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How is the world of paper triangles connected to the forces of physics?

Quantum theory is often considered to be mysterious.
It is all about enigmatic invisible forces.
Tetryonics changes that: it makes it all tangible.
With the triangles, we 'manipulare' the quantum level.

The colours of the triangles represent invisible force fields>
These interact, creating the magnetic, electric and momentum forces.
Theory says these forces are invisible, and cannot be really understood.
In Tetryonics however we can come to understand them, by the patterns of colours.

It requires that you play with these triangles; cut them out and arrange them.
Evidently they are symbols, not real in themselves.
The colour codes represent the forces.
The shapes define their organisation.

02.07 shows this colour coding.
With the two sides of the triangle, with the different colours.
North and south form a magnetic dipole pair; shown as green and blue (There are no monopoles)
The pink and grey show the electric field with its two sides: with opposite orientation.

Two points will be magnetic, one will be electric.
The middle is associated with a rotation, this is the charge.
The geometry is fixed: a dipole pair with a charge and orientation.
They are said to be invisible; we can IMAGINE them by the colour coding.

The geometry of the equilateral field has a balanced dipole.
I tried all kinds of combinations; 02.07 only fits the field equations.
The geometry can be put in motion: producing sign waves.
With the electric and magnetic waves at right angles to each other.

The equilateral geometry drives it.
it is a tangible, physical shape.
The triangle only represents it.
It makes the invisible visible; imaginable.

In playing with it you will come to understand it.
An experience will build up.
The implicit 'forces' acquire direct meaning.
And together show the implied/combined meaning.

Now let's look at how  they interact.

Mathematics is the usual means to describe this.
We model what we see, then see what we can predict by this.
Tetryonics connects the mathematics with a clear geometry.
And associates mathematical concepts with specific shapes.

The geometry already applies meaning.
Triangles as magnetic.
Diamonds as electric.
Combined, as the planck unit; the boson.

Children can learn this in pre-school.
And understand that mathematics is merely a language.
For meaning geometry is needed.
That, pre-school children can already play with.

In school we learned that Pi is associated with circles.
In fact it is part of Radians, in Equilateral Geometry.
Which, in motion, indeed can be seen as sign wave.
It is a diamond shape, in linear motion.

Tetryonic shows the power of equilateral geometries.
Understand that, and all can fall into place.
Mathematical complexity becomes geometric simplicity.
WHich you can play  with, as triangles on paper.

Tetryonics 03.11 - Quantum Inductors and EM energy Levels.jpg


Now let's connect it to electromagnetics

See 03.11, the image of the quantum inductor.
A quantum inductor is a coil of wire, connected to a battery.
That is what the equilateral planck quantum represents.
Adding energy to a coil, creates a north and south pole.

Shortcircuit that coil, and you will have a planck quantum.
The picture shows the circular arrows in the triancles.
The pointing/fluxing/rotation determines the charge.
In the one direction "+", in the other "-".

The geometry of the field defines this.
Not the flow of electricity.
But we can draw on electric theory to see the analogy.
Also, to understand induced resistance; inertua, preservation of momentum.

Resistance to change is inertial mass; Newton called it f=m.a.
In the geometry we can see the forces, and the 'rotation'.
We see that the triangle is inertia, with resistance to change.
Modern theory has difficulty to see this direct principle.

Modern physics calls it the Higgs Boson.
And dodging the AEther field, seeks alternative notions.
In Tetryonics the geometry already describes the concept.
A circle around the triangle makes it explisit.

In Tetryonics a circle adds a time dimension.
This puts energy in the domain of time.
ENergy in time is known as mass.
The preservation of coherence in time.

mass is equivalent to perseverence = continuity - inetria.
There is no difference between energy and mass.
Energy in time is mass.
But Matter, ... that is a different story.

Matter is a different dimension,.
WIth a different topology.
Matter has a volume; energy and mass do not.
Mass is the triangle; Matter a Tetrahedron.

