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  • Photons 2: EM Fields
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  1. Photons (1) Photons are not particles but 2D Fields, made of Bosons
  2. Photons (2) Photons and Bosons are ‘at right angles’


Photons were described in the previous talk.
Tetryonics is a geometric representation for physics.
With a stark distinction between mass and Matter.
We already talked about photons as part of EM fields.

00.05 shows a geometry of complexity: triangles within triangles.
It is presented as numbers, but can also represent quantum layer.
That is how quantum jumps and energy levels can be shown, as geometry.
The colour coding is used to represent energy levels.

Every next energy layer has an odd numbers of quanta.
We already explained that ODD=Boson; in this case a W-Boson; per layer.
Adding up odd numbers, as layer, result in squared values, for the total.
That is what physics consistently found: the importance of square, in physics.

In the figure 2n-1 represents deceleration
2N+1 is acceleration; increase of Planck quanta in the field
That is what Newtonian mechanics showed: acceleration/deceleration = shift of quantum level.
Therein Newtonian and Quantum mechanics are seen, in ONE model.

00.06 shifts the perspective to looking at photons.
Previously we focused on left right; now up-down.
In that approach, 2Bosons = 1 Photon.
Thus the field is composed of photons, except for the Bottom row bosons.

00.08 focuses on the linear momentum, with its vector velocity.
It is shown as the height of the field.
It points in the direction of pressure/motion.
The scalar bosons thus combine as a vector velocity: the pink arrow.

Momentum, mass velocity and vector velocity; with a scalar component, mass.
There are 81 quanta, the SQRT is the height or bisector line: 9 triangles.
Here we see the relationships between squares and roots; so important in physics.
This is always a real value; regardless if you regard the from or back of the triangle (+/-)

04.08 shows the coupling of bosons into photons.
The charges cancel out; static EM fields are formed.
The electric components enhance: neutralising the magnetic poles: electrostatic field.
Or, the electric charges neutralise, and the magnetic is enhanced: magnet static field.

It is the geometry that determines the difference; in either case it is a static field.
It can be compared to a bar magnet, which has been detected.
By understanding the geometry, the electric aspect can be explained.
That is what Einstein tried to describe.

The geometry shows more than the mathematics.
04.11 shows how the fields form forces; which can be modelled as photon geometries.
Bosons combine as Photons; Photons form EM field.
With Coulomb's/Newton's constant therein as already described.

The angular momentum, magnetic/electric field vector can be seen in the geometry.
16.16 shows the relationship between forces and charges.
Fields always combine opposite charges.
27.04 shows the 2N.pi fields as a diamond geometry: a Schrödinger wave function describes the same

The EM field energy can be increased by adding quanta.
In the diamond shape, it is seen as an increase in photons.
that is what we know as the electromagnetic field.
Of every kind: thermal, radiative, ..

These diamond fields radiate out; the transverse cross-sections show as Bosons.
That is the traditional model of an electrostatic field (with circular gradient).
However, there are also magnetic components; as is seen in the triangle representation>
Tetryonics this shows more detail; up to or from the quantum level.

The equilateral geometry shows the electric and magnetic components.
The indigo components show  up as a Torus; as seen in many publications.
It is only half of the picture; thence the infectivity of the technology.
The torus models the electric, but ignores the magnetic; both are relevant.

The photon distribution stays the same; a normal distribution.
Energy increase add quanta and increases radiation>
The photon arrangement is seen; for bosons it would be orthogonal.
Increase of energy decreases the size of the photon: Maxwell's compressibility or Lorentz contraction.

That compressibility forms pressure is power.
27.05 shows the principle as an EM wave.
With forces resulting from the SQRT of the energy in the field>
The Linear Momentum is perceived as sine waves.

The magnetic vector is from South to North; and must also be depicted.
The Magnetic vector A (south -> North) is shown in the wave as reversing.
As shown for the photons, this is not the view in Tetryonics.
instead there is a magnetic dipole; which is more explicit than a magnetic vector.

That is shown bottom-right>
With oscillating electric field; and alternating magnetic field.
"The electric oscillates: the magnetic alternates".
This important in applying Euler's formula; and designing solar panels ...

27.06 compares the wave notation to Tetryonic n notation>
The geometry shows more clearly than the mathematics how the Planck quanta create the measured effects.
The alternating electric and oscillating magnetic can be distinguished in the Tetryonic representation.
And be interpreted in terms or circles, and is usually taught in school style physics.

