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P & NP
Scalability in Nature

This is a top-tier mathematical problem, with prize money attached.
It is about how many calculations can be done per second.
Evidently that is based on how you do the calculations.
In Tetryonics, a different approach can be used.

Polynomials and Non-Polynomials is what P & NP refers to.
It is about calculations; often now called "BITS".
In Tetryonics that would be "Charges", + & -.
And how charges can form patterns, in time.

Depending on the way you can recognise patterns, you can calculate in a different manner.
The quicker you can recognise patterns, the more you can do per second.
For example, if you know a series of numbers is fractal, 'all becomes simple'.
In Tetryonics pattern creation and recognition is the essence: geometry.

In Tetryonics we are always working with charged field, represented by a triangle.
We can juxtapose triangles to form larger triangles.
But different shapes can also be formed, composed of Planck Units.
Tetryonics 82.04 from the math book illustrates that.

14:01:38] Tetryonoics uses a colour code.
It contains and even/odd distribution.
That can be used for the creation of code.
In tetryonics that can be visualised by the geometry, of Fields.

By this, we can do the same as is done in computing.
Tetryonic fields are composed of charges, in patterns.
It means it actually IS a representation of computation/calculation.
Charge fields can STORE planck quanta; thus are Memory also.

A Field can be addressed Vertically and horizontally.
In other words: the field can me 'addressed' as forces, or as charges.
A 1 second charge field is what is contained in a circle, in Tetryonics.
If you want to process more bits, put more quanta within the field...

Information can be anything;
Code can be anything.
We see that in the different natural languages.
And we see it in the different (many) forms of mathematics.

In Tetryonics ALL is based on the Planck Unit.
In Tetryonics, forces can form matter, with associated energy fields.
These KEM and BEM field are separately described.
The energy field can change the Matter, and vice versa.

Compare the BEM fields to a Hologram.
They can store information.
They can also radiate energy out; and retrieve.
Thus not the Matter, but the FIELD stores the information.

*** Tetryonics 82.12 - Real Numbers.jpg ***

*** Tetryonics 98.05 - P = NP.jpg ***

Bear this in mind when thinking about the P &NP 'problem.
Every equation in physics models how quanta interact and form matter.
In Tetryonics, all that is described from the bottom up, by seeing how quanta interact.

In that way any object or information can be 'reduced' to a Planck geometry.
Any information can be associated with the nearest square, the meta-triangle of Tetryonics.
The P-side of the equation will look at a series of steps to count the size.
But ... you can also know the size by .. measuring the charge.

Instead of counting, sequential, you measure, simultaneously.
By superpositioning fields the results can immediately be measured.
Measuring forces is than equivalent to calculating the energy = geometry of Planck quanta.

In monochromatic light (98.05) there are two EM fields: + & -.
wavelength is determined by the measurement (longitudinal/transverse).
A visible wavelength (of photons) can show the wave number/wave length.
Always, it is the geometry that relates all.

Expanding light of an EM charge field can be made to impact a photon-sensor.
This is bi-directional.
Energy is then proportional to frequencies/photons/Planck Units (1/2 photon boson)
The result can be measured as an interference pattern in the EM waves.

This gives different quantum probabilities; and changes in symmetry (transverse/longitudinal).
Detectors on either side must detect the same result.
If not, there is an imbalance in the energy field.
This makes quantum computations instantaneous.

It means that you can calculate as quickly as you can detect energy changes.
Once you know the distribution, and probability, you can also detect their changes.
That in its way give a deterministic (exact, precise) probability.
Error checking is integral part of the measurement=computation=calculation.

These photon/field arrays are registers/computers/values/outcomes.
QED Tetryonics describes this in greater detail.
2N**2 (charge field of Planck quanta bits) is the basis for computation.

16 Million operations per second is simple: increase the energy to that level.

It is about storing information in PATTERNS.
Tesla already applied this in EM waves generated from spark gaps.
Calibrating the discharge frequency creates a linear momenta pattern field.
Then, information is encoded into the energy field itself
1) frequency, 2) linear force, 3) information encoding, 4) instantaneous communication

The force is the result of Linear Momentum, co-linear with the direction of propagation.
This allows for immediate information communication at immense distances.
That is what P vs NP strives for: deterministic processing replaced by instantaneous processing.
That is usually called "quantum processing" (amidst many misinterpretation).

