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1) Getting to Know Kelvin Abraham

2) Explorations/Conversations

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The four interviews, below, are about ‘getting to know Kelvin Abraham’.
In separate pages the ideas, potentials and uses of Tetryonics are further explored.
BEWARE: the notes of those pages are rough drafts of the conversations.
Listen to the conversations themselves for the actual details!!

1) Who are you?
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My name is Kelvin ABRAHAM.

I am an Electrical engineer by trade having apprenticed with Telecom Australia straight out of school and specialised in analogue/digital telecommunications switching and data networking
I have always had a keen interest in physics from a young age and like many of us I have worked for a living, only to find myself craving to get away from being commanded and controlled by the regimented workplace environment.
I am a problem solver at heart; and having grown tired of electrical engineering I relocated and spent some years in real estate, only to eventually return to electrical engineering, designs and standards.
After my marriage failed I found myself in a typical ‘mid-life crisis’ and in need of some self-revision.

It was at this time that I found myself spending a day with my young son in an intellectual discussion on an alternative to how the pyramids could have been made, by casting the building blocks in situ instead of carving them and dragging them to the site and hoisting them up great heights.
A few days later I found myself thinking about some popular science interests of mine and I began to make some simple drawings that led to a sequence of 9 squares in a row, which I quickly realised could be cut out and folded to create a single, simple topological shape if folded correctly….
Over a period of time squares led to ‘inverted T’s’ and eventually to equilateral triangles and then something ‘sparked’ within me and I knew instinctively that I had the basis of something spectacular.

In physics squared numbers occur all the time in the equations and before long what had started as simple, single equilateral triangles on paper soon turned into more elaborate paper models with 3D topologies that I could handle and manipulate in many ways….
An initial simple 1,2,3, numbering scheme at the corner apex of each triangle quickly evolved into Electric and North/South Magnetic field geometries leading in turn to an intuitive understanding of charge at the quantum level .... Tetryonic theory was born

I counted the equilateral fascia of each particle I created with my paper models and associated these to the partial and complete elementary charges of particles in the standard model….. The excitement began to build
I saw a link to the quarks, leptons and Baryons, and decided to explore it, where-ever it may lead.

I built some rudimentary paper models and quickly showed that:

  • Equilateral Triangles can form the ‘squared’ numbers of physics through their geometry.
  • And that this equilateral geometry was the foundation that gave rise not only to the math of physics but to the very quantum topologies of fields and particles themselves via their charge interactions.
  • I had the basis of my theory, creating and linking all the elements of physics through eq. geometry

Looking back now, I realise that in school being bored led me to new ideas – to daydream about how things interconnect and inter-relate in ways completely foreign to that which was being taught to me by the regimented scholastic education system of the time...

Those are key foundations for an enquiring engineering mind; it is good [if not essential] to be able to ‘step outside’ the framework of what is taught and implied in order for a better understanding to be developed as to the mechanics of how these results are in fact created.

My teachers had often remarked that I showed great potential – if only I applied myself to the task at hand – but I found school not stimulating and the process of just learning the mechanics of something without fully understanding why it is the way it is it has never appealed to me.

I needed to understand why something worked the way it did, but the teachers just wanted me to learn what they taught and not question the underlying reasoning that lead to the our current understanding [no matter how bizarre their logic was to me]

Mathematics to me is abstract; an art form; not rigid at all (without an understanding of what it was that gave rise to the math in the first place it felt like I was learning yet another form of Latin) - I like geometry, doodling, playing with shapes and forms, the rigidity and tangible results that flow.

I often found myself doodling on the margins of my notepads, often starting strangely enough with a triangle, and developing into more intricate designs from there.
It was while I doodled and seemed inattentive to my teachers that I was in fact comprehending things the best – I developed my own mental models of how things worked and why.

Looking back now I used my right brain rather than my left brain to function and reason the world out for myself …… the rote system of education barely interested me, never retained my interest and certainly almost never stimulated me to any great degree.
The basics of academic topics seemed to come naturally to me; especially while I was daydreaming

2) What did you explore?
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I always want to find a solution to any challenging problems before me
I like science, getting to understand things that present problems or mysteries to science in general; and more importantly; trying to explain why things work the way they do.
A better understanding of why things work the way they do can lead to wonderful technologies and even advance our current technologies thorough a better comprehension of the processes at work
Since my earliest memories I have had an interest in science, extending by reading and following many popular the science journals and magazines.

