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  d.d. 2014.04.10

“Healing by bouncing the BEM back into the physical”

Bio-Electric Field
Healing, and Restoration

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Tetryonics has a geometry, which can be generalised.
The books followed out of exploring the concept.
The beauty is that we are dealing with fundamental principles.
And that all we see is, must, be based on that, at any scale.

Disease, is a state of imbalance: excess/deficit.
Same as imbalance at the quantum level of charges.
The 3 laws of tetryonics must apply, at every scale.
Newton and Coulomb worked with the same equation...

Tetryonics refers to that by a triangle.
In a neutral state positive and negative balance out.
Energy must always balance; in all of its forms.
It can always be represented as an equilateral triangle.

There are no infinities; it will always be defined.
And can be seen as different scales.
And in different dimension, c, c**2, c***3, c**4.
With different relationship of energy coherence.

EM, KEM, BEM, and GEM fields are all interrelated.
They can be represented by triangles, again.
All changes in the universe are forms of energy interaction.
The balance is continuously shifted; creating matter interactions.

It is a constant state of change; changing equilibrium.
In our body the same takes place: electronic and gravitational.
Newton/Coulomb formulations therein are both valid.
Thus applies to what takes place at the level of cells.

A cell is matter/molecule/body/system; shown as tetrahedron.
It has an bio electric field: BEM field.
The intangible physical forces determine what happens.
The body as a whole is an energy system in time: a triangle within a circle.

All we nmeed to do is account for the number of quanta per triangle.
Interactions are represented by other fields: triangles.
They attract/repell corresponding with their charges.
Always oscillating around equilibrium, never reaching it.

In biological systems feedback systems are part of the system.
The principle still applies, but now in a more com-plexed manner.
Fields will grow/shring in balancing the energy; absorbing/releasing energy.
Therein using the same principle of energy rebalance as seen in atoms.

EM fields are functional and associated with objects.
Electromagnetic pollution changed the electromagnetic environment.
The radio field around us is immensely more powerful and varied.
That creates a change in the way cells can absorb/release energy between them.

That requires a different consideration: still involving matter and energy.
Cancer can result: normal cells take on the energy and cannot release it.
The imbalance in cell growth is related to the radio activity flooding.
A way to resolve that is to selectively capture the radiation in matter.

There is an underlying pattern, which we know in tetryonics.
We can 'calculate' from the base up.
We know how many quanta there are in an electron, and what charge it has.
It is a coupled set of tetrahedra, coupled by the underlying forces.

We can determine the resonant frequencies of the mass-energy.
Knowing the frequencies, the resonance for e.g. a tumour can be gauged.
Any mass-matter topology can thereby then be recalibrated, balanced.
By inverting the wave form, and the physical manifestation of it.

It is possible to dissolve molecules, virus, cells, ...
It is more important to get rid of the electrosmog.
A constructive approach is needed.
Understanding the vital nature of living cells.

It is all about restoring the imbalance.
By regauging the elevectrodynamic of the living cells.
And recalibrating the information field of health.
At the level of the atom, cell, organ and body.

Cancers probably are associated with specific frequencies.
We can model the imbalances, at the most basic level.
Drugs are merely electromagnetic signals; not matter.
It is all about the communication between living cells.

With what we can see in the sun we can understand energy-matter conversion.
Cells do this, in producing the molecules that they secrete.
We can learn from that, and create energy from matter in a healthy manner.
And use energies and radiofrequencies healthy for life, of living cells.

Tetryonics 82.13 - Zero to Infinity squared.jpg

Tetryonics 82.12 - Real Numbers.jpg

Tetryonics 59.17 - Lipids.jpg

Cells communicate; using fields  of information.
Slides 82.13 and 82.12 illustrate this.
Quanta are organised in bosons and photons.
It is the transverse versus the longitudinal mode.

The EM field contains information therein.
It is the basis for quantum computing.
With faster than light computations.
Which is even increased in two interacting fields.

The base geometry of two fields interaction is the basis.
It can be shown as boson numbers, or as wave functions.
It links quantum dynamics and quantum electromagnetics.
And is the essence of quantum informatics and encoding.

It can be a signal (EM, AM, FM) or as a BEM field.
This allows for immense information encoding.
In the interplay for a system and its context.
We will wee that informatics and energy can be interchanged.

At the molecular level every molecule has its field.
All cells likewise; and share their fields/information.
Active radio activity causes interference therein.
And cells can become dysfunctional by disinformation.

Restoring the information field restores healthy cell function.
Every molecule has meaning, and an informatics purpose.
For example: tetryonics shows the details of lipids.
And how the topologies form the precise structures.

All of the atoms have a KEM/BEM field
Every compound has a distinct set of quanta.
The BEM field can be identified and isolated.
To see where energy can/will uposet the balance.

We can actually start to compute the dynamic.
And reverse the process of disturbance.
This is what Antoine Priore already explored.
ANd now is applied: reverting the body to health by electromnagnetic fields.

New scientist 22 Feb 2014 starts to look into this.
Using DC pulses for healing, to create a permanent field.
The article, discussing electricity conducting information in the body.
And overcomiing information blockage in severed spinal cords.

Tesla already studied other information communication modes.

Tetryonics 22.11 - Sub-atomic interaction.jpg

Tetryonics 27.10 - The Velocity of Electrical Energy.jpg

22.11 shows how 1) KEM (stored excess energy, creating kinetic effects) - London forces
2) as BEM fields operates by amperes law; electricity in motion, creating a coupling, (combining energies)
and be inductively couple to stabilise the two KEM fields in an electromagnetic field.
3) this can become organised by electromagnetic and electro-kinetic to store information.

  • KEM creates motion
  • BEM creates a charge
  • combined, storing information
  • Just as seen in BEM fields around cells.

Healing is the restoring of the balance of the BEM field (information) and KEM field (action)
Image 22.11 shows the communication channels; by alignment
The longitudinal wave in the system provides "instantaneous" communication.
Ordinary EM fields do not have such focused information communication.

Physics ignores Newton's instantaneous action at a distance.
It regards oscillation as a means of communication.
However that is too slow and too imprecise.
See also 27.10, as measured by Wheatstone

Tetryonics 04.13 - ElectroMagnetic Field lines.jpg

The body has greater complexity, and many more communication modes than now known.
Tetryonics adds understanding, to obtain better insight.
Cell communication is much more encompassing than now understood.
Current models are incomplete, and require rectification.

KEM + BEM together give insight in the immense information communication in cells/organs/bodies.
All based on the interaction of triangles, interacting ...
Much development is needed in biology and chemistry.
There too, extensive rectification will be needed.

Tetryonics will probably explain acupuncture and homeopathy.
Modern Medicine has become very accepter, and held to be true.
But other approaches are often much more effective.
And a new framework is needed 'to see what is really going on'.

We need to integrate ALL that we know.
And no longer go by assumptions, but by basic principles.
Just as Tetryonics has already done for physics and mathematics.
Biology and medicine will be a rich exploration by Tetryonics.

Tetryonics is a physical theory.
In biology the information fields become decisive.
It is far richer, and far more complex than the physics.
The physics is an engineering exercise; biology builds on that as informatics.

We will need to understand the interaction of intangible fields.
Which will reconnect to traditional forms of healing.
A paradigm shift will be required, and take place.
Recognisable, but well beyond what we now know.

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