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The electromagnetic basis of the universe.

Start by understanding the basics.
Nikola Tesla: "the day the world recognises the immaterial, progress wil start".
Tetryonics builds physics from the ground up: quanta.
Instead of using mathematical formulae.

Imagine this thought experiment: a closed box with something in it.
Everybody feels something else; different parts of the animal within.
Each individual sensation and perception is accurate.
But only together can people compose the complete image.

Scientists do the same, in physics, and in science as a whole.
Only when you open the box can you see what animal was in the box.
Then all the models can be corrected; and elimination of false assumptions can take place.
This process has taken place already since Egyptian/Greek/Roman times.

Newton in his way 'peered into the box'.
As a result he was able to show more direct understanding.
As a result al the separate insights were connected, and corrected.
In his case by using abstract notation to create mental models.

That, we now call the scientific process.
We start with an idea, Hypothesis, mentally explore it to come to an understanding: a Theory.
That theory then is tested, to see if idea and experience can be made match.
Whenever this was found to be the case, the theory was called a Law.

In the 20th century this became more complex, when deeper insight was gained.
Physics was replaced by molecules replaced by atoms.
The invisible thereby came in the place of the physical.
The mathematics seemed to work well enough as scaffolding/bridge.

As a result mathematicians now explore how we can think and what we can describe.
Mathematics has become a discipline by itself; abstract, separate from reality.
Quantum mechanics tried to keep the mathematics connected to the physics.
And now it is found that this does not lead to predictable understanding/findings.

Quantum Theory does not work with deterministic cause => effect.
In chemistry already cause <=> effect.
In quantum theory, electromagnetics, cause ><= effect.
In informatics in fact cause === effect.

In school students learn the mathematics of Newton and Planck.
From the physical to the invisible.
Putting reality as a whole into the Box, mentioned before.
Mathematics has become a separate language; but ... is it real?

Newton created the mathematics for what he could see.
Riemann created mathematics for the sake of mathematics.
The mathematics became used to described the imagined goal.
It is called doctoring the data; or projecting expectations.

That is the logical result of having an intangible model.
We can see it in the many hypothetical constructs than comes from mathematics.
Tetryonics has another approach, that gets rid of these assumptions/corrections.
And starts with what we know, as the laws of physics, as we see it.

Thense Tetryonics started with the known proven laws of physics.
First i used squares, then i discovered that triangles worked much better.
In building the triangle is the simplest most stable shape; not circles of squares.
In using triangles, the number Pi is seen to be directly connected to equilateral triangle shapes.

Tetrahedral topologies are well-known, and much information van be based on that.
Tetryonic particle topologies are different, due to the underlying basis.
This is whet tetryonics uses the charges triangles as planck units.
And as able to do the undone: show how the whole universe is composed.

The Old Greeks had good philosophy, but lacked the physical confirmation.
Tetryonics combines the shape of the triangle with the electric and magnetic.
The Greeks had amber, static electricity, and lodestone: magnetic effects.
It was only much later that Maxwell formulated how they are connected.

Modern Physics combines the visible with the invisible.
Mathematics is used to describe the link between.
Tetryonics replaces that by referring to the underlying foundation.
And presents an equilateral triangle, with electric and magnetic characteristics.

In Tetryonics, the geometries shows how the electrics and magnetics can be arranged.
Not the electric charge but the orientation of the North-South dipole determines the charge arrangement.
With a +-side and --side; which can be flipped over.
The top or apex forms the square root; we call it the linear momentum: the energy.

Thus energy is  now directly connected to + & -, N & S (electric, magnetic).
In Tetryonics you can see what shapes that build.
Equilateral triangles can combine in specific ways only; see the books.
The field, of charge interaction, determines the physics.

Tetryonics would have failed if it did not have practical uses.
Tetryonics shows how Bosons form quanta and the physics we know.
It shows the field, partial particle charges, and how they are formed.
And, out of that, the mechanics of the laws of interaction.

Laws of action at proximity and at a distance ...
This can be modelled in Tetryonics; what mathematical physics cannot do.
Feynman realised this and in his understanding look beyond equations.
And sought to understand the planck level of reality forms the reality that we know.

The description of physics is hindered by being limited to description.
What is needed is grips of the basic understanding, from the ground up.
That needs to let go from all preconceptions, but must match all existing findings.
Tetryonics connects the poetry and prose of science by providing a grammar.

