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Gravity & Black (w)Holes

(SEE: Handbook Tetryonics - Cosmology)

  1. Introduction
  2. Old Theories
  3. Matter =/= mass
  4. Tetryonic Modelling; and integrating Old Models


  • Introduction
  • Theories of gravity
  • Space-time
  • Aether
    • mass vs matter
    • charge vs gravity

Tetryonics 61.01 - Gravitational Field Theories.jpg
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Gravity is part of physical science as we now know it.
With Quantum Theory, Newtonian models needed to be reinterpreted.
Essentially Quantum theory is a particular electromagnetic atomic model.
Which requires a reinterpretation also, of how we look at reality.

The Quantum is the basis of the physics we now use; but not USED as the basis.
Tetryonics does use quanta as the basis but ... has no need for "black holes".
It is a geometry, and does not have infinity as such.
It is a systematic way of thinking, of how the universe is composed by quanta.

Tetryonics starts with the quanta; it did not look for gravity.
I started with quantum mechanics, electricity, and chemistry, then looked into cosmology.
I had seen how quanta make atoms and molecules of matter.
And then found how coherence and matter hang together: gravity.

The backdrop of the stage of "Gravity" has changed.
As in a puppet show, the players are not seen.
Bear that in mind, when thinking about the word "Gravity".
Slide 61.01 shows which puppeteers played a role in the show.

Newton looked at gravity in regarding planetary motions; and forces of matter.
Einstein corrected that view, by looking at stars, and their relative motions.
The hidden force implied was described already as electromagnetic dynamics.
Which is where a link can be found with electromagnetic theory/descriptions.

Einstein sought a formulation to match measurement observations.
Einstein was more accurate than Newton, by using a different mathematics.
Faraday had however already described electricity, formulated by Maxwell.
Lorentz and Abraham explained discrepancies between theory and practice.

Tetryonics describes this, but builds on the first two books.
Please read those: to understand the mechanics and the dynamics.
They explain the models that were used in science, and how Tetryonics brings them together.
And account for the way different observers look at the invisibly fields.

Newton modelled the motions.
Einstein corrected some details.
Tetryonics unifies their theories.
And integrates them by the Planck quantum.

We then see 3 forces
1) convergent/matter
2) electric force effect
3) the combined effect as motion (mass Matter effect).

it brings space, time, energy and aether together.
Planck Quanta therein form energy, mass, matter.
It is nevertheless still a puppeteers play.
Realise that invisible puppeteers (forces) determine the puppets (Matter).

Realise that Tetryonics works from equilateral energy: the planck unit.
By that view energy, mass and matter are in different dimensions.
It is important to understand that fundamental difference in dimensions.
And see that matter is a standing wave, in space: understand what creates them.

Tetryons are the most compact standing wave.
It is unique, 3D, and has a closed volume; and a z-component in space.
It combines 4 momenta, without moving; and a 'surface tension'.
Understand how the tetrahedra are created, from the more fundamental Triangles.

Tetryonics accounts for the difference between geometry and topology.
It is, respectively, mass/interia, versus matter.
In physics these concepts are not distinguished, and often confused.
If it is flat, it is a geometry; if it is volumetric, it is a topology.

The geometries form the topologies.
They create the forces that produce forms.
Relativity understand it, but does not detail it.
It is necessary to know how topology envelops space; and defines/contains it.

The displacement of space in a tetryon causes a counter-pressure.
It causes a gravity field by displacing space by a unit-form.
The displacement of space creates a counter-effect: 'pushing in'.
Matter can thus create a force; and a gravity field.

Around matter there is a radiant energy field.
The gravity field is created by the topology.
With superimposed an electromagnetic field.
Matter creates a convergent field, the electromagnetic is convergent of divergent; by interaction this determines the overall effect.

For stars and planets the convergent force will predominate.
For quanta the space-displacement effect will predominate.
In matter, these effects plus the electromagnetic effects apply.
Many theories now exist based on looking at the measured effects, not the (quantum) cause.

Closer to a star/planet the electromagnetic field will increase.
This is the field that particles/Matter moves through.
Einstein did not discern between mass and Matter.
Had he done so, he would have seen that starlight is not refracted by gravity but changed by the electromagnetic effects.

