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Photons 4

We will recapitulate the interaction of photons with Matter.
It is in fact a generalisation of what we know as Interference Fields.
The energy momenta of Photons can therein be understood.
With the purpose of being able to apply it also as technology.

The following insights are embedded in my books. But often implied.
Here we will bring it out, starting with the EM fields: image 12.01
Boson, also as photons, are mass energies, as force fields.
These are the forces that move Matter, in all manners.

All forms of energy are force fields; with specific geometries.
67.03 shows the geometry of the field, and how energy changes affect it.
These fields are immaterial, yet 'visible' in Tetryonics.
By knowing the geometry, we can discern between 2D mass and 3D Matter.

We can see the geometry of mass energy, and physics, 'in a new light'.
Photons 2 described the fields, Photons 3 described the colours of light.
We can now look at how triangles on the desktop model the fields of force.
And how these field affect Matter, and its internal/external motion.

We can also look at the internal reorganisation; as information in formation.
That is where we can see the informatics; which we can link to biology.
We can also look for technology, as shown in 69.08.
It is described in c**4 spatial coordinate; for field interactions.

Fields have coordinates c**2; Newton called them seconds-squared.
It is a quadrature vector system.
now that we can see the immaterial fields between material forces, we can see what the forces are.
We can also see why change of one object will move another object; even at a distance.

The change of the object changes the field.
Not the change of the object creates the motion of another object.
It is the underlying fields, in interaction, that move the objects.
As in electrical theory: the electrical forces can move the Matter of a conductor.

The field propagates at the speed of light.
once the field is created, electrons can be accelerated.
What we see as the flow in a conductor, we see as the linear momentum in the field.
Newton and Coulomb used that as the forces in their (very similar) equations.

Once the field exists, the matter will be moved.
That holds for the Sun and Earth; and for Atoms and electrons.
The linear momentum transfers information faster than light.
As long as the field is intact, information is instantaneous.

Now we can explain the equations of Newton and Coulomb.
And link it to the (special) relativity of Einstein.
In Special Relativity (SR) the equations apply to mass, NOT TO MATTER.
Lorentz Contraction applies to mass only (EM fields), NOT TO MATTER.

SR applies to mass-energy; GR (General Relativity) applies to Matter Topologies.
We are dealing with the (underlying) electromagnetic field around matter.
See 69.05. showing the Bosons, Lorentz contraction, quanta distribution, and the Newton/Coulomb force equation.
mass-energies (photons and bosons) are distinct from 3D Matter topologies.

Einstein did not know the equilateral geometries; and described mass/energy/inertia as a gradient in space.
In Tetryonics we can refine and correct that approach.
Many misconceptions can thereby be corrected.
The Tetryonic eBooks show that, in their order.

11.05 addresses the glue balls; the gluons in the conventional physics.
Therein bosons are seen as a binding particle.
All properties of the gluons apply to the neutral Tetryon.
Combined with charged Tetryons, they form all the particles and matter in nature.

All are based on Planck Quanta.
The Gluons, as neutral Tetryons, can act as dielectric between charged particles.
Then up or anti-up quarks can be formed.
Or the down and anti-down; and the neutrinos (3 gluons connected via the weak force). See 11.05.

The charged fascia are known as the Higgs Bosons.
The weak forces are the links via the edges of the Planck Quanta.
We can combine particles of neutral Tetryons (Gluons).
Let's call them Glue balls; by their neutral charge they appears as if neutrons.

The only difference between Neutronium and neutrons is in the topologies.
We can even create an Icosahedral structure of 20 neutral; particles.
That would be the closest approximation of a (neutral) sphere.
All these particles point to a new class of Matter; with matter and antimatter supplemented by a neutral form of Matter

Deuterium is a quantum rotating convertor.
This neutral Matter, a 3rd class of matters, may be what makes up neutrons stars.
Therefore in Tetryonics it is called Neutronium.
They are unaffected by +/- electric fields.

