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mass AND Matter
Solving the problem of Descartes


Physics = sensation/experimentation
Mathematics = interpretation/formulation

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2014.05.08 14:51

Mathematics described what is seen in physics; it interprets observation.
Tetryonics starts with the Plank unity; just as Quantum Theory proposed.
And shows how Planck units link up; as an integrated/integral geometry.
The patterns that then can be seen, seem to match what mathematical physics describes.

Mathematical Physics in a way started with Descartes.
He tries to formulate what he saw in a coherent way.
In his time he had to resolve a potential conflict with the vatican.
And ended up coming to an agreement: he could publish his findings on mathematics and observations, BUT NOT ADDRESS THE IMMATERIAL.

The immaterial, is the fields of forces of creation, and also mind and consciousness.
The vatican claimed domin(at)ion of the soul, and the essence of life.
Physics thereby was only allowed to described that what could be conserved.
But therein lacked a way to describe how the material is formed.

We seen this still in e.g. the description of magnetism.
Magnetic fields, invisible, are often incompletely understood.
In many descriptions, magnetism is described as (if) separate from electric.
In Tetryonics, electric and magnetic are always combined.

Tetryonics addresses the invisible directly.
The Planck unit is a singularity in quantum theory.
Tetryonics makes it 'tangible' as a triangle, of paper.
It represents the fundamental change of energy.

It is what people call a “zero-point” field.
It is half of a photon.
It has a symmetric field.
And combines the electric and magnetic dipoles.

That what was a mathematical abstraction, now it tangible.
Tetryonics builds up the entire universe from these triangles.
It therein does exactly what Quantum Theory concluded.
Starting with energy, per second: which is Inertia, or mass.

Energy becomes mass, only is there is time.
Time is the continuation of observable energy.
Energy continued in time, we call mass, or inertia.
Important is that mass is NOT the same as Matter.

Matter is formed by combining 4 Planck Quanta.
Together they for a tetrahedron; the Tetryon.
It has a closed volume (and the inside is the inverse of the outside).
It creates a contained 'emptiness' within; with 'displaced cosmic vacuum (creating counter-pressure: gravity).

mass is an equilateral triangle, in Tetryonics.
They can be represented by a triangle of paper.
Two of these triangles can create a photon.
A photon is NOT a particle; it is a Field.

A Particle is Material; and requires a 3D structure.
The Tetryon is the minimal form of Matter.
Anything that is composed of plat triangles, is mass.
It is NOT Matter, because it has NO 3D structure.

It is important to see how geometry (triangles) and topology (tetryons) are related.
A triangle has the opposite charge on the opposite side of it.
A Tetryon has the opposite charge on its inside.
Forces form the tetryons; thus forms are composed of forces.

If forces are applied to particles, the energy is store on the surface of that structure.
That is mass-energy; and known as the Kinetic ElectroMagnetic field.
That is called the KEM field, in Tetryonics; associated with Matter.
The KEM field can by dynamic (oriented) or electrostatic (balanced).

Image 04.08 shows this.
Always, Planck quanta are the basis of every form of mass and Matter.
Matter is a "construct" of mass (energy-in-time; inertia).
The KEM energy field is what Feynman already referred to.

"Electrons are not supercomputers.
Yet they know, and respond to, all field changes around them.
That means that the fields 'inform' all particles such as electrons'.
Quantum Theory assumes Virtual Particles to 'explain' this".

In Tetryonics the Boson (Planck Unit) is that 'virtual particle'.
It is neither virtual, nor a particle.
They propagate at the speed of light, in time.
04.09 illustrate how we can imagine this.

Physics considers Matter as Point Particles.
In Tetryonics, Matter is in essence Tetryonic.
Particle interactions are Tetryonic Fields.
With electric/magnetic dynamic/static properties.

In Tetryonics these fields are represented by diamond shapes; radiating out.
The arrows show the vector directions.
Positive points outwards.
Negative points outward.

The positive and negative charges have a different orientation.
They are interactive, with divergent and convergent momenta.
A positive point particle has positive out-radiation and negative convergence.
A Negative will repel negative charges, but attract positive charges.

This applies to magnets as well as to e-fields.
It is a bi-directional force; as physics knows.
The mathematical formulation however often does not show it.
04.11 shows how we can  better represent this.

We can store electric, magnetic, static and dynamic (thermal) fields.
In Tetryonics Coulombs law of Attraction is The Law of Interaction.
The interaction is always bi-directional;.
It is important to understand this, to understand Gravitation

Motion of material object stems from the force fields.
These force fields are the invisibles that Descartes was not allowed to describe.
Yet these are the 'ghost reality' (Spirit) which moves all matter.
It is a field composed of equilateral Planck quanta, in Tetryonics.