Many theories are now still based on that model.
The only way to set that right is to see that mass =/= Matter.
Gravity requires a Topology.
Thence there are no particles of gravity; the forces originate from matter-less weightless photons.

Einstein described energy densities.
Newton described observed motions.
Their formulations reflect that.
Tetryons discovered gravity from the bottom-up approach

    Gravity has 3 aspects,
    1 based on the mass
    2 based on the mass-energy

    Tetryonics connects that with the quantum electromagnetic forces.

  • Tetryonics 61.02 - Early physics of Motion.jpg
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The Tetryonic formulation of Gravity

After this introduction, let's see the Tetryonic formulation of Gravity.
Follow the book; the page numbers will be listed.
Tetryonics already had a history of describing mechanics and dynamics.
Please read those books, to understand the basis of this story

  • Tetryonics 61.03 - Galilean Gravity.jpg
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  • Tetryonics 61.04 - Newtonian Gravity.jpg
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The old Greeks already described reality, physics, motion and gravity.
Already they described the notion of inertia: Matter in motion will continue its motion.
Galileo Galileo showed that gravity attracts mater alike; stones and feathers.
Which was later, on the moon, shown to be correct

  • Tetryonics 61.05 - Boskovic's Gravity-wave.jpg
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Newton saw relationships between Matter and Attraction.
His formulae are very clear and easy to use.
Others elaborated on that; and fond it useful.
Boskovic is an example of exploring beyond that.

  • Tetryonics 61.06 - Gaussian Gravity.jpg
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  • Tetryonics 61.07 - Poisson's Gravity.jpg
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Coulomb came up with a very similar for the equations of Matter of Newton.
But in this case it was about the interaction between .... charges.
Tetryonics shows that the similarity stems from the geometry
Gauss tried to unify the views of Newton with that of Coulomb.


Poisson looked at charged and neutral particles.
This electrical, and material, at the same time.
Thus seeking to describe matter and charge in the same terms.
Showing the 'antisymmetry' for the equations between Matter and Charge.

  • Tetryonics 61.08 - Maxwell's GEM field equations.jpg
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In Tetryonics these equations can be put in larger perspective.
Maxwell combined electric and magnetic forces into one model.
The equations are again very similar.
And thus again very similar to the formulations for ... gravity

  • Tetryonics 61.09 - Einstein's General Relativity.jpg
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That led to the postulation of a 'Matter' particle as complement for the electron.
Newton’s law and Coulomb’s law were still trying to be unified.
Maxwell tried to make a testable model to show what his equations describe.
We all observe and experience these forces; but how can they be modelled?


That is where the models where than be generalised by mathematicians.
Einstein changed the perspective, by looking for Energy Density.
It is a stress energy tensor; ignoring the difference between mass and matter.
This made it possible to refine the equation of motion; with a time component.

  • Tetryonics 61.10 - GEM fields & Gravity.jpg
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It introduced the notion of c**4; but limiting to the speed of Light.
Newton did not account for time; and change is instantaneous in his model.
The difference between the two models is a philosophical divide.
As a result, the models impose their own, different, limitations on understanding gravity.

  • Tetryonics 62.01 - Separating Space & Time.jpg
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Einstein looks at/for curvature in time; using a different geometry.
Newton only looked at the force, ignoring the dimensions around it.
We need to look beyond that, and see how space and rime relate.
Which Tetryonics looks by regarding the basis: the underlying Planck quanta

  • Tetryonics 62.02 - Free Space.jpg
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If you look at the force field you can see what matter does.
Matter excludes all forces within a small area.
It is bounded, has 'surface tension', but is 'void'.
Understand how energy is associated with such a confined material space.

  • Tetryonics 62.03 - Vector Velocities.jpg
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Tetryonics maps what happens in that region.
And relates it to mass energy dynamics/states.
Realise that time is defined in a quantum; limited and precise.
That means that the time base of defined in/by the material structure.

  • Tetryonics 62.04 - Spatial geometries.jpg
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Associated with any tetryon is a time base; and a time of existence.
62.04 shows hos this takes place on 4 surfaces simultaneously: c**4.
And created thereby a 3D structure, giving it a reality in Physics.
With each surface operating a c**2 process, and the volume contained a c**3 state.

