to know the unknown.

The model of the atom is wrong; as tetryonics show.
The new model gives new understanding.
But you can only get that if you use the tool.
Tetryonics is a mental tool, for understanding.

There is a staging in sciencing.
The explorers, collaborators, others researchers and outsiders have different understanding.
For example, e=mcc is an equation of mass and energy.
in fact it is not correct; but most people do not understand that either.

Knowledge is always contextual.
Einstein stated that energy and mass are equivalent.
In Tetryonics you can see that this is not correct.
Energy, mass and matter are different concepts.

Tetryonics: energy in all forms seeks equilibrium.
Polarities create the ongoing dynamic.
At the cosmic level, but also at the cell biological level.
Animate matter has a field around it; like the wave around a particle.

In our body, the baby is formed replicating the parents.
Outside of the womb, the information imprints alter functions.
That explains why twins are different yet very similar.
It is the electromagnetic field that gives the intelligence.

The universe is composed of the interplay of triangles of energies.
Everything we do interacts with that; and operates by that principle.
The power of life lies in the shifting of the balance in that process.
Which we can now formulate in a simpler manner, using Tetryonics.

Theories serve to help to understand, and act better.
We must look beyond the physical; into the electrical.
Maxwell showed that electricity and magnetism go hand in hand.
Dogmatic physicists ignored that, and later denied that.

Some people call work they do not understand 'pseudo-science'.
Some people say that what is not described in science is 'unscientific'.
Those people must be unscientists, to be able to know of that.
The same for the pseudoscientists, claiming to know what that is.

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Tetryonics describes cohesion in the universe, from the basis up.
It is about equilateral electromagnetic fields.
That is different than what is taught in schools.
It unfolds as Planck Electric momentum.

It can be understood as an inductor, with a north-south pole.
Add energy, and it forms a magnetic dipole, and electric field.
All of nature works in this manner.
And invokes an induced circulation, clockwise or counter clockwise.

That gives positive and negative triangles; cf. 1's and 0's.
They can store orientation, information.
Inductors are known as electrical mass: it has inertia.
In the earlier days that was hoped to link electricity and physics.

Each of the Planck Quanta, making up all of the universe, have these triangles of energy.
Adding/reducing, accepelaring/decelerating changes the dynamic.
The energy storage is in quanta, thus levels/layers.
And these layers are interrelated: as cycles within cycles.

Inertial mass resists change.
In Tetryonics matter is different from mass.
Relativity theory cannot describe that.
The 3D topology of matter, as tetrahedron, moves in the topology.

That is what creates 'substance'.
The mass, with inertia, stores energy.
It is still quantised angular momentum of the Planck constant.
It is the KEM field; Kinetic Energy Magnetic Momentum.

The energy is not stored in the matter, but in the secondary KEMM field; the sphere within the tetrahedron.
It is equivalent to the wake of a boat; or the wave around a particle.
It is the basis of the formation of spectral lines of different kinds.
They form mass geometries, not Matter topologies.

They relate to gravitational electromagnetic fields.
Linking the quanta with the starts.
In the biology they form bio-electric fields; the BEM field.
Our body is matter, with inertial mass, with energy, processing information.

The information is a cloud interwoven with our body.
It stores the processor; in the brain/organ communication.
It also stores the memory, the BEM field; including the soul.
It is that field that makes every individual human unique.

Each soul can store long term information, in a unique manner.
We can act on that information, in our living body.
The links are via interfacing frequencies, known as Chackra's.
The body is a diving suit to dive into life experience on Earth.

The body-suit is autopoietic, self perpetuating.
Our body is a composite of atoms, into large scale patterns.
Our environment, Earth and the Cosmos, likewise.
When the interaction leads to interference, the body can come to fail.

Outside of the body the BEM field spreads out at the speed of light; universally sharing our life experience.
This has been described by many mystery schools, each in their own manner.
It is all still about the coherencing of the electromagnetic inertial fields.
Which are experienced as 'attumenents', 'preferences', 'bias'; bonding polarities.

It pertains to sexual polarity; and altered sexual gender experience/bias.
All of this can be modelled in equilateral triangles, with different polarities.
Tetryonics unfolds how all interconnects.
And to see how seemingly different 'things' are linked.

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Different cultures describe the connection of the part and the whole in 'mysticism'.
Others, in looking at my work, recognised what i did in their schematic models.
For example, the Planck unit is the triangle; with its counterform it forms a star of David.
Many people get confused by that: because they do not see the relationship between science and mysticism.

I follow the science; if others see ‘stars of David’, so be it (in their view).
There is much more to be discovered than i have realised as yet.
For 6 years i seem this understanding unfold, more and more.
But it is still, only, looking at what we can understand, via triangles.

I start to see that others studied the uniVerse and described it in their own manner.
Sumerians, Egyptians and so many others already tried to describe it.
They used their own form of mathematics, and their own symbol system.
No matter what the 'language', we all try to describe ... the same.

Every culture beliefs it is more advanced than before.
The language is merely the instrument, not the understanding.
Like a musical instrument, it will produce music if you use it.
It sorts how we think, and allows us to think in a more encompassing manner.

'to enter paradise, lay away the fig leaf, mask, model, bias'.

The robot body, electric mind and cloud-computing soul are all interconnected.
To let go of old programming a local reset/release is required.
If not, fears and diseases acccumulate, leading to ageing.
It can lead to cell/protein/dna deformation.

Each of the levels in body and mind can be warped.
In neurology it is known as the lock-in syndrome.
It operates within and between all levels.
This also operates as the capacity to understand.

Many people operate by reflex, but do not know it.
Many people operate by belief, but do not know it.
Hypnosis shows how this works, and how to overcome it.
Tetryonics can be describe it to come to understand it.

We can now measure and map the BEM field in and around our body.
It is the software, that coordinates the hardware.
It is never about the software, code and processing, but the purpose.
That requires a different level of understanding, and observation.

Life is not based on matter; but reflects in/on it.
That is why hypnosis is an important mode of healing.
And why the brain is not the pivot of consciousness.
It requires a different model to understand this.

triangles have inscribed and circumscribed circles and spheres.
That gives a different model for the same understanding.
It is necessary to look beyond the model, for the understanding.
And understand how the part is part of the integral whole.

Understand the principle of separation of charges.
See how you can guide the charge discharge, without short-circuit.
As in the membrane around the particles, as described by Nassim Haramein.
A small amount of energy envelops the universal energy potential.

Electric and magnetic energy interact in an inductive loop in the quantum.
In a toroid, only the electric field is found.
In the fusion physics a toroid is filled with plasma.
But as long as it does not reach the pinch point in the core, stellar 'fusion' will not occur.

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