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This is my individual discovery tour of the Tetryonics website/information.
You are welcome to tag along while i study the available information/material.
As always, i will try to understand it, and give it meaning, in the context of what i know.
You can find my findings in the Planting Paradise project, the Integral Health Care web site, and the Science of Life research.

End 2012 i first discovered the Tetryonics information, of Kelvin Abraham.
Already i knew of the work of Roberto Renout, see
Also i had already met Dan Winter, and his work on Sacred Geometry/Coherence.
The CASYS group, notable Peter Rowlands, Susie Vrobel, Vanessa Hill and Matti Pitkänen had brought to attention how we can understand universal coherence.

Science of Life is in part a reflection of those inputs into understanding life.
The work of Peter Rowlands and Vanessa Hill is wonderful, but does not explain involvement.
The work of Susie Vrobel is pivotal, but it does not explain intent/activation.
The work of Matti Pitkänen is fundamental, and describes consciousness, but is complex.

‘Enter Tetryonics’; which i now (2013, onward) will explore, and evaluate.
In 1973 i realised that the universal logic is 4 dimensional and dynamic.
The minimal representation for this is by definition a 4D point dynamic.
This is essentially what is implied in the hologram model of Denis Gabor.

I will need to interpret all the images of Tetryonics as Tetrahedrons.
I will need to correlate those tetrahedrons the the universal Vortex dynamics.
I will need to see how i can distil from that a usable coherent 4D Dynamic (vortex) notation.
Because i know that underlying it all is a 4 dimensional dynamic logic, which is the basis of our freedom of choice, and choice in involvement: determining our participation in creation.

Before entering into the study of tetryonics i will give an introduction:

  1. what is my starting point?
  2. what is my outlook and orientation?
  3. what steps do i take and what do i find?
  4. how may that be relevant?

From then on,

  1. i will see what information i find
  2. how i interpret it
  3. what i understand from it
  4. and what meaning i give it, in the context of my work.

My First Impression:

I like the care of the visual art work, the aesthetic quality of presentation.
I appreciate the simple and direct straightforward consistent logic.
I look forward to seeing all principles of science in one integral model.
And i realise that i must still understand what i see in 4D, and as dynamic.

My first contact with Kelvin Abraham:

After contacting Kelvin Abraham i interviewed him as Paradise Planter.
In his work he shows how we can understand and work with universal creation.

  1) Who is he?,
  2) what did he explore?,
  3) what did he find?,
  4) how can others us it?

  These Interviews can also be found HERE.

The Learning Curve:

In contacting Kelvin Abraham, “4D Dynamic Logic meets Tetryonics”.
EVERYTHING i knew and have described as 4DD logic, can now be studied as geometry.
In other words: what i could only formulate as ‘poetry’ now has a ‘grammar’.
Tetryonics describes the universal physics of creating Matter, within which we operate Freedom of Choice.

Back to “Puzzle Playing”:

Tetryonics requires a hand-on-experience, ‘get it in your fingers’.
Get the body involved, by playing with the triangles, forming tetrahedra.
The most important aspect of learning, is to involve the right brain.
Laying the “triangles” on the table, forming patterns by turning them over is essential.

The Paradigm Shift:

My papers “Human Limits to Man-Made Models”, “Shifting the Paradigm”, “Scientific Consensus” and “Collapsing the Vector of State” are all relevant.
Tetryonics requires a change of Reference system, making it possible to look at the universe in a different manner.
As a result, for Kelvin Abraham, all findings of science fell in place, and arrors could be identified and corrected.
Like a Swiss Pocket Knife, only one handle suffices to be able to address all domains of science.

The Explorations-Conversations:

Thanks to the openness of Kelvin Abraham, a series of conversations took place.
The recordings of these conversations can be found in the Interviews: Sequels.
All kinds of topics were addressed, to understand more of Tetryonics.
Also with the aim to build the bridge between ‘current science’ and Teryonics



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