  • Tetryonics 62.06 - Space & time.jpg
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Thus we see how geometries and topologies create different physics.

  • Tetryonics 62.13 - dQAM is time.jpg
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This makes it possible to get a better understanding of time.
62.06 describes time bases as triangles; and their composites.
Using c*22 (= 1 seconds) as the basis for describing persistence in existence.


As a 3D topology we know this as Matter.
It is measured by m**2/s; per 1 second region of space.
This gives angular momentum/c**2.
See 62.13: quantised angular momentum.

It is all about understanding dimensions.
In this case: quantised angular momentum, per seconds.
That defines the changing Planck energy in the system.
With changing seconds; which we know as time.

  • Tetryonics 62.12 - Charge is mass.time.jpg
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Relativity calls that the direction of time.
It is in fact +/-time, which in fact is +/- CHARGE.
Mass angular momentum is charge; Planck’s quantum/constant.
Planck/c**2 is the unit of Charge (mass.seconds)

Time in physics is a measurement of change of planck quanta in a region of space

The movement of planck quanta can be measured;
If there is no change, 'time stands still'.
There is no change of energy/forces/energy-density/matter.
To experience time, quanta must change

Now we can see that space-time is in fact space-energy-change.
The presence of energy gives the physics of force.
The changing angular momentum, geometries, gives us the perception/measurement of time.

Time is quantised: the equilateral geometry per c**2.
Energy is the scalar.
The quantised angular momentum is the equilateral geometry.
So now we have mass, energy time and quanta all integrated.

Matter in a region of space displaces space and creates energy.
Mass-energy tries to escape the boundaries and interact with the environment: "Radiant Energies".
Charge creates the topology of Matter.
Even when they balance out, they still act and interact.

  • Tetryonics 63.02 - mEM densities.jpg
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Mass = energy density / m**2
Matter = energy / c**4
Energy density / m**2
That gives you the energy densities of Relativity; mathematically useful, but no more than a generalisation, and not quantum-precise.

  • Tetryonics 63.04 - The Higgs Field.jpg
    707.5 KB

compare it to a pressure density in the atmosphere.
It is all about mass density in an environment.
Environment will always has every within it.
It is known as the Vacuum, Aether, Higgs Field; which is all the same.

  • Tetryonics 63.01 - The Aether.jpg
    537.1 KB

In Tetryonics that can be described in detail.
A Higgs field is a charged facies of a mass energy.
This creates inductive loops; causing inertial properties.
Thence radiates into the environment around it; at the speed of light.

velocity is always determined by the regional impedance against propagation.
The impedance of aether is gauged by the propagation of a photon.
In vacuum it is difference than in matter; or electromagnetic fields.
The dynamics of mass and matter play a role, but bust be discerned.

63.01 describes how that leads to gravitation.
Many scientists do not what c**4 means.
E**3, is likewise not understood.
It is the 'carrier wave' of a region of space.

It defines the physics of that space.
With equilateral mass energies: planar, flat, radiant.
Creating 3D volumetric units displacing space.
63.01 shows that as the convergent force, displacing space to create null-space within matter. energy less.

Inside matter there is no energy, no mass.
This displaced energy creates a convergent force against the displacement.
The structure of the Matter can withstand that pressure.
They use +/- charges to maintain this created vacuum, within.

In superposition they create convergent/divergent forces; for universal gravitation.
The components act together to give what Newton and Einstein described.
By separating space and time by separating geometry and topology.


  • Space-Time ~mass-ENERGY-Matter.jpg
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  • Tetryonics 63.08 - mEM in 3D Space.jpg
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Tetryonics starts with a different foundation.
Tetryonic quantum cosmology describes it..
We already diiscussed that we must discern space/inetria/mass and space/Matter
We are dealing with different dimensions!

  • Tetryonics 63.09 - The impedance of space.jpg
    481.4 KB

mass energies are green.
Matter structures are blue.
Mass is geometry.
Matter is topology.

  • Tetryonics 64.01 - EM mass vs Matter.jpg
    642.4 KB

Matter is a form of energy in a spatial region.
It is an impedance, in electric engineering.
It is an overlap of energies, affecting speed of light
More energy in a field, will slow down the photon propagation.