My job in telecommunications opened my eyes to the practical wonders of electrical engineering and to an even better understanding of electrical components, and how to get them to do what I wanted.
My telecommunications training was a combination of hands on work as well as the theory surrounding it; so it was something where physical components could be manipulated and the results interpreted in my own way

I came to understand that I think geometrically, for me electrical schematics are just a form of geometry leading to precise, predictable results and the math that relates to the results and is used to describe it is just another language that I had to learn [albeit reluctantly].
But even then I failed to realise the connections I was making – and how I was seemly translating the math of electrical theory into a mental map with geometric forms on the fly as it were, until recent times

The lack of a full-time job and the recent discussions with my son led me to find myself one day sitting and daydreaming about energy and geometry:

    I drew 9 squares; then traced an upside down T within each of them; only to finally drew a connecting line from each of the ends of the T to form the simplest shape I could conceive – an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE - from then on I viewed equilateral triangles as being the basis of physics rather than squared numbers

With triangles, you can form patterns, make geometric connections and I suddenly saw that there was a relationship between the squared numbers of physics and equilateral geometries.
Even Euclid, in his 13 books on geometry did not write much on equilateral triangles, and it seems equilateral triangles themselves had been completely neglected in favour of right angle triangles and the Pythagorean theorem -  here was my chance to explore again, to see where it could lead me.

  • Were the SQUARED numbers in physics actually EQUILATERAL geometries?
  • Could this geometry provide an equilateral GRAMMAR to the math of physics and lead to a new understanding and new insights into the mechanics of physics?
  • Could it be that easy?

I numbered the corners; then rotated triangles; I was fascinated by the repeating patterns that emerged  and how things inter-related.
I recognised something I knew from engineering practice and saw an association in my mind between the electrical field and a magnetic dipole (two magnetic poles) – could this be the basis for the smallest field of EM energy possible – an equilateral Zero Point Field?

I started to play more and more with the patterns and saw how they connected up; how the smaller triangles could form even larger triangles - all comprised of these smaller squared numbers of triangles [1, 4, 9, 16, 25 …].
And in turn how combinations of ODD numbers of triangles when combined always formed these larger ‘squared’ triangles - a new, and to my mind more natural explanation for the mechanics of physics had formed with equilateral geometries offering a completely new insight to what the math of physics was describing.

  • ODD number geometries [bosons] could be summed geometrically to form
  • SQUARED numbered equilateral [ENERGIES]; and
  • Their SQUARE ROOT [linear momentum] could be associated to the bisector heights of the same geometries……..

Over time, I came to realise that much of these insights had already been discovered previously by many of the greats of Mathematics [Fermat, Gauss, Euler] – like me they all had their own mental maps of what they had discovered but unlike me they had all expressed their work in the language of Math and radial geometries instead of my language of Equilateral Geometry..

The discovery of the geometric relationship between ‘squared’ numbers and equilateral geometries led me away from what everybody is taught in school. Math was not the source of physics as had been claimed – it was simply a human construct created to describe some ‘hidden’ underlying geometry that hitherto was unknown.
And this mathematical language had in fact been further compromised by the even clumsier linguistic labels attached to the symbols themselves in order to enunciate the assumed meaning of the math…
Within a week I had developed a completely new insight into the mechanics of physics, it was a revelation and intoxicating. In it I was 'reprogrammed' from thinking in terms of the abstract ‘squared’ numbers of math to working with rigid, tangible equilateral triangles and the myriad of geometries and topologies they could create.

Soon it all fell in place; what I knew instinctively about the geometry formed new meaning as I applied it to the existing math of physics and chemistry, people around me knew I was obsessed with triangles, or rather with this new geometric principle of physics that I played with incessantly.
Suddenly I saw all the standard model particles of physics develop and their physics of motion and interaction fall into place and I knew that others could use this, in many ways.