Unified Field Theory seeks to understand how everything in reality interconnects.
That can only be dome on basis of the fundamental principles on which it is based.
Tetryonics starts from the Planck unit; with associated electric and magnetic aspects.
Thereby giving a foundation for Quantum Electrodynamics (12 decimal places accuracy).

QED can however not PREDIC the mass of the particles which were already measured, which it describes.
QED theory is retrospective: calculating and formulating what was already known and described.
But it is merely a reformulation of what was already known.
And cannot help get beyond that, by being able to describe its foundation.

As a result QED theory cannot correct the errors on which the theory and experimentation was based.
99% is assumption and speculation: with respect to the axiomatic foundations on which it is said to be based.
But without understanding the foundations, everything based on it is also merely speculation.
This makes these speculations 'articles of faith', as seen in so many different religions.

Many scientists therefore operate by Beliefs; and act on them.
They cannot answer these 3 questions:

    1) what makes charge at the quantum level, what is its role?
    2) What is mass and how is it different from matter?
    3) Why are square numbers to important in physics?

Charge, mass and matter must all be explained.
Only then can be seen how they interrelate/interact.
Without that understanding, no real discussion is possible.
Because formulations will only be conjecture.

Tetryonics shows that the tapestry of mathematical theory is void.
Compare it to the fairy tale of the emperor without clothes.
The 3 questions undress this whole fabric right at the knots.
But only an equilateral triangle is required to put the 3 questions in place.

It was a finding, which is counter-intuitive for people trained in academic science.
In fact, it is more intuitive, because it is much more basic.
If mathematics is the language of physics, geometry is its grammar.
By using the grammar, errors in the language of mathematics can be corrected.

For example: mathematics suggested the existence of Black Hole Physics.
It is an extension of Singularity Theory.
In Tetryonics, Black Holes are not needed.
Where mathematics needs infinities, Tetryonics sees logical coherent patterns.

It is a logical 'circuit breaker' for mathematical speculations.
Beyond 3D, tetryonics shows what the real mechanics are.
For those trained in mathematics, they sometimes become entrenched.
It may require a paradigm shift, reset of the mind-set, to use it.

Universities require to study many forms of mathematics.
Tetryonics asks you to get paper and scissors, and play.
Physical, electric, magnetic and momentum are the basis of the Tetryons.
Which, in combination, form the fields and forces and physics that we know.

By what we learned in the past 400 years, teryonics can now be formulated.
Albeit not in the academic context, where a different mind set is still used.
Tetryonics shows EVERYTHING that physics already knows, integrated.
But now shows that it has one simple logical basis: the simple tetryon.

Development of science now comes from outside of universities.


In selecting the equilateral triangle as core unit, everything known needed to be reinterpreted.
Explaining many of the understandings that now form the basis of understanding in science.
The unit is the triangle, with its two flip sides; and the basis of a computation/calculation system.
With the connection with squares, not seen to be squares or circles, but equilateral triangles.

Tetryonics integrates the physics we know; but also explains the math that was developed.
That is how tetryonics can also integrate and unify different disciplines of science.
That is what we need to bring the science of humanity beyond where it is stuck now.
And create a science which is compatible with the universe, nature and humanity.

Tetryonics show "why probabilities", "when Relativity", "how-so, classical".
All it takes is to play with the triangles, and see the patterns.
Let the geometry guide you; that is what happened to me.
For me, out of that came the books you can find on the internet.

I first wrote the  books, then discovered what is saw wrong.
I had to revise the theory; and had to rewrite all of my books.
Now we can see EM, KEM, BEM and GEM fields.
By which we can now understand gravity, consciousness, life and health.

It is the geometry that explains the connections.
Mathematics is formulated by mathematicians.
Tetryonics is self-explanatory; from the templates.
It is something anybody can do; like i did.

Informatics is the recent big growth field.
Geometry will come to replace it in the future.
Geometry is the scaffolding for our understanding.
Because it describe the universal foundation for it.

This is the essence: the bridge between "information" and "in formation".
The triangle is the basic structural unit in physics; in fact electromagnetic momentum.
You do not need the mathematics to understand how the universe is composed.
Geometry is 'the picture that is better than 1000 words'; it shows the connections.

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