In vacuum, photons move at the speed of light.
Vacuum is never empty: it is full of energy.
Only in matter is energy excluded, creating a counter-pressure (gravity)
Every material structure therefore changes the energy propagation in that region.

64.01 shows how that works, for carbon-12 and lead.
By their difference you can seen that mass-energy =/= matter
Matter is the 3D atom structure.
The mass energy is the Higgs-boson, charged facia, of the particles.

  • Tetryonics 64.03 - mass-Energy-Matter quanta.jpg
    493.3 KB

Each charged surface has charged facia; represented by the triangles.
"The mass-energy is the canvas of the Matter topology.
Physics discerns Fields and Particles.
Tetryonics uses geometries versus topologies.

Odd numbers are bosons
Even numbers are photons
Tetryons are the quantum of gravitational matter, with 3D topology

  • Tetryonics 64.08 - Stress Energy gradients.jpg
    527.4 KB

Them matter is formed, tetryons may be contained; and vacuum energy is displaced.
The vacuum pushes back, according to the matter topology.
Only the topology 'Matters', for the gravity-effect.
It is the convergent force.

Gravitation =/= Gravity

  • Tetryonics 64.09 - Gravitational Matter & weight.jpg
    485.3 KB

The mass energy of the matter, and the mass energies of the vacuum energies must be considered.
Newton looked at the ponderable object.
Einstein looked at the displaced forces
Wheeler described that as the interaction

In a proton we can see the details of that dynamic.
By their topology, particles create weight.
Matter is NOT mass; topology =/= geometry
Energy is weightless; Matter has weight.

  • Tetryonics 64.10 - G & EM fields.jpg
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Tetryonics shows that photons are Matterless/weightless; they do not have a topology.
They do NOT displace space
Tetryons do, and have gravitational weight.
That makes it possible to understand the quantum of gravity: the tetryon.

Associated with them are force field, on their surfaces.
The surface is closed, and displaces the vacuum.
That pushes back from all angles.
But the Tetryon will also have mass energies on its surface.

  • Tetryonics 64.11 - Weightless Photons.jpg
    523.7 KB

The radiating EM fields and gravity pressure all act at once.
A quantum of matter creates a convergent gravity field.
And, also, a radiant energy field, from the surface changes.
Together they determine the mass-energy Matter dynamic

  • Tetryonics 65.01 - Charge vs. Gravity.jpg
    574.6 KB

Realise the difference between matterless/weightless particles; which can also be NOT massless.

  • Tetryonics 65.02 - G & EM forces.jpg
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Neutral and charged particles can be very similar.
When charged they are considered electric, described by Coulomb law.
When neutral they are considered to be Material, and Newtonian.
In Tetryonics they are all part of the same basic understanding.

65.02 describes how Newton and Coulomb are 'both true'.
Both descriptions are incomplete; Tetryonics unites them.
The unification lies in understanding the differences in dimensions.
Which can be brought out in the difference in mathematics.

Newton did not know the masses of the planets; only their motions and forces.
That can be drawn as fields of energies radiating from a single point 65.02.
Interaction between two planets can be thereby described.
The overlap shows the squaring of the forces of the Planck Quanta; and force of interaction.

Where the fields overlap, the force fields overlap.
Of balance they cancel out; there is no net motion.
In case of imbalance it specifies the dynamic.
The same is the case for electromagnetic forces.

  • Tetryonics 65.03 - Modelling G & EM fields.jpg
    552.1 KB

The Graviton was conceived to calculate this (im)balance.
A graviton has strictly convergent forces.
Electromagnetic forces can attract and repel.
That is the difference between Newton and Coulomb.

  • Tetryonics 65.04 - The Gravitational & Electric Constants.jpg
    579.1 KB

Both described the vector forces, by similar equations.
Tetryonics describes it as fields of force.

  • Tetryonics 65.05 - Modelling G fields.jpg
    498.6 KB

Newton could not explain his force; but only calculate it accurately.
Coulomb has a force mediated by photons.
That is why gravitons were 'invented', 'in parallel'.
Einstein tried to model that in curvature of space time.

