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  d.d. 2014.03.14

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Gravitation and (NO) Graviton

The graviton does not exist.
It was created out of a mathematical need, to symmetrise equations.
When Newton formulated Gravity, he knew was it was a convergent force.
There is no repellent equivalent - much as we might want that.

When charge was understood, there was a same mathematical formulation, but now with an opposite element.
In the electromagnetic field, of photons spread in two directions, we can explain much.
It explains the mechanics of opposites in attraction, via energy momenta; as scalars.
Plus and minus combines to for a diamond shape of balanced changes.

In mathematics that forms a problem; in the Planck constant (See the QM handbook).
Planck’s formula give = e = H.f; i corrected that in my work = E causes the energy of light to radiate in two opposite reflectors.
That is why we use reflectors in torches, and creating laser.

To create a convergent graviton you need an inward momentum.
That is geometrically impossible.
The linear vector momentum starts in the zero point of the magnetic dipole; not the other way around.
The graviton catered to a mathematical need; not describing how gravity/nature works.

It took me months of thinking to understand gravitation.
It is the  result of 2 forces: convergent AND divergent: Photons are bi-directional.
Dealing with point sources, tetryons, in which Matter creates gravity.
Matter radiates EM energy; that holds for Every atoms (unless there is No KEM field).

When energy is formed, mass energy is formed into a tetryon topology.
The shape of the atom is the topology; which is more than a geometry.
It operates in a different dimension; matter is a different dimension than energy.
What happens is that Charge creates a 3D matter topology, of different shapes.

When the topology is formed, energy is displaced from the space.
Like a mist, the standing wave displaces it like a balloon inflated in a pool.
The water pushing back on the balloon is Gravity.
Gravitational matter has energy of motion, heat and colour.

These form EM fields around matter; see Coulomb’s law.
(Same principle as Newtons law, in a different dimension)
Two matter objects can displace charge creating a field of interaction.
It is convergent and divergent.

Gravity is formed when matter is formed out of energy.
There are convergent vacuum energy forces, which is very weak, and passive; pushing inward; this dies NOT create a gravity wave
The electromagnetic wave around the matter does create a wave; a +/- charge field, operating in two directions.
This results in a net force, which can be observed; such as the inertial motion of stars.

Newton looked at stars and did not account for speed of change.
Einstein set the speed limit to c (and ignored the Tesla wave).
He formulated electromagnetism in motion.
Tetryonics explains charges, and motions.

Special relativity described energy in motions, and change.
The math is right but the mechanics is wrong.
It only applies to the EM field in motion.
Matter does not contract in motion; only the KEM energy field does.

In tetryonics this squashes the triangles, not the tetrahedrons.
Around matter there are electromagnetic fields.
Theory of relativity and special relativity is a correction for an observation.
Understand that starlight is a photon bent in an EM field; unrelated to gravity.

For gravity to be created, you need a topology.
Photons are 2D, this gives the basis for understanding energy changes.
In stars this has a 3D topology; no gravitons nor gravitational waves are needed.
It involves instantaneous action at a distance due to 3 forces working in combination.

Newton and Coulomb equations are the same, except for the scaling constant.
Matter is a displacement; with instantaneous action at a distant.
Stars do not work by fusion.
Gravitons do not exist
; gravitation is the net observed motion of matter; convergent in its space.

The push=pull of magnetic field explains the radiation;
‘Dark matter’ is a magnetic field effect.

Do not confuse the process with the filmed image and certainly not with the photo of it.
The difference in the dimensions matters, literally.
Possibly connecting up to STEC (Space Time Energy Consciousness)

"The power of a theory is that it can help understand what you did not yet understand.
When it no longer does so, a new theory is needed."


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