On the left hand side the details can be seen as shown in Tetryonics.
The proper representation of the transverse waveform is made explicit.
It is the result of the EM fields; as playing with the Tetryonic Templates.
It requires hands on experience.

27.07 shows how different the insight is that Tetryonics offers.
It shows that and how the Transverse and longitudinal waves are connected.
They are in 90-degree difference; but have the same geometry.
The difference matters with respect of the direction of motion.

The linear momentum is up-down versus the left-right velocity.
The wave is orthogonal versus the motion: a particle will move up-down, as done in radio waves.
In an antenna the electrons move up and down, and energy is lost at a distance.
Tesla studied the longitudinal waves: which is co-linear with the direction of propagation.

When the wave and propagations align, a charge is not oscillated ('shaken') but accelerated (displaced).
That is different from what was described by Tesla and applied by Herts.
Tesla studies the waveform that Nature and the stars use.
In ignoring that half of the nature of the EM field is lost.

Tesla could not explain what he found; the theory was lacking.
Tetryonics shows what happens, and how physical effects are 'at right angles'.
Eric Dollard and others work with this and show this.
But because it is 'at right angles', conventional physics can/does not measure it.

What the maths seems to show is this geometry.
The forces are different; with respect to the direction of motion.
It can be  thought of as a point source creating the EM field.
27.07 show the geometry of the field; multiplexed.

You can see the orthogonal component in the magnetic fields.
The electric and magnetic are at right angles in the plank quantum>
In the geometry it is easy to see.
In mathematics it is very difficult to describe this.

27.08 shows how Tesla made his waves from spark gaps.
They were less used because of the crackle noise.
Suppressors were used, and RLC circuits used instead.
Transverse waveforms are measured in frequencies; longitudinal waved (discharges) as a voltage.

Tesla described the voltage per (dis)charge.
Frequency = up-down = transverse
voltage = sideways = longitudinal.
EM field and spectral lines are usually longitudinal...

27.09 shows the geometry; where photons form a chain.
This makes it possible to exert action at a distance.
As voltage, photons can exert forces; see 27.10
Wheatstone's experiments showed that this propagates at speed faster than light.

The linear momentum travels faster than c; not the light.
The impulses move faster, not the light.
Thus energy is limited to the speed of light (Relativity)
Linear momentum can travel faster; due to photon field geometry.

Thus the known effect, ignored in the theory, is now explained.
27.11 looks at the effect of a DC discharge; and the connection between fields, over distance.
Electrostatic e-fields interact by linear momentum; faster than light.
Information transfer is thus instantaneous over distance as Newton described.

Einstein’s model is limited to the speed of light.
Earth would thereby react to where the sun was  8.5 minutes ago.
This problem in Einstein’s theory is often 'conveniently ignored'>
Tetryonic showed what Newton described; of action regardless of distance.

27.12 plots the field polarisation>
The SQRT in the direction of the direction of propagation.
The longitudinal field can be polarised; rotated over 90-degrees.
This can be used for encoding information of selective energy action.

27.13 compares Tesla versus Hertz; to-and-fro versus up-down.
Hertz waves shake; Tesla wave move.
Spark gap discharges can be felt; (and circulate air)
Transverse wave do not have that effect.

27.14 shows how transverse waves can be polarised; with the SQRT linear momentum at right angle to the direction of motion>
information can be stored in the EM and magnetic orientations.
The encoding of information in waves is shown in 27.15.
Information and motion can therein be transmitted in a much more integrated matter.

Our body makes use of these differences in phase.
The Sun is a source operating by these principles.
27.16 shows the photo-electric effect: how waves activate a photon.
This changes the KEN field; alternating it corresponding with/to the applied force.

The electron has to give up the energy in the KEM field; oscillating up-down in its position.
The energy is radiated out; that is  how now transverse waves are created.
The Planck quanta of voltages are released; and propagate as transverse waveform.
At the receiver the energy is used to accelerate electrons in an antenna, inducing an amplifiable AC wave.

Transverse waves are less efficient.
27.19 shows why; by the 90-degree phase change between Tesla and Hertz waves.
Tesla waves have immediate action at a distance.
Hertz wave relay information, not energy.