There is an asymmetry in charged/polarised matter.
In Neutronium the +-&-- are in balance.
That means there is another way to form Matter: see 11.06;.
In Tetryonics these are Charge Balls; composed of charged Tetryons.

Gluons create Neutronium.
Charge balls create charged masses
Down and anti-down may have already been found, but not discerned.
The inertial content and Higgs Bosons would show the different form of Matter.

We can create Matter by bending electromagnetic fields.
Tetryonics 3 years ago already showed how Matter forms from fields.
And how there are different forms of matter to be accounted for: Neutronium, and Charge Balls.
This is not something that the standard model can offer.

Light plays a role in electrical energies.
It is a 'carrier wave' for the EM-fields.
In Tetryonics this helps understand the flow of EM between Matter.
And how Matter is accelerated by the fields around it.

We saw that we can understand spectral lines, without the Bohr model.
22.04 shows how we can look at EM fields; the Poynting vector fields.
It is the direction of the field of force; and the EM field components.
Any amount of quanta (Bosons/Photons) create an electrostatic change.

In Batteries, as charged plates.
In photons, the charges are connected.
The circuit between the charges creates a stabilising field.
The electrical momenta propagate in both directions...

Bearden describes it as the Work energy of a generator;
The work separates the charges.
KEM fields are the field in motion.
Photons fields are stored charges in the field.

Always, the correct formulation must be used.
When a circuit is closed, the charge spreads and creates a field around the conductor.
With corresponding vector fields of force; and voltage in the conductor.
Once that field exists, free charges (electrons) ca be acted upon, and be set in motion.

The energy momenta of the Planck quanta act on the charges.
Electrons move from - to + via the circuit.
Protons move from the source to the sink; the other way around.
The currents mirror each other and arise from the Plank field geometry.

The field creates the voltage creating the current; all at 90-degree phase difference.
The KEM fields act as Bohr Magnetron; in Matter there will be greater resistance.
This can involve change changes in Matter; with release of bosons as heat, or of Photons as Light.
In the case of resistance that representation is correct.

We can join streams of dipoles; and the charges in that stream.
The fields accelerate the particles;
That is the basis of electromagnetic theory
See 23.09: the difference between charge and Amperes

In Tetryonics, Coulombs are 2D charged mass energies.
It is the KEM field of energy momenta; physical or magnetic.
It is a charge geometry: that is what Coulomb refers to.
You can abolish the SI units and replace it by kg.seconds.

Matter will be accelerated in a charged fields.
That defines AMPS: the charge topologies/second.
It is how much matter moves part a reference point per second.
It is 3D Topology; thus Matter

coulomb is mass; kg.s
Amperes is Matter; Kg

With this in mind, Planck’s heat law can be understood.
It represents the superposition of different wavelengths/colours.
Each is made up of Planck Quanta
Black Body Radiation is composed of this.

The ultraviolet and infra-red are seemingly separate.
They are linked by the mass-Matter interaction; in the spectrum of light.
The Light Spectrum is the 2D mass versus 3D Matter interaction.
That is called the radiative field of heat (bosons) and light (Photons)

38.02 shows the boson/photon distribution.
The frequencies have associated wavelengths.
Adding heat, increased the frequencies.
It is the reorganisation between transverse and longitudinal waves.

All of this can be unified by the use of Euler's equation: 38.03.
It helps understand why solar panels are so inefficient.
Look how the waves operate quadrature.
With a 90-degreed phase shift; longitudinal and transverse.

The electric and magnetic fields are 90-degrees out of phase.
When one wave end another will begin.
The first photon starts the wave cycles; continuation required sequentially linked photons.
That creates the wave train; with oscillating/alternating electric/magnetic vectors.

There are two phase changes in addition to the classical formulation.
Doubling the field complexifies this even more.
The waveform becomes more complex; but the principles remain the same.
That insight can be used to create more efficient solar panels.