The image shows how these fields overlap.
And how squares and roots are implied.
Squares are indicators of triangles of the next energy level.
Roots are the resultant of the height of t he triangles.

The Material Particles store mass-energy; solidifying the Matter structure.
These particles are Invariant: they do NOT contract/extend by velocity.
The fields however are dependent on the relativistic velocities.
The fields are composed of complexes of (odd numbers) of Bosons (Planck units).

There are also fields of balanced boson: coupled by the magnetic poles.
Photon fields contain 2-bosons per photon.
Photon fields are neutral charged; and have mass but no Matter.

Descartes was not allowed to study the invisible forces of matter.
As a result, the foundation of formation of Matter was not described.
As a result, the underlying geometry and mathematics was not addressed.
And the interaction of the forces, forming fields, was also not understood.

Tetryonics starts with the Planck quanta.
14.01 relates that to the Newtonian model.
It describes the linear momentum of the force in relationship to the mass.
The force is an equilateral triangle, over various energy levels (Fermat's squares law).

Thus, at this level, physics and mathematics is directly connected.
Odd numbered Planck units amour to the number of Bosons.
The Bosons represent the amount of fundamental Planck Energy.
Adding/subtracting bosons changes the Planck energy level.

Newtonian acceleration and deceleration is expressed by change of amount of Bosons.
This is equivalent to a change of induction; and acceleration/deceleration by charge.
You cannot see these forces; but you can definitely feel them>
Newton described the changes of linear momentum; Leibnitz the velocity.

Newton focused on the height of the field.
Leibnitz referred to the volume of the triangle.
14.07 applies that to an electron.
It has 12 pi charge fascia (known as the unit charge).

The electron is a physical particle, Matter.
The charge is determined by the mass-energies that the electron contains.
The topology of the particle determines its particular behaviour.
This can be described in terms of quarks and baryons.

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Tetryonics can detail fundamentals which physics can only guess.
Hidden aspects and facets (literally) can be described and understood.
Details which physics and mathematics do not know, can be shown.
And that is where the difference between mass and Matter ... really matters...

The topologies give Matter substance, inertial mass and weight.
Inertial mass is the effect of the quantum inductive loops.
They will resist the addition of energy to the structure.
Increasing the energy to a KEM field, will induce resistance: "Inertial mass".

mass energy geometry is different from Matter topology.
Even static charged particles in a KEM field will be subject to the +/- energy momenta of the field.
It will accelerate and create its own speed dependent KEM field.
The KEM field is like the wake of a boat: it is nit the boat but it surrounds it.

When there is no motion, there is no wake/KEM-field.
When there is motion, there is a wake with a magnetic moment.
This is different than described in Relativity Theory.
Tetryonic has a velocity-change-invariant topology; but a changing velocity-dependent KEM charge field.

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We can now describe this.
But we must distinguish mass from Matter.
We MUST describe the charge fields - which are immaterial.
And understand how they form, or interact with, the Matter topologies.

Photons are formed out of paired bosons (Planck units).
They are forms of energy: it therefore has mass.
A photon is NOT 3D, thus it has NO MATTER.
A Photon is NOT A PARTICLE: but an Energy.

Photons are matter-less, and weightless.
But they are mass-energy: 2D only.

The IMMATERIAL EM field of stars bends the Light.
They play a big role in the gravitational effect; which has 3 forces.
Gravity is the push-back force is displaced vacuum energy in Matter.
Every particle of Matter has surrounding EM fields; in interaction.

Once a particle is created, the Gravity is related to its topology.
The interactive EM forces correspond with the surface KEN field.
Gravity = displaced vacuum energy + EM convergent/divergent forces.
The Topology determines the push-back, the geometry the interaction.

Tetryonics can model this in detail.
Planck Quanta are the basis.
The Topologies give the Matter.
The Geometries give the Forces.

- - -

We showed how the use of the model is based on simple concepts.
Understanding the difference between mass and Matter is essential; crucial.
Here we see how it is the difference between 2D and 3D (Topology).
Keep this in mind when you play with the Tetryonic templates.

The triangles exists only in time; as time waves.
Space is formed only when the triangles form tetrahedra.
Once you can do this using the templates, you can do it in your mind.
Any complexity described in physics, you can do using Tetryonic templates, and understand in your mind.

Tetryonics give a visual colour coded geometry.
The charge polarity specifies how the Planck quanta can be put together.
We now can see the invisible forces that create Matter.
By understanding the underlying invisible foundations, we can fully understand Matter.

The geometry creates the force field.
The Topologies resonate them and maintain them.
The HIDDEN pattern is now explicit.
Solving Greek/Modern problems in physics.

All mathematical theories can now be understood in terms of the geometry of Tetryonics.
This you can do on the table, and in your mind; by using the Templates.


mass versus Matter


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