38.01 shows a complex wave function, observed by different perspectives.
Voltages, charges, frequencies (wave number) or (quantum) forces.
All these approaches can be combined, as mass-velocity or linear momentum, squared.
Again: squared numbers of quanta, in the fields (or, with half the number, as photons).

The EM field has changing electric and magnetic geometries, at right angles.
They are connected by the photon geometry: the geometry of the EM fields.
The energy distribution is shown bottom-right.
The lowest probabilities are far right/left; and always add up to 1.

Bosons, photons, energy momentum, frequency, wavelength, SQRT energy momentum and more are united in the one geometry

We seen the electric and magnetic, longitudinal and transverse, photon and boson.
These relationships are best described by Euler’s-equation; with the geometry of charged fields.
With this geometry, the mathematics of Euler is represented by a geometry.
The sines and cosines are resultant of the field in motion "Euler = EM-field".

38.04 shows why laboratory measurements are often confused.
Bosons and photons are confused (just like mass and Matter are confused).
Confusing Bosons with Photons is like saying 1=2...
An EM-field can best be described by the unified field equation of Tetryonics.

If the number N is odd, it is about Bosons; is even it is about photons.
The bosons are charge and force carriers, underlying all motions in physics.
Bosons are triangles, photons are diamonds; they as 2D, mass, without Matter.
They are IMMATERIAL; they are NOT Matter; but are real forces.

38.05 compares boson geometries with photon geometries.
It results in the geometry of EM waves.
With 2 Bosons for every photon.
And the transverse versus the longitudinal, complementing each other.

38.08 shows that complementarily.
It depends on the direction of measurement, what you find.
You can rotate the field (Tesla versus Hertz).
The field distribution is seen in 38.09

The boson distribution is different from the photon distribution.
The colour coding can be used to superimpose the information, in the picture in the middle.
The position of the photon, and the distribution, is made explicit.
The boson quantum levels; photon distribution, probability wave, linear momentum (vector velocity) can all be measured.

The waves/frequencies of voltage/energy pertain to transverse versus longitudinal.
The classical picture is shown in 38.10; with geometries of +/1 replacing peaks and troughs.
Bosons combined are measured as photons.
The same field is perceived different, depending on how it is measured.

KEM field in EM fields can be shown, as depicted on the bottom.
Identical particles can then be regarded differently.
Left, the energy, right the motion.
wherein 2hv corresponds with hf.

The distributions and probabilities renormalise to 1.
39.0s explains what Thomas Young observed.
the waves are equilateral plane masses of energy; in 2D.
it is a measurement of force fields; photons are NOT 3D.

Later we can look at the distributions.
The probabilities of 38.09 of the photons mapped not as circles but as field intensities.
Interference patterns can thereby be explained.
39.08 shows that; with the highest intensity in the middle of the field.

The number of bosons decreases from the pink arrow midline to the side.
And results in a normal distribution; a bell curve, as measured.
that is what photographs and photon detectors make us of.
But it is quantised, thus these will be bands, at every energy level transition.

39.09 depicts the superposition; the interference patterns.
Ranging from a single photon to a full field overlap, the maximum, creating an interference pattern.
The geometry of the number pattern is the shape of the interference pattern.
Superposition has 'amplification and suppression'; as consequence of the geometry.

If it is perceived as 1 field or 2 depends on the separations.
39.10 shows the distribution of a KEM field; associated with a particle.
Truncating the field in a small aperture forms a new EM field (ghost hologram) with reduced energy quanta.
The frequencies will be less, the wavelength longer, because quanta were stripped from the KEM field.

Again, discerning particles (Matter) and waves (fields) is essential.
The photon/boson distribution explains Young’s double/single slit experiment.
29.11 shows the 'sideband truncation' in a double slit setting.
Resulting in the measured distribution of quanta of the Ghost Image (reconfigured truncated EM field)

The measured values are seen on the right; again a Gauss curve.
By the EM field (around a particle) being redistributed.
Instead of circles, equilateral geometries represent the measured findings.
Showing that Tetryonics can describe and explain what measurement show.

How electron acceleration (quantum chances) in nuclei create spectral lines.

Physics will be well off in seeing how bosons and photons are linked.
By seeing the geometry; the logic can shows the coherence.
As with mass and Matter, it is between Bosons and Photons.
They are different; and exist in a 90-degrees phase change

Add polarisation, and the mathematical complexity becomes large while the geometry remains simple



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