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  d.d. 2014.03.21

How do radio fields in cells and bodies and humanity tie in?

Starting with triangles i found tetrahedra and saw how energy forms Matter.
In looking at the chemistry, the triangles 1) form structures 2) form fields.
These are triangular moving (KEM) field, stored energy of motion.
Like a boat moving over water.

In atoms an extra effect comes in: Brownian motion the the gaseous KEM fields.
Added to the atomic 'heat' that created BEM fields.
CF Kem vs Bem and Boson vs Photons.
BEM fields are complexes; and the 'added value' which we know as life.

KEM fields are unorganised; the forces cancel out, yet it has energy.
As a netral BEM field there will be a dipole: north and south.
This results as static matter or matter with mutual attractions.
It is shown as a halo, as drawn in the 3D atomic models.

In quantum mechanics, relating photon s to EM fields, same here.
BEM fields can combine to larger electromagnetic field, with many photons.
This means that it is a quantised scalar field (A region with a generalised value).
Tetryonics shows how the quantised component has the same geometry at different scales.

We  can build  up electromagnetic waves by adding photons.
In our body we do the same: amplifying the BEM fields.
While it is neutral, you will not easily detect it (Soul, etc.)
Each cell has it own inherent BEM field; as thence do organs, body parts and such.

The form of the larger field is unique but based on the same geometry.
Same for difference between people; variations on the same form/principle.
Every body is different due to differences in food, activities, context, self-sensing.
This nourishes the field; ever dynamic, with different system dynamics (muscle/circulation, ...).

Every body therein is unique.

With the scalar BEM field (not the quantum BEM field) 'is' our soul.
It correlates how the energy is distributed in our body.
Hupothesis: this follows standard energy distributions.
Now as 'cloud computing' scalar/scaleable BEM fields.

It is not just a bundle of energy, but also a bunch of information.
The brain is enclosed to keep it dark: to process a light field.
It receives sensory stimulation; and enacts our consciousness on the body electric field.
The Bemfield directs/corrects the brain to correct/direct the body.

The brain is a quad core computer: front, left, right, rear; at multiple level.
The BEM information field also stores our memory; as also in amoeba.
It is around and in the body; not part of the physical body.
We need to look for that and measure that, to get to understand that.

There are many examples of intelligent thinking people 'without brain'.
We must look for the information field itself, beyond the physical body.
The brain field has large amount of quanta, with many orientations.
Equilateral fields will have the effect of reducing bodily weight.

That is why we know 'dead weight'; the uplift of the coherent field is 'lost'.
Some people suggest that it is 27 grams; a hard disk worth of planck quanta.
For what is see tetryonics can help to see what the links may be.
With microscopic bem field scaled up to macroscopic.

In the same way humanity with 7 billion people have different but similar BEM fields.
All these fields are interrelated, and intermingled; also in/via sex and birth.
Psychic links may well be via the coupling between BEM fields.
In twins this is a much better noticed/studied phenomenon of information sharing.

With more people these fields become more interwoven, and interlinked.
It is a scaling from quantum principles upward: triangles within triangles.
With tetryonics, the immaterial can be better understood (thence the material).
Matter is an electromagnetic field; look at that, not the matter.

Fermions are the result of the forces.
They give us all we perceive.
Tetryonics helps understand how and why.
The interaction is more encompassing than science describes.

Gravity can now be understood as a 3-fold force.
It is only one example of the levels of complexity in the universe.
From EM to BEM to CEM (Cosmic) is but a logical step.

Human BEM field orientations [800x600].jpg

Our mind knows of the telepathic communication of our body cells.
Our body knows of the collective information sharing in humanity.
But the mind doe not know what the body knows ...
Can Tetryonics give ideas on that?

In our body we create a BEM field, and a light fields.
These fields radiate out; as many light years as you are old.
All our EM fields are interact.
One second after birth your field already spans Earth.

Attunement is best with people with more share frequencies..
Our body is a batery operated radio system; the coil is the soil.
The field expands, continuously, weaker at greater distance.
Via meditations we can learn to tune our fields; enhance its coherence.

Healers are better to change/tune their frequencies.
As a result they can better match transmitter to receiver.
You change the inductance and capacitance; and amplify and filter.
Twines and people with shared experiences are better at doing that.

it takes 1 second to communicate from one side of the planet to the other.
BEM fields are polarised in the human body:
Men have a South pole in their head.
Women have a North pole in the head.

Without tetryonics we would still focus on the physics.
Now we can start to stop ignoring the immaterial.
Known that Matter =/= mass/inetria =/= energy.
Metaphysical is now simply meta-physical; as the word implies.

Energy is immaterial; photons as example in case.
The biology shows that physics is limited.
We need to look beyond it: meta-physics.
We find the link in the electromagnetic fields, that Form physics.

"litteral word of god"
is the same as
energy = mass/inertia = Matter

make the models.
See the patterns.
Get to know their names.
And play with the forms you can form.

The teryonic models explain the enegy levels.
It fits the theory and the measuytements.
But shows the topology which forms it.
And helps understand the dynamic.



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