65.05 displays two forms of matter, and the interaction between them.
The interaction between them is shown in the overlap, in-between.
Showing the parallel between Matter and Charge, in a c**2 field.
In the overlap, the 'attraction of matter' occurs.

In the overlap, the area is not just c**2 but c**4.
In tetryonics that is the equivalent of a volume.
This is the dimension of the joint-effect-interaction.
And a spherical coordinate system: cf Einstein equations.

Einstein regarded it as mass-Matter coordinate system.
By converting all mass-Matter into a density, it provides a contour.
Where the radiated fields overlap, a gravitational interaction occurs.
the representations of Newton and Einstein are thus equivalent.

  • Tetryonics 65.06 - Fields of Interaction.jpg
    530.0 KB

we now united Coulomb with Newton, and compared it to Einstein.
That was not possible before.
The comparison can be done in geometry (not mathematics).
In the context of understanding the Vacuum displacement.

We now see how vacuum displacement and electromagnetism are linked.
Because mass and Matter as different: geometry versus topologies.
Tetryonics works with rigid grammatical geometries.
And therein unifies Coulomb and Newton; not needs to combine gravity and Radiant energy.

  • Tetryonics 65.07 - GEM gradients.jpg
    519.0 KB
  • Tetryonics 66.06 - The Gravitational Constant.jpg
    577.3 KB

This is a unified mechanics at all scales: universal Gravitation.
The gravitational constant (vacuum displacement) is weaker than radian energy interactions.
Tetryonics can define G, with precision, and can discern it from the EM dynamics forces.
Field interactions in gravitation is thus vacuum energy versus electromagnetic dynamics.

  • Tetryonics 66.06 - The Gravitational Constant.jpg
    577.3 KB

The values of G and K can be detailed, by the quantum electron topology.
The volume of the displaced vacuum is gauged with respect to the Planck unit.
Cavendish wanted to 'weigh the Earth' using a torsion balance.
And eliminated all other forces, including electromagnetism.

Matter IS charged mass energy 'closure'.
It WILL have radiant energies.
It WILL create EM fields, and interact with gravity also.
In Tetryonics we can determine the quanta involved, and their effect by interactions.

  • Tetryonics 66.09 - Tetryonic Matter interaction & Gravitation.jpg
    597.1 KB

Tetryonics offers a unified field equation.; see 66.09.
It is illustrated in the gravitational field of an atom.
In part it is a newton force law: the convergent vacuum pressure.
Plus also the dynamic effect of motion in context: and their interactive forces.

Electrodynamic and electrostatic field/forces can be discerned.
That is what Tetryonics calls the BEM field.
The charged 3D Matter topology has a surface area with 10.080 charge fascia.
And a specific mass energy, by the uniform equation for Matter: plus the convergent/divergent KEM field forces.

In the area of superposition, there is a c**4 field.
It is the forces of an atomic element in motion.
It specifies all forces acting on it: universal gravitation.
We can know that for any/every atom, and added up to relativistic energy in the Einstein stress tensor model.

Gravity is not what you would start with.
In fact, the understanding follows from playing with the Tetryon Templates.
In puzzling together the pieces, the pieces of the puzzle of science also fall into place.
Now with the understanding of the difference between the direction of gravity/time and bi-directional electromagnetism.

QED does not explain the source and role of charge in creating matter.
Tetryonics shows how that works, and how we can work with it.
What is resented now was not involved in this manner.
It was the result of puzzling the pieces together; finding out how they all connect up.

Gravity in tetryonics, is a result, not a starting point.
In Tetryonics, the mechanics and dynamics are the foundation.
The chemistry and cosmology were based on that understanding.
With that understanding in place, we can understand gravity, and the universal dynamics.

  • Tetryonics 67.03 - Newton's Force laws & Gravity.jpg
    542.7 KB

We can see how errors in existing models can be corrected.
67.03 can be used as an example: particle force/acceleration laws.
The forces of action and reaction imply a cancellation balance.
In Tetryonics these forces are made explicit, ad geometry/grammar.

Every change of quanta is a change of force; thus change of time, force and motion.
67.03 unifies Newton, Planck and Relativity; in the unified geometry of force physics.
Top-right shows two forces interacting: possibly leading to superposition and field interaction.
It is also the basis for understanding of action at a distance; instantaneous action at a distance.