Solar cells can only be effective is the tap this photon field geometry.
It must tap into the waves and anti-waves;
(Remember, photons are self-annihilating).
Bypass this by calculating wavelength and lateral displacement of these waves.

(Or use mirrors to map them into their phase complement form).

Discern the phases,
Tap them separately
convert each separate channel.
Then bring the charges together.

Solar cells that become hot are inefficient.

Solar cells can be placed as harmonics; forming a lattice at the physical level.
It requires engineering at the photon length level.
Only then can solar panels become 100% efficient.
making use of the Tetryonic understanding of fields.

Tetryonics shows that atoms are Deuterium nuclei.
they are quantum synchronous converters.
The electron is the flywheel that can store the information.
It is a battery; at the atomic level.

  • Tetryonics 60.11 - Quantum Convertors.jpg
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The Atom is NOT a round ball; it is a quantum battery.
They are quantum-engineering structures.
The energy is mass energy stored in a Matter topology.
Adding mass=inertia it increases the weight.

Deuterium nuclei can be put in series and in parallel; as any battery.
Atoms operate as quantum batteries.
Voltages are the field strengths.
They can be put side to side, or one after the other.

Deuterium Nuclei (Deutrons) are energy modules.
Everything e know about batteries, applies to Deutrons.
Cars can be powered by deuterium nuclei.
Just as any electrical appliance can run off batteries,

Every battery can be replaced by atoms,
Using the P vs NP insights, different atoms represent different voltages (energy levels).
Combinations of energy levels can be combined, in a meaningful manner.}
Energy and information are therein immediately connected.

1 gram deuterium can power any appliance.
Using atoms wisely, the material of which it made is its source of/for power.
We can mate Tetryonic models of Deuterium to help achieve this.
And make Material models to operate this Tetryon energy device.

We can replace platinum as standard of mass of matter.
Deuterium, without the electron, will be the norm for 1 kg weight.
We van store mass energy in Matter; as the N1-N8 electron in it.
And get the energy out, as heat (Bosons), or as colour (photons).

Sonoluminescence is explained by Tetryonics.
Forces can collapse a matter topology; and release the energy as light and heat.
60.14 shows how focused energy can act on matter, collapsing it form 3D to 2D
the liberated 2D energies are then radiated out.

Sonoluminescence used sound to pressurise water to collapse and radiate light.
QM and QED could not explain that.
Tetryonics explains it as 3D collapsing into 2D.
Later we can look into more elaborate aspects of this.

In general this is how stars operate.
that is where we see that we need to correct the theories of Fusion.
60.15 shows how Bosons and Photons act in Cold Fusion
It requires understanding of chemical charge interactions: 42.03

The topology of electrons is icosadodecahedral; not spheres.
A Neutron has + and - charges; thence it can interact with charges.
Compare this to the concept of deuterium batteries, presented above.
charged geometries also operate at the chemical particle level.

Matter, in all its forms, is an energy density: local focal energy..
The atom is a matter topology; with associated charges.
All elements are formed of quantum deuterium.
Requiring the need to create a new periodic table of elements.

There are NO excess neutrons to account for weight differences.
The Z numbers do not reflect the proton and electron, but Deuteron.
Uranium was believed to have packed neutrons.
Tetryonics shows that the largest element, with 120 Deuterium nuclei, has equal amounts of protons, neutrons and electrons.

The molar mass matches.
All particles (proton, neutron, electron) are deuterium based.
The differences are based on the energy that is stored.
The molar masses in atoms are a straight line.

Hyperfine splitting and spectral lines are accounted for in Tetryonic theory.
Energy level differences are by changes in the stored energies.
For the rest; Tetryonics accounts for all findings in physical chemistry.
That can be applied to cold fusion.

The larger atoms can more readily release energy.
Combining suitable elements they can release their stored KEM energies as light and heat.
Ponds and Fleishman presented accurate findings; dogma of established science could not explain that.
In fact their findings were right; it was not fusion but cascaded fission.

