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1) Radio Activity

2) Radio Active effects on cells

3) Active Radio

4) Radionics

I learned electrical theory as it was taught, by rote.
Many use water as a metaphor for modelling electricity (instead of v.v. ...).
In tetryonics i could play with it as tetrahedra.
I could model the proton and neutron, build atoms, and understand electricity.

Physics cannot explain what creates electrical charge.
It can describe what charges do; and has formulae for electricity and magnetism.
QED is considered to be the best theory ever; but the numbers are off.
QED nevertheless confuses mass and matter; geometry versus topology.

Children can already learn to tell them apart.
“Quanta as points in space generate electromagnetic field; fanning out”.
The +/- Planck quanta, line up forming patterns; sine waves and energies.
You can see it in microwave ovens and unstable atoms.

We can describe it; how it creates and stores motion, using Maxwell Laws.
There is a vast technology based on .. the very nebulous concept in physics.
As a result the mechanics is not well understood, with toxic side effects.
In Tetryonics you can read how it works in the end of the book of chemistry.

RF, radio-frequency fields, are covered in the 2nd book on electricity: QED.
It is about making energy manageable.

Tetryonics models electrons, en every existing atomic element.
It shows that the model of radio-activity is flawed.
Beyond elements of number 60, +&- lacks free neutrons to allow for bonding.
Uranium is atom 92, the z-number of protons and electrons.

For uranium, the mass is 255 elements of matter; of which 92 protons and 92 electrons.
This 143 neutrons are required to make up the number.
In tetryonics i followed the logic of the tetrahedra, the grammar of the math.
Physically, there is no space of 143 neutrons.

In tetryonics it all starts with deuterium atoms; with varying energy levels;
In uranium, it is up to level 6; as described by the Schroedinger equation.
It models the properties of all elements; for uranium it is 1 to 6.
Thus there are 6 atomic shells, in the Mendelyev table.

Tetryonic shows that 92 deuterium adds quanta per level.
This follows the squares, for the charge per facia.
The math shows that with 93 deuterium nuclei in 6 level, that's it.
The energy levels affect the energy level of the electron bindings.

Say the electron spins at level 1 with quantity 1, and 6 for level 6..
They spin faster and faster for the more charged levels; they break away as beta particles.
It is based on the energy levels/shells, known since the 1950's

It is all about acceleration of the electrons, far from the core.
They are less bonded, this can break away.
Even the deuterium can break away, but in a different manner.
The deuterium will recombine to Helium; as Alpha decay; with electromagnetic radiation.

Tetryonics resolves the extra neutrons and ties in with the Schroedinger calculations.
This can be applied for all atoms, and their electron spin orientation.
it unifies all atoms, radio-active or not.
It is all about understanding the energy level dynamics.

The energy that come out is correct but misinterpreted in the Einstein equation.
It does not discern mass en energy; understand how matter is converted.
M/cc to get the right energy levels.
By understanding the geometry, the energy mechanics can be corrected.

Deuterium elements are quantum synchronous converters.
They store energy as mass; akin to a gyroscope.
The topology matters, literally.
The deuterium nuclei recognise that they are quantum synchronous convertors.

They can spin up electrons to higher/lower level; seen as spectral lines.
The ebooks describe this.
It is about energy storage in mass, as matter.
Deuterium, not hydrogen is the building block of matter.

Tetryonics shows it as colours, hotter is lighter, just as used in chackra colours.
It is a principle of a spinning top, stacked up.
Nuclear reactors heat water to drive a turbine.
Until the energy drops down ans is replaced.

That is radioactivity.
Fission is simply the energy, of a neutron KEM field, added to an atom>
That makes the atom unstable; it needs to loose the energy.
The shape of the uranium atoms explains it in its unique dumbbell shape, which can split and shatter.

In shattering, all deuterium nuclei N8 tends to breaks down to N1, in fractions of a second.
This rips down the neighbouring particles; see the details in the books.