In Teryonics the linear momentum is the 'midline' of the triangle.
It is the tendency to keep moving.
It is seen in the preservation of momentum in the triangle; inertia, mass.
Disecting the triangle makes the linear momentum explicit

Tetryonics 01.12 - Momentum-velocity relationship.jpg

The height of the triangle is the vector direction.
In tetryonics linear momentum =/= vector velocity.
Linear momentum - mass x velocity (an arrow) - scalar
Velocity is a vector, see image 01.12

In the equilateral triangle the area is a scalar: the energy.
Coupled to time it becomes mass (by inductive loops).
Equilateral triangles will move: linear momentum.
The number of triangles defines the energy quanta.

That difines the direction the energy wants to move.
The geometry, alone, defines it.
The colours indicate it.
The lettering describes it.

The geometry shows what the math describes..
It shows the foundation of everything.
The planck quantum is the foundation of the universe.
It is physical, charged, has a size and dynamic.

.0012/c**2 is the elementary quantum ccharge.
That specifies the size of the charge = energy.
That defines the geometry and size of the mass energy momentum.
WIth the geometry from which the whole universe is derived.

Now, let's create a 3D particle.

Tetryonics 06.05 - Tetryon genesis.jpg

The process is simple.
Illustration .6.05: teryon genesis.
This is the HIDDEN particle in physics.
It has a tetrahedral shape

It is a combination of 4 triangles.
Unders conditions, they can hang tyogether.
It has a topology, with displacement of space.
The forces interact, balancing out to zero within!

The tetryons pass freely though the aether, yet are affected by it.
They move at the speed of life; creating tetrahedral standing waves.
Therein 2 bosons are joined, creating a new field a photon.
this can be stationary (electrostatic) or magnetistatic; photons.

magnetostatic = permanent magnet
electrostatic = radiant electricity
These bosons interact, forming the combinations shown in the middle.
The magnetic dipoles link them: ++, --, +-, and -+

The first interaction is the magnetic: N-S cancellation, or addition : the weak force.
The four quanta can be rearranged onto a topology.
In the paper model: fold them, for the magnetic elements to meet.
The magnetic dipoles will then ccreate a standing wave!

The size of the particle specifies the energy momentum.
The enrgy circulates with the speed of light in the shape.
This is where the quantity of c**2 comes into the picture.
The energy and mass are equivalent; the standing wave however can be collapsed from 3D (Topology) to 2D (geometry).

The energy is the same as 2D mass, which can form 3D Matter.
Mass energy is e=mc**3, Matter energy is e=Mc**4
m/c**2 is energy, accoerding to the formulae.
By the geometry it however is the energy of geometry

Geometry versus topology!
mass versus Matter!

Charge interactions create MATTER TOPOLOGIES.
With charges faces, and topologies, 4.pi; not sperical but tetrahedral!
The basic assumptions are very inaccurate.
ALthough the equations thereby are still valid.

4.pi particles are not spherical but tetrahedral.
The assumptions were wrong, misdirecting the understanding.
In Tetryonics this can be understood: energy has a shape, and a geaometry.
THAT, is the basis of the EM field, momentum, and  charges.

The teryon has FOUR charged sides.
By atractions/repulson they cabn combine, and create the universe.
It is the basis building block of creation.
The 4pi point particle is now a useable building block.

We can model how fields interact.
The triangles are the starting point.
It represents the path we already knew.
And corrects the assumptions which were incorrect.

HIDDEN tetryons

Tetryonics 20.02 - Collider particle track physics.jpg

Tetryons were not seen, because of their own coherent nature.
As fundamental universal partticles, they are elemental.
See 20.02, for the image.
Tetryons have a specified mass and charge.

Tetryons have a charge/mass ratio identical to that of leptons.
A negative tetryon will form a track of an electron.
A positron tract is same as that of a +-tetryon.
Present experimentation mesurement cannot discern between both.