I quickly discovered that a purely geometric approach like this was to be all but ignored, so I studied all the available reference texts and listened to university lectures, to expand my basic science knowledge to apply what I had glimpsed in order to 'translate' the existing math and theory of physics into my new tangible geometric reality.
I was changing the traditional interpretation of the underlying spherical geometries of physics to an equilateral one, and in the process re-writing our understanding of the mechanics at work at all levels of physics.

    From squared numbers to equilateral triangles, EM fields to geometries and particles to Mater topologies, all through the power of equilateral Planck charges

It was the key geometry which gave rise to all the math and understanding of physics and in turn fixed the current problems and corrected our basic misunderstanding of the mechanics at work.

I was able to make paper models of field and particles and see how they physically interacted to give rise to the math that describes it today, and saw that I could now see with my own eyes how mass –ENERGY & Matter differ from each other and how I could differentiate them on all scales of science.
I could see and handle all the particles and fields of the quantum world

All of the bosons, photons & Fermions in physics can thereby be modelled and I could make physical templates for all of them using this simple base geometry.
By seeing how mass, Matter and energy momenta in all its forms differ simplifies everything in physics, in forms everybody can cut and paste together. All it takes is the right geometry to stimulate your right brain.

Not just the quantum mechanics fell in place; I found myself developing the model further and applying colours to the underlying geometry and math; and associated physical properties with spectral colour lines.
I soon revised and changed all my work to incorporate the spectral colours to all aspects of physics; and called it the Tetryonic colour code; it radically deepened my insight and even more relationships emerged from my work.

Suddenly I could understand energy levels, electric and magnetic fields, and physical properties, differentiate between them at a glance and even discern not so obvious mathematical relationships
For example - Energy level 3 is coded yellow; look at my work focusing on the yellow colours and immediately you’ll identify this energy level with respect to other energy levels at a glance.

Velocity and linear momentum are coded in Pink, glancing through my work the vector relationship between the two becomes immediately apparent, as does its relationship to squared scalar energies.

All of physics resolved down to layers of equilateral energy geometry coded with spectral colours.

3) What did you discover?
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I felt like I was "Alice in Wonderland", I had stepped into a different reality and my view of the world was changing radically as a result.
I needed to see how the theory that explained atoms, could also apply to electricity and chemistry and if it could explain the greatest hurdle to modern physics - Gravity.

So I began to apply what I had found to chemistry and quickly found that I needed to tweak the theory to do so.
I quickly, it seems, found that there are exactly 120 atomic elements, elaborated how they all formed, their charged quantum topologies and how they bond to form larger, more complex aggregations of Matter in the form of compounds and molecules.

In collaboration with another, 3D CAD models of the quantum structure of all the atoms in Chemistry were shown not only to be possible but were in fact eminently achievable using basic software available to all – my equilateral quantum geometries and Chemistry had been linked.
I quickly moved onto Quantum electrodynamics; Feynman’s physics, where I was keen to apply what I had learnt early in my working career to this new geometric understanding of the quantum world and its workings.

Finally, I knew I still needed to see how all of this new understanding and knowledge could be applied to the task of uniting classical physics and cosmology through gravitation.
True to form the initial inspiration turned out to be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ and one week’s inspiration soon developed into 5 long years of intense thought, application, revision, refinement and documentation.

I had to re-work all that I had thought I knew and re-define what had been taught before.
I needed to rewrite what I had already written many times over, constantly improving my understanding as I progressed in order to provide clear, coherent images to everyone.
But the ‘buzz’ of new discoveries and growing knowledge kept me busy; as did the need to explain what I had developed over this time, as well as the things I continued to discover.

    Now that I had the ‘theory of everything’ – I needed to communicate my mental maps of geometric understanding to others and show them how the geometric models and quantum topologies fitted the math so they could grasp the knowledge I had gained.

After my initial feeling that the geometry was right; insight fell in place; a gut feeling developed that was strengthened as my work progressed. Intuition was replaced with growing confidence.
Many people in history have felt something like this I am sure, pursued it and discovered they were wrong more often than not – built I remained convinced and stubborn persisted.
In me, the connection to triangle geometry worked as a drug; rejuvenating, revitalising my mind and allowing me to look past what it was assumed the math was saying to see what the geometry was showing me – what it was dictating was the reality.

