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Tetryonics – Photon 1
Pigments, LCD, Solar Panels, and Light Technology

1) Photons (Einstein)
2) EM Fields (Euler)
3) Spectral Lines
4) Light Technology (Solar Panels, BioPhoton measurement, Aura, Kirlian Fields)

In the last discussions we differentiated mass from Matter.
It is essential in/for Tetryonics.
Light has a pivotal role in that understanding.
With work of Newton, Young, Goethe and others.

There were very many different views on the nature of light.
Are they qualities of matter, of the void, particles, or waves.
Each model had some uses; and some limitations.
Tetryonics integrated these findings - in a different manner.

LED and LCD helped to put the insights in place.
We have ever more light-manipulating technologies.
Laser evidently is part of the story.
The technologies work, but the theory is still incomplete.

Einstein imagined ‘surfing on a Photon’.
Tetryonics showed that the maths that was used was based on assumption.
In Tetryonics it is the geometry that generates the explanations.
All based on the foundation: the Planck Quantum.

Alchemy tried to understand fire: what is it, that changes; what causes the light?
It is evident that there is a relationship to changes in matter.
We now know of the photo-electric effect (and can use solar panels).
And we can make photon-based calculations - based on the approach of Max Planck.

Tetryonics starts with the Planck Quanta.
Like the boson, it is a unit of charge.
Children can already learn this.
This will be covered in 4 parts.

The first part will look at Photons; the electromagnetic quanta.
They have 2.pi geometry.
Einstein and Newton could not see this.
The photon is the electromagnetic quantum.

The second part discusses EM fields; 2.pi-quanta, combining to form fields.
Instead of photon-quanta we look at fields.- (radio, energy/heat/light).
We look at arrangements in/of the fields; and measurement results.
For which we will have a visual representation.; and Euler's formula!

The third part looks at the interplay between fields and Matter
Spectral lines are differentials between energy levels; by a geometry.
The spectral series are logically linked; and an unknown series exist.
This we can connect to the difference of squares of Fermat (and Rydbergs formula).

The fourth part addresses the interference patterns; applications of the geometries.
This helps understand how bosons are different from photons.
Euler’s formula helps understand the geometry of the EM wave.
And why solar panels are inefficient; and how that can be helped.

We MUST differentiate EM fields from Matter;
That is essential also in understanding Biological EM fields; in life, in our body.
This is why colours are so important, in life; and the chemistry of colours.
Alls can be understood via the Planck quanta geometries; of immaterial mass energies

BEM Fields, Aura, Kirlian fields can all be explained and understood.
All starts by understanding the Boson, Photon, Fields and Effects.

In Tetryonics it became clear that Matter =/= mass.
The 3D physics is created by and out of 2D force fields.
The physics is in its way inert; the dynamics stems from the 2D force fields.
The planar mass energies can be described in Tetryonics.

Photons are matterless and weightless.
They are not massless; they have energy.
Photons are NOT Particle; but quanta.
They are double-bosons; EM fields.

Photons are quanta, with 2.pi geometry.
The basic description of the photon is incorrect.
Replacing the math by geometry corrects this.
Play with it; and discover it for yourself.

Tetryonics started with the quest to find the photon, as a p[article.
The Tetryon, which i thought to be a photon, is a tetrahedron.
When i looked into its properties, the result did  not match,
If it was 3D, thus Matter, is should have properties ... which were impossible.

In writing the QED book it became clear how different mass is from Matter.
And that the Tetryon, could not be the photon i thought it to be.
In studying the Boson is realised that the Tetryon was NOT the photon.
In fact, half of a Tetryon ... perfectly fit the properties of the photon.

That is where is saw that two bosons create a boson.
And that photons can combine to form chunks of matter:
It has 2 sides; the shape is tetrahedral: the TETRYON.
It is NOT a photon; and now the basis of Tetryonics.

A Tetryon is 4 Bosons, or 2 Photons.
This helped to differentiate mass and Matter.
Bosons are part of the mass geometries.
With that, the further understanding fell into place.

It helped understand how the invisible forces act, and interact.
Tetryonics helps understand and work with the invisible fields.
We can now relate it to mass-energy- and field ...


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We can start with: "in physics there are TWO states".
Physics studied Matter; and deduced the driving forces.
Physics does not have a clear formulation of the forces.
The core finding of these forces is that they are The Quantum.