In Tetryonics, the geometry gives rise to the mathematics.
The mathematics tries to describe the geometry.
The geometry specifies the role of the mathematics.
Thence, Tetryonics provides the grammar for the language of mathematics.

Adjust the (Planck) energy level to be part of the computation.
98.05 depicts a neutral field (cf. the field of a bar magnet), a snap shot.
It is a neutral electrical, magnetic field.
The motion is (relativistically) important for the geometry.

When the geometry changes, detection thereof is immediate.
Special relativity tried to describe it.
It is the classical 'moving magnet problem'.
Tetryonics reveals that there is a field geometry, that explains what happens.

Do not ignore the electric (force/charge) field.
Do not ignore the geometry of the field: equilateral triangles.
1) magnetic field, 2) information encoding, 3) field measurement, 4) information integration.
To build it as a tool may be difficult; our body already works in this manner.

On paper we can show that P= NP.
It can be modelled/measured as electromagnetic fields.
Wave/particle research funds can be used for this purpose.
And magnetic fields can be used for storing information/calculations.

*** Tetryonics 98.06 - Organic Quantum computing.jpg ***

In Tetryonics QED the details are shown.
See 98.06: Organic Quantum Computing.
It is based on the relationships between electrons and atom (Deuterium) cores.
With the distributions/probabilities, discussed above, shown in matter.

The Deuterium is the storage; the electron the Computation.
That is a 'different spin' on "spintronics".
When the electron is bound to a Deuterium nucleus, the KEM field energy is not linear but circular.
Linear motion (displacement) thus becomes circulation (storage).

This can be spin-up or spin-down; related to the nuclear magnetic moment.
These too can be used as q-bits.
Atoms are thus computational devices.
Nature calculates/computes/processes in this manner.

*** Tetryonics 39.05 - Wave Interference - EM waves.jpg ***

Constructive and destructive changes are healing/disease.
Force is increased in constructive interactions.
This leads to an enhancement; as seen e.g. in a bar magnet.
The total field then shows the specific trait of the principle involved.

Magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials are 'calculations'.
Tetryonics studies KEN and BEM fields in that manner.
Every circulation information flow is a calculation.
The whole universe is therein an information computation manifestation.

*** Tetryonics 96.01 - Differentials.jpg ***

Image 96.01 shows quantum calculation in Nature.
It relates to Fermat's theory of adjacent squares; and their difference as an odd number.
A bound photon electron jumping between energy levels, will release energy, by Rydberg’s formula.
In Tetryonics you can see its geometry: the quantum jump affects the photon electron energy level,.

That is the equivalent of a differential calculation.
This can be measured, in the form of spectral line series.
Of these there are many, logically related.
Tetryonic also shows the existence of an as yet unmeasured spectral line/shift.

*** Tetryonics 98.04 - Quantum computing via EM wave superpositioning.jpg ***

The photon electron energy shifts 'are' spectral Lines.
Newton already measured them, in Earth and in the Galaxy>
This is a form of quantum calculation.
Instead of measuring force, we can also measure spectral line changes.

Tetryonics shows the geometry underlying the changes.
Therein P &NP are immediately related.
We are already calculating in this manner, without knowing it.
98.04 shows a holographic calculation computation representation.

The geometry shows the math.
The math always follows from the geometry, of Planck quanta.
One we understand that (better) we can use that (better).
As it measures quanta (boson/photon) it must be done in the dark.

Our brain is such a computer; thus must operate in the dark, in the skull.
The sensory input affects the existing dynamic BEM field.
It changes the field (dis)charge, thus our sensation/computation.
All changes come from electrical impulses affecting the brain (cell) functioning.

The field/cells respond by adapting the interaction, and thence reaction.
98.05 shows how this works; this can be validated and tested.
We need to use energy measurement of a field per second.
We can use electrostatic or photon measurement for that purpose.