Fissioning Palladium into Krypton was an easy process; as Tetryonics explains.
it was not fusion but fission.
That process was not in agreement with current explanation.
Tetryonics now offers an explanation which concurs with the findings.

The current model would need neutron release for this energy release.
Tetryonics shows there are no excess neutrons.
And there is no fusion, but fission.
Fission is not a realistic model.

Tetryonics is based on Deuterons.
And energy release stems from Matter collapsing into mass/force.
That is best seen in the concept of a Pinch: a coherent charge field.
This is how starts operate and radiate energies.

This process weakens the gravitational field.
The black hole model is invalid.
The Pinch collapses matter into energy.
As is applied also in Sonoluminescence.

In the stars, GEM fields are the driving force.
But mass is radiated in the same manner.
GEM pinch is 100% efficient; no by products.
This 200x more powerful than the model of Fusion.

Stars will live 200x longer than now assumed.
It is an indication how s=we can use energy.
it is always about rearranging Planck quanta.
And using it as Bosons or Photons.

We can create practical fusion devices.
We can use Pinch Reactors.
A torroidal field, to convert matter back into energy.
Liberating more energy, without by-products.

Deuterium is mass storage.
The Pinch is Matter to mass converter.
We can build them pocket size.
And collapse radioactive wave out of existence...

We can use the radian mass energy, which comes out as linear waves.
That is what Tesla discussed: instantaneous action at a distance.
It is a means to provide free energy of photons/bosons, with linear momentum.
Receivers can tune into this and use that energy locally.

  • Tetryonics 76.11 - FTL Communications.jpg
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  • Tetryonics 76.12 - Interstellar communication.jpg
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The deuterium quantum battery can replace all batteries.
The wireless technology can replace the need for batteries.
With transfer of real energy from point to point without wires.
Operating by SQRT linear momentum.

The field contains information; energy and information are combined.
All our technology can be converted into Tesla wave technology.
All that is needed is 90-degree phase change.
With elimination of harmful transverse waves from our environment.

Transverse waves create cancers; they oscillate electrons.
They 'overheat' out body; and create noise in body cell communication.
Humanity is being cooked in the electro smog active radio wave field.
In the long term we can use Tesla wave systems instead, for energy and information.

Longitudinal waves can encode information, but also move at a distance.
They operate faster than light; as the theory always implied.
Instantaneous Telecommunication is possible between planets and stars.
No communication delays play a role; al is in real time communication.

Communicating between galaxies opens the possibility to universal learning...
That is how already all life forms communicate, also on earth.
We can still learn to communicate with all life forms on earth, including our own cells.
Which can be result in real understanding of cell life, and healing.

Matter can accept, store, transform and release energy.
The spectrum of light shows that, and how this takes place.
We can base our energy understanding/use on that basis.
it is formulate in the relationship between mass and Matter, as Tetryonics describes.

  • Clean limitless energy.jpg
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It starts by understanding the Planck quanta.
It is the basis of how the universe is created, according to quantum physics, in the core: the Planck quantum


we spoke about the invisible component of physics.
The geometries of mass-Matter; and thus 2D versus 3D
We now see how they interlink and interact.
It is the interplay between travelling waves and standing waves

It is also propagation and storage of energy.
With radiation and colours, connected.
We must change our technology 90-degrees, from Hertz to Tesla.
We can tune into the field and harvest energy from it.

Skin pigments tune our body to energy, for harvesting.
Our bodies also incorporate the longitudinal waves.
Now we cook ourselves in transverse waves.
Fortunately we have the knowledge now to correct that.

We can get cells to split via a DC pulse; a spark discharge.
Thence cells can duplicate
Neurones operate by discharges: longitudinal waves.
90-degrees out of phase of the now sickening radio wave technology.

Luckily technology is out of phase with biology.
Luckily Tetryonic technology can heal our energy and information uses.
Physics still regards fire as the source of motion.
Tetryonics looks at how Planck quanta form and drive all Matter.

We are on the verge of a Technological revolution.
With energy and information connected

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