In Tetryonics that is used to describe Matter as a tetrahedron of Quanta.
It is this tetrahedron, the Tetryon, which is the foundation of Matter.
But the quanta themselves are NOT

05.07 shows the depiction of the quantum.
It is a zero point field; a unit, associated with number 1.
It has an equilateral geometry; with a rotation.
When two combine; charges combine.

This can create electrodynamic or electrostatic fields.
Linear momentum cancels out in the combination called the Photon.
That makes the photon a neutral particle.
Flipping it over shows that the charges are reversed; it is its own antiparticle.

The boson is its own mirror image.
that is difference from Bosons.
The Photon is a 2/pi particle.
A Boson is a 1.pi particle.

18.01 shows the particle in motion.
This induces an associated kinetic electric field: KEM.
Therein the electric and magnetic come together.
The induced electric flow creates the mass of the quantum.

The field has a kinetic component; which can be measured.
Measuring up-down or side-side differentiates Bosons from Photons.
Photons have linear energy momentum.
From aside the boson charge is measured.

That was called the difference between longitudinal and charge masses.
Relativity results from energy addition into the field.
Thereby the velocity is increased.
In the same way energy can be taken out: giving deceleration.

Photons are bundles of kinetic energy.
The longitudinal energy component of KEM fields.
All forces can be detailed in 25.04.
The kinetic energy of the mass-Matter-topology is shown.

That can be shown as 1/**2; or as the energy of the field divided by two masses.
That can create an integer number; in a row of half-integers (Bosons) at the bottom.
This would be described as half-wavelength, in which hf/2 is a Boson.
hv**2 is the squared energy, its SQRT is the velocity.

The Linear momentum lies in the KEM field; the kinetic.
The longitudinal eclectic, versus the transverse magnetic.
At rest, these forces/fields DO NOT EXIST.
At the left this is seen as energy levels in deuterium nuclei.

The rotation of the KEN field is colour coded.
When the KEN field reaches 89 quanta, it can break free.
That is what the Bohr radii describe.
That is why energy levels are in a series of squares.

Electrons break free by overcoming the Coulomb attraction.
N1 nucleus can get energy added to reach level 4; N4, by adding 15  quanta.
If there are no free position, the energy will break free, or discharge energy.
After rebinding at lower level the Photon/Boson release can be detected.

25.04 thus shows the photo-electric effect, energy storage and linear momentum (velocity) of the field.
Even numbers are photons
Odd numbers are bosons
The geometry immediately helps you put the particles apart.

Squares are KEM fields (or can be Higgs Bosons.)
25.05 goes into the photo-electric effect.
Increase of energy momentum, of equilateral quanta, is reduced as energy increases.
The wavelength decreases, as energy increases.

The quantum wavelength (size of Quanta) is called the Lorentz contraction.
There are many explanations for it.
deBoglie already described it.
Now it is seen in the Boson-Photon relationship in Tetryonics.

The Planck length reduces when energy is increased.
Sideways measured as Bosons.
Lengthwise measured as Photons.
The  photons (red/black) make up the field.

25.08 shows the distribution pattern: the Gauss/Bell curve.
The energy distribution is discrete (smoothed by a curve).
Dirac’s constant applies to the Bosons; Planck’s constant to the Bosons.
The sum always adds up to 1; it is not statistics, but a field property.

The statistics comes from the geometry.
The Bosons and Photons add up to a squared number; equilateral geometry (=Bell Curve).
Lack of this understanding leads to lots of misunderstanding in Mathematical Physics.
In Tetryonics every position and velocity is known; Heisenberg uncertainty does not exist.

All Matter and EM fields are comprised of equilateral mass momenta.
They will ALWAYS have this distribution.
26.01 shows the electric and magnetic properties of the Photons.
Bosons are 1Pi, Photons are 2Pi.

Planck looked at Bosons, Einstein looked at Photons.
E=n.hv (odd numbers) versus E=hf (even numbers)
They CANNOT be equated; just as 1=/=2.
Tetryonics gives a grammar to the current math.

At the top you see Maxwell's equations; represented for a Photon.
it has the e-field and the magnetic dipole.
This is different from a Boson.
The linear momentum of the geometry is indicative for the photon.

The Photon has a 2Pi quantum.
Subject to length contraction (deBroglie/Lorentz).
It is the basis of Schrödinger’s wave function.
26.02describes the energy of the photon

It has a neutral, + or - charge of the field.
The constants are well known.
The dimensionality (SI-units) are quite peculiar.
This places then add odds with standard physics.

It deals with thee permeability, of the field.
And requires a c**2 radial measurement system.
it is the radius for radiation from the source point.
That is why light 'goes both ways', at c*c per second.