*** Tetryonics 99.01 - mass-Energy geometry.jpg ***

*** Tetryonics 27.03 - EM wave wavefunction.jpg ***

*** Tetryonics 27.02 - EM waves.jpg ***

We used the detector to gauge the output.
99.01 sums it up; as the Planck quanta in scalarised electromagnetic fields.
This connects information and matter; physics and phasics, science and healing.
It is the description of the field, forming matter, and the basis of our participation in creation.

In Tetryonics it is described in the relationship between forces and matter.
It is seen in the link between KEM and BEM fields.
It helps us understand the interfacing, between the part and the whole, where in(-)formation Matters.
This shows how health and healing, life and consciousness operate within us - and the un-i-Verse as a whole.

Tetryonics integrates Coulombs Laws with Newton’s Laws.
Light, Forces, Consciousness and Integrity are therein united.
These are the 3 tiers of Tetryonics; within its larger context.
This answers Feynman's questions: electrons are aware of all changes around them.

Electrons are NOT supercomputers.
But ... electrons react to the changes of fields, at a distance, immediately.
It is based on the layering of Planck Quanta.
The biology book will describe how freedom of choice interacts with information and Matter in living beings.

It is still based on the Planck Unit.
But we must see the immaterial dynamics by which they are formed and linked up.
This requires an elaborate description.
But also, a review and revision of how matter and information are linked.

It is still all about pattern recognition.
Any pre-school child can learn to do.




  • Tetryonics 98.05 - P = NP.jpg
  • *** Tetryonics 91.05 - EM Waveforms.jpg ***

It is all about the zero point field.
The diamond shape = electromagnetic field,
composed of Planck Quanta
With equilateral triangle geometry.

Adding Planck quanta adds up to photons with frequencies, on the right>
These are colour coded, from left to right (longitudinal) - the wave vector direction.
Longitudinal is co-linear with the direction of motion.
The colour coding shows that

Every Planck quantum has a charge: Q
Every Planck unit has positive and negative charges
This is shown by the red/black outlines
Regardless of the number of quanta, the outline shows the charge.

In this case 8 quanta are shown, linked up as 8 photons.
The bosons are equilateral triangles; transverse quantum levels.
These always have odd number of Planck charges.
The numbers (+/-) are shown at the sides.

Each consecutive number adds up per row, in a geometric series of odd numbers forming squares.
Mathematicians know it as Fermat's differences of squares.
The Tetryonics QM ebook shows this.
91.05 shows the colour coding of bosons and photons in the EM wave (Nhv), and E=hf.

1 photon = TWO Planck quanta
Thus it must be 2hv.
The grid shows the precise information context.
With the colour coding showing the energy levels: look at the lines in the figure.

An EM wave is a diamond shape.
Geometry is decisive.
it shows how quanta connect up.
It helps to avoid misinterpretation/confusion.

2N+1, and 2N-1 will always be an odd number: a boson.
A change between squared energy levels is an electron acceleration/deceleration.
2n+1 = acceleration; 2N-1 = deceleration: adding/subtracting bosons.
Many physics books do not discern between this.

2N-1 - boson loss, deceleration; per quantum level.
Adding energy indices electromagnetic induction.
It changes the energy in the field.
Now with colour coding for the energy levels and photon information communication.

2**n and n**2 are part of the explanation of organisation of energy.
Energy is measured per 2 Planck quanta (photons)
It gauges complexity.
Each charged field has a squared number of quanta.

That leads to the quadratic formulae of physics.
We can measure that per second (indicated by the circle)
If you want quicker processing, add more quanta in the time circle.
This is the basis of time based computation.

P is 1 quantum (calculation) per second.
NP makes it possible to to more calculations per second.
To speed it up, process more quanta at the same time.
That is: use larger units, as computational unity.

Look for the inherent geometry of the field, in any instant in time.
Superimposing two fields immediately shows and outcome.
That is the equivalent of the mathematical computation.
The equilateral geometry has an exponential relationship: 2**n

The equilateral geometry of the charge field is exponential.
Tetryonics computes it in equilateral geometries; thus an energy 'amount'.
It amounts to calculating the amount of triangles : 2n**2.
As the number of quanta in the charge field increases so does the value of it.

Tetryonics does NOT use infinities.
Quanta are finite; their number also.
No geometry will ever have infinity.
"Infinity" is 'a loss of interest in detail of a mathematician...'