  • Tetryonics 67.05 - 'Action at a Distance'.jpg
    566.4 KB

The forces interact at a distance; 67.05, showing the same for quanta.
In an end-to end longitudinal mass-energy geometry; of radiative fields.
The balancing of the N/S- and +/- can operate in patterns.
By alignment, the change at one end of a chain is instantaneous at the other.

  • Tetryonics 67.06 - Gravitational energy & force.jpg
    226.6 KB

The electromagnetic travels at the speed of light.
The co-linear information travels instantaneously.
This was explained in earlier conversations.
It only occurs in longitudinal waves; not in transverse waves.

So, do not expect this to work if you use high-school physics.
Instead, use spark gaps for creating the electromagnetic pulse.
Then 1.56 x speed of light is the base speed that will take place.
Starts emit longitudinal waves of light; not transverse.

Newton’s instantaneous interaction at a distance is a logical process.
The sun interacts with Earth instantaneously.
That requires are interpretation of relativity.
Accounting for the longitudinal versus transverse dynamics

67.06 shows the forces and superpositions.
mass_Matter van be shown as triangles-tetrahedra.
The field overlap is the gravitational field effect.
The Matter-mass-energy field is square root, of N.m/kg

Where the fields overlap, e**2 is where the fine structure constant etc. can be calculated.
They are vacuum displacements, with longitudinal interactions.
Which does not require to (quantum change) to describe.
This gives the mathematics of Newtons linear forces and quantum scalar energies

  • Tetryonics 67.07 - Gravitation acceleration.jpg
    266.5 KB

This can be calculated for the proton and electron.
And generalised for Matter-interactions (67.07).
We can identify the convergent interactions.
Equilateral field have +/- charge in 2 directions: convergent and divergent.

Positive charges will be attracted by the -; and the other way around; attraction into a vortex, or out from it.
This is an electromagnetic effect; taking place at the level of the Triangles.
In the Tetrahedra, these balance out and displace vacuum, inducing gravitation.
The forces thereof can be represented; as kg.m/s**2; creating a sum convergent force

  • Tetryonics 67.08 - Gravitational Fields.jpg
    448.3 KB

67.08 shows how this applies to the gravitational field of Earth.
Earth has a matter topology; with vacuum displacement aggregated as a sphere.
Plus there are the electromagnetic field interactions on the surface, at every level.
Changes will affect the gravitational and electromagnetic field, combined.

  • Tetryonics 68.02 - Newtonian G vs GR.jpg
    553.4 KB

With more mass in the planet topology, there will be more vacuum being displaced.
The moon is 1.3 seconds away from us, and interacting with the Earth field; as shown on the right in 67.08
The same equations apply to the electrical and material effects.
And planetary/stellar interactions can be calculated by that

68.02 show the integration of Newton, Coulomb and Einstein.
On the left: Newton; on the right: general relativity.
In the area of overlap, their similarities can be seen.
And the values of the measurements can be directly compared.

  • Tetryonics 68.04 - Pressure Gradients and GR.jpg
    534.1 KB

The model of Tetryonics shows how these can be compared.
We can discern mass en Matter; at all scales of Physics.
68.04 illustrates the convergent/divergent forces in interplay.
And show it is tems of the Stress Energy as formulated by Einstein

Einstein looked at curvature of time.
Tetryonics describes it as Planck quanta vacuum-displacement
Where Newton would use mass-density.
Newton and Einstein described (corrected) motion; Tetryonic makes the quantum origin thereof explicit.

General relativity = Newton + special relativity corrections.
It is, in Tetryonics, the displacement of vacuum energy.
With the correction of the forces that determine the creation of Matter.
Plus the way mass and Matter interact; via electromagnetic forces.

  • Tetryonics 68.05 - Stress energy gradients.jpg
    590.9 KB

Newton had to find out how nature worked.
Einstein sought a formula for describing what had already been measured.
65.05 brings it all together; in terms of Einstein stress tensor notation.
Redefined in Planck Quanta, in their interactions and superpositions.

