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Tetryonics provided the answers which my scientific training lacked.
In my training as engineer, i realised that the theory of physics is incomplete.
The classical, relativistic, quantum and field theories are separate theories.
By the 4D Dynamic Logic i discovered, i saw that they are all interrelated.

Tetryonic theory goes much farther than that: it shows how they are unified.
By showing that energy is a different dimension than matter, this can be done.
It is possible to see how energy drives Matter (which is in itself inert).
It also explains what creates ‘Gravity’; and how ‘all is electromagnetic’.

In this section of this ‘Course in Tetryonics’ i present a series of introductions.
They are texts that i wrote for some of my friends, to give them basic insight.
They work on scientific research, in various forms; where Tetryonics could help.
Each of the text had its own audience; which may help you, reader, also.

[Tetryonics - Primer]
[Tetryonics - Shifting the Paradigm]
[Tetryonics - Energy in Formation]
[Tetryonics - Surprise!]
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