Tetryonics is very precise, based on the geometry.
Energy therein corresponds to numbers.
e.g. 8 volt field = 64 quanta.
Changing the charge changes the field (see 27.03).

There you can see that increase in energy increases the quantum level, and the energy momentum distribution.
Measuring the field will produce different interference patterns for the different energy levels.
Increasing the voltage changes the distribution; superimposition of fields shows up as a new interference patterns (Diffraction pattern).
By changing the energy level, the number of quanta per field is changes, thus the wave function and probability fields.

More calculations per second? Increase the voltage!
The finer the interference pattern, and the greater the detail.
Interference patterns can become complex, not more than Fourier Analysis.
2**n = diamond shape exponential geometry

2n**2 is energy content in bosons rather than photons.
2n**2 versus n**0 is the answer to P vs NP.
The circle is the time unit: a second.
Energy/second is mass; and 'computational speed'.

Instantaneous calculation is defined by the unity of the units within the circle.
Compare it to the relationship between Bits and Bytes.
In this case, in Tetryonics, Bits and Bytes are scalable.
The diamond shape of the unit, and the unity, is the same.

In a moment in time, exponential geometry is used (no exponential time is needed)
Doubling the size of the circle doubles the duration of time.
To calculate more, increases the energy.
P N dataset can be processed each second; by the amount of energy you know the number of quanta and know the interference pattern

We can measure the light, interference pattern and the force, together hold the information.
The equilateral geometry is scalable to universal size.
The height is the SQRT linear momentum; a trigonometric equation, in fact the scale of geometry.
Energy and momenta are geometrically related: the model is tangible and finite.

mass-energy and the SQRT, linear momentum, resolves the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
We can indeed determine the energy AND the momenta of a system at any instant, together.
We know the energy, frequency, number of quanta but now based on the bottom-up foundation: quanta.
Tetryonics is always deterministic, at all levels - making everything that happens predictable in the system.

Probabilities in QM and QED reflect the Heisenberg Uncertainty;
Tetryonics has a normal distribution of the Charged and EM field.
It is shown for the Bosons and for the Photons.
To show the energy context, frequencies, and SQRT Linear Momentum; and the quanta in the field.

That forms a normal distribution, not out of a mixture of events but out of the defined geometry.
Heisenberg indeterminacy is resolved, eliminated. and everything becomes 'Newtonian".
This applies to the fields, and the spectral measurement of the schematic 'photon detectors' in the image.
It indicates the amount of energy/charge measured in a second; within the circle.

As the EM diamond wave expands, it becomes larger.
The quanta radiate out.
A detector left/right will gauge the photon frequency
With respective increased number of quanta measured in consecutive steps.

E.g. move the +-charge triangle to the detector, then 1, 2, 3, ...8, 7, 6, ...1 quanta will be measured.
That what is called the Bell Curve, is the trace of the geometry of the quanta in the system.
The colour code represents the change in energy intensity.
For the Photons, on the right, or for the Bosons, on the left.

The total number measured per instant relates to the total number of quanta in the field.
On the right it shows the decimal equivalent of the fractions; adding up to 1 (unity)
For the Bosons it is gauged in 128 (2x64), on the right in counts of Photons.
The geometry is needed to prevent confusion; there are always 2 Bosons per Photon.

In the middle the Field can be regarded as Frequency, or charges,
These are shown in the middle as the "f" and the "OO".
It is the equilateral geometry, also described by Euler.
Again, it is a finite geometry, without Heisenberg uncertainty, and completely deterministic.

You can determine the whole system at any time.
It is a geometry, with a structure, logic and coherence.
Physics is the measurement of change; called time.
Which is in fact a measure of the change of charge geometry.

*** Tetryonics 25.08 - Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.jpg ***

The illustrations contain many layers of information.
Each picture integrated QM, QED, Chemistry and Cosmology.
This applies to every picture in Tetryonics.
It requires 'meditation' to grasp all the levels of meaning.

The geometry helps to understand more than the mathematics.
But the pictures are still only a photo snap shot, in the flat plane.
In your mind you need to create the composite picture.
Which takes time, which interest provides.


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