Tress energy Tensors, Vacuum Displacement, Electromagnetic Charges; => Gravity.
Matter topologies have mass energy per nucleus; creating black body radiation.
These fields interact; and can attract and repel; displaced vacuum only is towards the centre.
Stress energy = topology + geometries.

  • Tetryonics 68.10 - Tetryonic Stress Energies.jpg
    570.8 KB

Gravity is convergent.
Mass energy is convergent and divergent
Together they define the Matter-mass-energy interaction
68.10 brings it together in one notation.

It uses Ricci Tensors; as in general relativity.
General Relativity does NOT define mass.
Instead it gives different formulation for it.
Mass energies create a KEM field; Matter creates gravity by vacuum displacement

  • Tetryonics 69.02 - Tensor rankings.jpg
    496.3 KB

Gravitational Fields are thus Gravity plus the Electrodynamic (Radiative) interaction.
Tetryonic specifies the details of these interactions.
In a more generalised interpretation it would show up as 'radiative gravity'.
By compensating for 'space-time-curvature' the middle equation of 68.10 comes in view.

It i the unified field equation for energy, in Tetryonics.
With the number of quanta per c**4 (region).
By it the precise forces can be calculated.
This always matches the geometry of the strycture

69.02 shows the tensor ranking by the geometry by which they operate.
The Rank 1 tensor is a vector; shown as a pink arrow in Tetryonics.
It is a linear momentum, multiplied by Mass
Rank 2 tensors add momentum, rank 3 adds pressure density (if mass-matter energy)

Rank 4 is the total mass energies in all the mass fields.
For a Deuterium atom that can be shown.
The tetryon matrices are identical to squared matrices.
Albeit that these are again shown not in squares but equilateral triangles.

Then it is possible to discern the electric and magnetic; an linear versus momentum.
The energy momenta of photons can be described by this.
Much of it can be shown as a tensor; and the photon is ... its own anti particle.
The photon in its field can be understood with the linear/scalar Lorentz contractions, energy densities and the induced magnetic field and the wavelength.

  • Tetryonics 69.04 - Four-vectors.jpg
    519.7 KB

The wavelength contraction of particles due to motion is only based on tehe energy.
Matter does NOT contract.
The velocity of propagation of speed of light gives the frequency and the wavelength.
The speed of light is a consequence of the geometry, only (tying in with de Broglie and Compton line; see the QED book).

69.04 addresses the 4-vectors in relativity; 3 dimensions in space and 1 in time.
In tetryonics a different notation is used.
The standing wave 4 vector + Lorentz contraction => stress on the system.
As KEM fields this can lead to an overlap; thus a c**4 region, with the basis for gravitational interaction, coulomb interaction, and the fine structure constant.

  • Tetryonics 69.06 - Weak Equivalence.jpg
    532.9 KB

A correction of the standard notation is needed; again based on understanding the different dimensions.
Finally, we need to address and correct equivalence - as formulated by Einstein.
He did not discern Gravity from Acceleration.
Again, weight/gravitational mass was said to be equivalent to inertial mass.

69.09 shows that inertia and gravitation may seem similar, but are not.

  • Tetryonics 70.01 - Quantum Gravity.jpg
    463.9 KB

Inertial follows from displacement in context.
Gravitation results from displaced vacuum energy.
At the quantum level the forces at play can be seen.
Now we can bring it into a unified gravity formula.

  • Tetryonics 70.02 - GEM fields.jpg
    540.6 KB

70.01 shows how many theories for gravity exist.
Some are reconcilable, some are not.
All seek the same in each a different manner.
Tetryonics starts from the core: the quantum, to find mass and matter; and how vacuum is displaced

70.02 shows the tetryonic GEM fields: based on the geometric theory.
It is based on the approach of tetryonics; thus the triangular quanta.
It has balanced electrical and magnetic forces.
Gravitation is a resulting force by balancing triangles in tetrahedra.

When forces for Forms, the principles can be seen in their interaction.
They balance out in the tetrahedron, by balancing the 'two sides of the triangles'.
This means that singularity is the essence of the notation.
It is the barrier in which the opposites meet.