The radian energy, and radio field are contained in the atoms; the synchronous quantum converter.
It can be stored in the mass (when added) if it fits the equilateral geometry.
Another way is to increase the electron spin: at the proper energy levels.
It will operate the photo electric effect; and is frequency dependent.

An odd number of quanta is needed as Planck discovered and Einstein described.
Photons come in quanta; and the proper quantum is required to get to the next level.
The Tetryonics QED book has 50 pages on the mathematics and equilateral geometries.
It is all about odd numbers, for quantum leaps.

While bonded to the atom it leaps in quanta.
When free, any energy can affect it.
Heat and light can be understood in their interaction.
We now can understand that mass (Deuterium nuclei) affects electron rotation speed.

That was the beginning of radio wave transmission.
Humphrey used electromagnetic induction.
Discharge sparks were the starting point of radio wave creation.
Maxwell combined it with Gauss and Lentz’s laws to form his laws.

Hertz measured the transverse waves, now named after him.
Tesla created AC electricity; which now drives our culture.
His research on Longitudinal waves (of spark gap discharges) was fundamental.
Hertz ignored what Tesla had shown hum and set back science a century.

There is a 90-degree difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.
Up-down is Maxwells transverse wave; used in radio communication.
Left-right is the longitudinal wave (; this needs to be corrected in science.
The linear momentum in the waves (in the equilateral element) is the hight of the triangle.

Einstein showed the photo-electric effect; bonding of odd number quanti in nuclei.
Colour is important (as a key in a lock) for the electron level leap.
The originally spark gap (electrical discharge) was the basis of Morse code.
Sparks were created, in the Morse system, to generate sparks at a distance.

Spark Gaps were replaced by oscillators and transistors.
That went away from Tesla's approach ending the longitudinal waves.
They were only used in sparks of generators.
And the development of longitudinal waves stopped.

The radio wave propagation is different: in the electron notion in the antenna.
We now use transverse waves, as described in Maxwell theory.
Tesla showed that discharge creates something else than electrons.
He called it radiant energy, of longitudinal wave (with linear momentum which, rotated 90 degrees, does  not oscillate the electricity up-down, but move them left-right: a push.)

The advantage is that it is more efficient for energy transfer.
It aligns the linear momentum; a train chain.
That allows information transfer faster than light.
Modern technology makes no use of Tesla's insight, but use transverse waves only.

Micro wave ovens should be shielded; verify that it is the case and no radiation leaks out.
It uses radio waves moving electrons up-down in the matter; accelerating/decellerating; craating heat.
Water molecules will start to oscillate, cooking the food.
The same happens with the mobile telephone, transmitting energy in all directions, and into your head.

The mobile phones are safe in receiving; the power is in standby mode till sought out.
The power up signals go into your head, causing cancer: cells being over-energised.
The electrons are stored as matter, creating rampant growth.
Ultimately it will energise itself; at the expense of your body/health.

Statistics are used to lie by engineers paid by profiteers.
Cancer is a side product of use of radio activity and (transverse) active radio.
Anything electrical generates a field; they all add up and we live in it.
Microwave ovens were invented when an engineer melted by a radio wave.

Radio engineers are always warned about radio wave toxicity; the general public is not.
The technology 'convenience' is sold, at the expense of the buyer.
Our body, and soul, is an electromagnetic field; and a magnet will affect your thinking.
The brain is a processor; and electric disturbance affects your consciousness and soul.

The solution is to use what Tesla provided.
Use the spark gap discharge and longitudinal waves.
They pass though us; and move electrons instead of exciting them.
And it allows for the transmission of energy; Tetryonics extends that understanding.

Tesla had no direct theory; Einstein did.
An entire field of electromagnetic fields can be used.
The fields that cause diseases can be abolished.
Nuclear energy can be replaced by star energy.

It gets rid of material an immaterial pollution.
Use the bottom-up approach, of tetryonics.
Read the ebooks for details.

All findings in science are valid.
All that is needed is to link them up.
Maxwell and Heaviside quaternions are not enough.
Tetryonics integrate the theory with the practice.

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