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Tetryonics helps to better understand what was known, and (not (yet)) understood.
But a (new) Theory is only as good as is (new) Practice; which must be Wise.
The power of a theory is that it can help understand what you did not yet understand.
When it no longer does so, a new theory is needed€¯

Here, information on the application of Tetryonics will still be added.

Tetryonics is NOT something you can simply ‘learn from the books’.
In the mind you can negate something or not; it is all the same.
“Do not think of a red tulip”€¯, will make you think of a red tulip.
If something is there, or not, is meaningful in tangible reality only.

Starting point for the hands-on experience is found in the TEMPLATES.
Then, you can get your mind into it in the HANDBOOKS.
If you wish to flip the ideas around in your mind, try this:
You may need this:

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