That gives us the impedance of free space.
That gives the velocity of propagation.
'light propagates at the speed of light'.
The photon radiation is the basis for propagation in the EM field.

Maxwell used the cross-product to gauge the speed of light.
He realised it was electromagnetic; but had only half of the story.
26.03 shows the 2 Bosons making up the Photon; with their charges and angular momentum.
As electrical inductance it is a symmetric vector rotation.

It is a back-to back inductor = transformer (!).
The energy state is always balanced.
The lemniscate perpetuates it.
If the photon is stopped, ALL the energy is transferred.

The electric field is longitudinal with +/- with linear momentum.
The magnetic field is transverse
The North-south internal., and South-North external, i bidirectional.
26.04 shows that a photon is a dual boson.

2hv = hf; as the geometry shows.
The geometry specifies how the electric and magnetic relate.
Moving the photon along a reference line shows the field fluctuation.
That is where the electric and magnetic are seen to be at 90-degrees.

The measured change is sinusoidal.
It is not one field changing into the other.
There are two fields, phase shifted versus each other.
The geometry is why a sinusoidal wave is measured; electric OR magnetic.

Photons require NO medium to propagate.
Photons ARE the carrier wave of field propagation.
Over time the field decreases by inverse square law.
Each photons as an intrinsic magnetic moment: the Evans=photon-Magneton.

The magnetic North and South align, reinforcing each other.
Photons can be steered via magnetism.
26.05 looks at the corresponding electromagnetic forces.
The electric field created the kinetic linear momentum" direction of motion.

Propagation is at c, for any medium.
It is the property of the photon.
The North repels the North and attracts south poles.
The opposite for the other (South) pole.

That is the basis of bar magnet attraction.
In the centre, the photon is a singularity.
In Magnets it is called a Bloch-wall.
The magnetic polarity reverses in the singularity.

26.0g shows that boson geometry is different from photon geometry.
Bosons: transverse, odd, charged
Photons, even, no change
A field can be interpreted as Bosons and/or Photons.

hf = photon measurement
hv = boson measurement

The diamond shaped photons are the KEN field dynamic.
It is twice the momentum squared.
2hv = hf; the Planck’s constant is the same; 2 bosons = 1 photon.**2 ; photons are 2D mass energy wave forms.

energy outside of time shows no EM field.
Only by measuring over time that EM changes can be detected.
2 Photons have motion; see 26.10
It is the basis for the sine trace of the wave field.

At the bottom all is summarised: The KEM field vs. the Geometry.
The quanta in the field determine the energy (velocity).

The transverse field gives mv**2.
the proportional mass-matter is thereby accelerated.
26.11 shows the quantum harmonic motion.
Some confuse it with the Boson; it requires bosons.

The lines show the peak amplitudes.
Changing from + to - via 0.
It is known as the quadrature wave (as described by Maxwell.
The formulation in Tetryonics is simple, unlike the Maxwell/Einstein equations.

Without motion the field is static.
Relative motion is needed to measure EM field change.
26.12 starts to link this to EM waves.
With the 2Pi photon geometry; even number, diamond shape.

The charge field must be split in electric and magnetic.
They are seen (in motion) as an alternation.
The fields are 180-degrees out of phase.
The photons are neutral charges; including alternating = & -.

The field is neutral;; but in the half field there is a +/- excess.
That is described in Euler’s formula.
The linear momentum is associated with the scalar field.
e**1.pi is the geometry of the number of quanta.

In 180-degree phase change the positive and negative come out neutral.
rearrange Euler’s formula shows the SQRT of -1.
In Tetryonics that is a positive linear momentum (of an inverse charge).
It is a real linear momentum; same as for SQRT of 1.

The geometry can show what the maths cannot see.
The electric and magnetic are 90-egrees our of phase.
That is what the bar graph in the middle shows.
180-degree phase changes reverser the charges.

The top shows the quadrature waves of Euler’s formula.
It represents the geometry of the photons in EM waves.
The magnetic vector has 1 direction, although formed by dipoles.
It is about the phase relationship in EM waves.

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26.03 details Euler’s formula for - charged Bosons; with equilateral geometry.
The outcome is the same, regardless of the size/scale.
It is always an equilateral geometry, Pi.
A Boson is 1Pi; the linear momentum is a real value The SQRT).

Fort the first time you can seen SQRT of -1 is a real value

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O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

26.14 shows the charge field in equilateral geometry.
This applies for Bosons and Photons (coupled Bosons)>
The field expands, changing the energy and wavelength of the EM wave.
That creates the inverse squared number Laws.