Once you see that, you can look at difference in topology.
Tetryons have only 1/3 of the charge of teh electron/poritron.
The +/--charges of the tetryons have the same charge as ... quarcks.
Again they are missed: because confused with those quarcks.

Tetryons have been detected, but misidentified.
Look for them in the decay paths.
Teryons HAVE been created, by Nikola Tesla.
He referred to them as Stinging Rays; not electrons, not Gamma rays.

Tetryonics 04.29 - Quantum Chirality.jpg

04.29 describes how the triangles 'flip over'.
it is called the Quantum Cheirality.
It is inherent in the quantum inductive loop.
It is the rotation of the charge.

If you flip the charge, it looks the same but is not.
In the  mind you will not see the same as 'on the table'.
Flipping the rotation inverts the charge : = => - and v.v.
in the rotations on the triangle this can be seen: it is a reflection.

Flipping the triangle upside down shows this.
The underside of the positive is a negative, and v.v.
By flipping it, you change the charge.
This is called the Lorentz Transformation, in mathematics.

Cheirality is the inversion of rotation.
It is the equivalent of a mirrowing action.
The charge does not change; only the rotation does.
Change of rotation does not change the charge; only the perspective.

This is a breakthrough for physics.
The quantum source of charge is defined.
Charge does not change when energy is added.
Charge comes from the N-S dipole arrangement.

Adding mass energy, or momentum, must be connected to quanta.
Charge is result of the geometry.
Adding energy, adds planck quanta.
A Field is a combination of +/- charges.

Adding energy/s = mass => planck quanta.
The number of triangles, per second, gives the energy.
In equilateral geometry, this is scaled triangle sizes.
Adding more energy will add more mas, not more charge.

mass-second = coulomb; the unit for charge.
This defines it
That is where it comes from
That is why it is invariant.

The positive and negative quanta define the net charge.
Posotives and negatives define the h.v field gauge.
The fields must be equilateral.
Positive and negative van be out of balance; producing a field charge

The geometry allows this to occur.
It is equilateral, not hexagonal or square.
It will always produce a charged field
It is called a boson; and where charge is born.

building up units can build up the charge.
it requires a pattern, to hold a charge.
There is no neutral boson: it is a photon.
Created by combininbg bosons in a diamond shape.

Neutral bosons do not occur.
That is a core finding in teryonics.
Odd = boson
even = photon

Concluding: positive = clockwise
negative = counter-clockwise.

Tetryonics whows that this is very mechanical.
And basis for forming the whole uniVerse.

Tetryonics explains the Maxwell Field dynamics.

Tetryonics 40.10 - Maxwell's Vortexes.jpg

The inductive loops explain large scale organisation/orientation
The vector rotations (The QM book, and QEM Book) later implied.
see 40.10 (Maxwell vortices)
Maxwell unified electric and magnetic, in one formula.

He implied it would be mechanics'.
With 'idle wheels' commecting 'drive wheels'.
As the enertgy increases, so do the number of Planck Quanta.
With squares for the consecutive energy levels.

That is with positive and negative rotations balancing out (or not = charge).
It describes the present/distribution of charges.
This can now be modelled; as inductive loops.
Therein unifying quantum mechamics with electrodynamic and classical electruc theory!

that explains why opposite charges attact, like charges repell.
Mirrored, + => -, and v.v.
That is a 180-degree phase change.
The math describes it; the geometry shows it.

The geometry is the foundation.
It provides the grammar.

  1. Matter


  1. electric
  2. magnetic
  3. radio
  4. information

Tetryonics 97.01 - Fractionals and fractals.jpg

toroidal e-field radiation pattern.skp

Tetryonics 25.09 - Leptronic Self-energies.jpg

Tetryonics 04.25 - Kinetic EM fields.jpg

Tetryonics 08.05 - Electron.jpg


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