This all served to hyper-stimulate my brain, and fuelled it with ongoing new insights and flashes of understanding – I was constantly making and re-making connections between differing aspects of physics and math as they related through the geometry in order to make sense of what had once seemed to be hopelessly disconnected.
The discoveries proved to be an education in themselves, new insights changed old meanings, and more meaning needed to be given/added to established ideas.

I was like Columbus, I had seen a new world, mapped a portion of it and could barely wait to show everyone this freshly discovered geometry so everyone would benefit.
Everything had changed and new perspectives had opened up for all of science, and while many aspects of the math had not changed one iota – the underlying geometry had been vastly re-written.

4) How can others use this?
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The work in writing these books is like translating an old dead text into new language.
Learning maths is simplified and reduced to cutting and pasting paper; anyone can do it.
The difficulties of mathematics and physics, as experienced by many can be eliminated.
And erroneous assumptions can be replaced with rigid geometric results and conclusions.

What I did anybody could do, and everybody can do.
Anyone can understand the atomic workings of Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry, Electricity, Gravity and even math itself

The geometries show, and thus explain all the field and particle interactions of physics across its many disciplines; making it clearer and more intuitive for all who seek it.
Scientists already theorise, research and apply their results to known assumptions about physics in general across many seemly dis-connected fields; this geometry can link up all they all do and know.


The models show how to create new insights, new technologies, and new forms of energy.
It shows how we can work with and interact with atomic physics and molecules directly.

My insights are available freely; and open-published so as to preclude the major advances from being patented.  Nobody can monopolise it - everybody can use it.
Pick up the books, read them, learn the geometry and most importantly use it.

If maths is the language of Science, Geometry is its Grammar
In time I see children best suited to picking up the geometry and using it as the first step in understanding science and math in general.

The application and tactile manipulation of equilateral geometries from a young age will lead to early grade school students developing a more intuitive feel and advanced understanding of maths and quantum mechanics than those of university students at present.

By using the equilateral geometries to make models with their hands they can understand them in their mind, whereas current students and professors alike will first have to re-train their minds to wash away years of pre-conceived notions of physics and math to see how it relates to reality of Planck energy momenta at the quantum scale and extends right through to the cosmological scale.

I see how so many things in science fiction can be made into technological fact and have now set about building some of these technologies to put my insights in practical use for all.
As always I have chosen to start with the most fundamental and difficult problem first.

I am working on a practical device that will recreate the processes at work in the core of stars here on Earth. (‘Fusion’ energy for the masses which it turns out is not a fusion process at all).
Tesla and others worked on various aspects of it; and abandoned it because they took a wrong turn and didn’t have a sound understanding of the quantum mechanics at work on these scales of physics. (Essentially theory and experimental results did not reach the same conclusions at this stage).

The equilateral geometry I’ve often referred to here is what others know as Planck’s constant.
With triangles of Planck quanta problems are resolved in practice, as in the maths, by understanding that energy can be stored as mass geometries in Matter topologies we can build an energy source which is non-polluting and clean up our polluted environment at the same time.

It is possible to reduce our massive stockpiles of radioactive wastes and convert them to sources of clean, limitless energy for all, irrespective of their locations.
Extending and applying the same technologies to chemistry and biology we can create limitless supplies of any element or compound and tackle diseases from the quantum level up.
Essentially, scientific confusions become practical solutions and waste becomes an energy resource.


In developing and communicating this theory I simply seek to share my discoveries with others.
Tesla had the technology, did the experiments; but could not explain it; others used the lack of understanding to interpret his work and results; and thwarted its development and application.

Equally modern science has evolved on the foundations of too many erroneous assumptions to the point where today we have an ‘emperor with no clothes’ and  we have many scientific theories with no common thread linking them all – providing no clear path with which to judge the cacophony of ideas pouring forth from mathematical ideas and experimental data.

    We need to ensure that the rampant patenting and monopolisation of biological and scientific discoveries are stopped for as much as they provide a commercial incentive to invest in scientific research and stimulate intellectual progress they also limit the development of such technological advances for the benefit of all humanity.

It is necessary to be able to explain theoretically what works experimentally
(And to correctly extrapolate from a theoretical model new and exciting technologies).
For the benefit of ALL.


2) Explorations/Conversations

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