It results from the geometry.
This is often drawn as top right.
In Tetryonics geometries are equilateral; see bottom-left.
The same geometry shows the +/-|N/S pattern that is then seen.

26.15 shows the resulting deterministic velocity.
The quanta in the field (Photons/Bosons) define it.
The geometry unifies Newton, Plank, Leibnitz, Einstein, Maxwell, and deBroglie.

The velocity is linked to the field
The SQRT is the energy velocity
The wavelength relate to the linear momentum.
The pink length relates to a blue arrow (wavelength) in Tetryonics.

The m**/s is the coordinate system, for photon propagation.
c**/quantised momentum = frequency.
This goes deeper that physics now knows.
It follows from the geometry.

Likewise omega/c = the length of the momentum.
Frequency * wavelength = c (velocity)
Quanta in a KEM field define the field.
26.16 shows it as the velocity of light in a vacuum

Physics must always be understood in terms of SI units, Dimensions.
This page shows the importance of their connections.
It specifies different modes of involvement/perspective.
Leading to different ways of formulating the same phenomenon.

for EM waves we can relate omega to frequency, to .. Photons in an EM wave.
By the geometry that is a Kinetic Energy Wave.
The quanta and velocity are related>
The diamond shaped photons is the basis of electrical acceleration: electricity

Photons are the quanta of electromagnetic field that will accelerate matter.
Euler’s formulation applies; with the phase relationships, from the geometry.
The frequency and velocity follow from the energy content.
Electric power follows from the geometry of photons.

An EM wave in 26.17 has 64 photons.
longitudinal = photons
transverse = Bosons.
omega/c**2 = charge

Frequency is the inverse of charge
Wave number = inverse of wavelength

Tetryonics shows for physics what mathematics cannot do.
Only the geometry shows the relationship (of squares and equilateral geometries).

26.18 shows the wavelength: omega/c.
In the 2pi geometric field.
The # triangles/c = physical wave lengths.
Relativity erroneously applied that to matter.

The wavelength of matter does not change>
mass energy is Lorentz contracted, Matter is not.

26.19 inverts that to show the wave number (of Planck quanta)
Wave numbers are important; in Rydberg spectral line calculation.
26.20 shows the geometry unifying all energy units.
This is the geometric formulation for EM waves, to be discussed next.

All we need to know follows from the geometry of 26.20.
The kinetic relationship between mass and Matter.
Including the linear momentum
always: 2 Planck quanta, equate to one photon.

Light frequencies arte often bosons not photons
28.01 shows how the KEM field links Bosons and/as Photons.
The photons are seen, thence the colour coding.
The bosons define the energy level of the field.

Bosons can be measured as photons>
Boson addition accelerates the field.
All fields is 28.01 'compress' as energy is added.
It is the Lorentz contraction, with normal distribution.

28.01 bring all info on Photons together.
The Evans magneton, the inbuilt bar magnet
They are their own anti-particle.
They can combine in 2/pi geometries: EM waves.
Their EM energies compound.
Photon/electron interaction empties the energy of the photon.
The velocity of the electron changes accordingly.
Colliding photons will create a large EM wave, or can create mass-matter topologies.
The remainder of the energies goes into the KEM fields.
The # of photons must add up in making up the particles.

A large EM way can be split in smaller fields, or even photons |Photons are mass energy momenta quanta; conservation applies.
The split beams must add up to the original wave.
Photon collision does not necessarily create particles; when it happens charges must be balance in +/-.
Finally: n.hv=hf: the number of Planck quanta = photon frequency in the EM wave. See 26.01

This mathematical relationship is best understood in the geometry.
2hv=hf is the required correction, because 2 bosons form 1 photon.
Tetryonics geometry is the grammar for the mathematics of physics.
Photons are not particles, but energy momenta, waves; not circles but diamond shapes.

the photon geometry shows how fields can be joined.
there are no concentric circles.

This concludes the description for Photons.
Photons are composed of 2 bosons.
They are the invisible quanta that make up fields of force.
The energy can be stored in fields, which will be discussed next.

photon vs. boson is as different as mass versus Matter

= = = =

Photon is NOT a particle, NOT a Tetrahedron/Tetryon
Photon IS a coupling of 2 Bosons.
With that understanding; Planck’s 2hv IS Einstein’s hf.
Also the various theories of EM field 26.15

The equilateral geometry shows how Omega links bosons in forming a photon.
The geometry makes visible what the mathematics can obfuscate.



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