  • Tetryonics 70.03- Topological displacement of vacuum energies.jpg
    638.0 KB

That means there are NO point particles, in reality.
This also that there are NO black holes: a mathematical construct.
70.03 shows that Matter always displaces vacuum; creating convergent gravity.
It is the balancing out of the displaced vacuum in the making of Matter.

  • Tetryonics 70.09 - EM mass & G Matter.jpg
    545.7 KB

70.09 shows the difference between Mass and Matter.
It is a scalar equilateral geometry, in a 1 second coordinate system
Energy density, per square meter.
In Matter it is a topological volume of mass energies, in balance.

In Physics there are inertial and active/passive gravitational mass.
Mass =/= matter: mass (Inertia) is in a different dimension: equilateral scalar electromagnetic energy / second.
It is a measure of energy density per squared meter.
Matter however is a standing wave topology; with 4 mass-energies creating a tetrahedron.

  • Tetryonics 70.10 - EM mass-Matter equivalence.jpg
    525.8 KB

Matter is a measure of energy per volume; not per cubic meter as in a cube, but in a tetrahedron.
2D masses, bosons an photons relate to energy: m.c**2
3D Matter operates in c**4, such as in tertryons and particles.
c**2 versun c**4 are crucial distinctions

70.10 rearranges the equations.
Showing how mass and matter operate in different dimensions.
mass/c**2 is Matter, in the dimensional system.
It is crucial to understand the difference between the dimensions!

If e=m.c**2, the understand the algebra involved.
m/c**2 however confuses all too many people.
It shows how confusing the difference between mass and Matter is.
Even though the equations show the importance of c**2 versus c**4.

  • Tetryonics 71.01 - Quantum Gravitation.jpg
    575.8 KB

It is all about the difference between geometry and topology.
The key is that mass =/= matter; 71.01
This is the essence of quantum Gravity.
Shown as an electron in a deuterium atom.

It has a positive charge, and displaces vacuum.
The charge fields seek balance.
With a convergent gravitational field, by displaced vacuum.
Gravity + electromagnetic field forms the atom

This principle forms all matter in the universe.
We always see Newton + Coulomb.
But can only make that clear in Tetryonics.
The forces of the electromagnetic interaction dominate in proximity; gravity predominates at a distance.

  • Tetryonics 71.02 - Photons and Gravitons.jpg
    543.0 KB

The quantum effects operate at the quantum scale.
At the cosmological scale the matter displacement can overrule the EM forces.
The formulations are 'identical', but their dimensions differ.
See also 71.02, which eliminates the need of a 'graviton'.

  • Tetryonics 71.03 - Laplacian field interactions.jpg
    539.3 KB

A tetryon is a graviton, if that kind of interpretation is needed.
It is NOT a force, but the form of Matter in which gravity (displaced vacuum) acts.
The vacuum energy being displaced is what we need to address.
In Tetryonics earlier models were relinquished, to come to the integral understanding that is here presented.

Many people learn about the graviton: for mathematical convenience (71.02).
In Newtons Equations it showed up a -g (counter-pressure).
The geometry of Tetryonics give scalar energies at the quantum level.
With an implied linear momentum vector force/velocity.

In Tetryonics it became clear that a Photons shifts force.
Just as the Boson shifts Charge.
The Photon is neutral, and force carrier for the work of Coulomb.
Which is similar to that of Newton, except that gravity is one-directional.

Maxwell integrated electrical with magnetic.
The photon worked well for coulomb.
Could we think up an equivalent for Newton'?
Alas, yes, but it led to a meaningless assumption.

The graviton does not help understand.
We new about radiation; flowing out.
Could some 'particle' do the same, in inverse?
Evidently that confuses a particle with ... a field.

No such effect had been measured;
A convergent force.
I drew it: shown on 71.02.
After i had already written 3 books on tetryonics.

I could not see how i could make this concept in physics.
I had already built all the quanta and atoms.
I saw no reason for a graviton; and looked for singularities.
Perhaps i could see something like this in ... black holes?

Instead i found i needed to look at KEM fields.
And could not make sense of the graviton.
I realised that EM fields are mass energy fields.
And how that could make sense in a universe of Aether (Vacuum Energy).

I knew that once matter is formed, nothing can get inside it.
The energies involved are much shorter that vacuum energies.
The i realised that it meant that vacuum energies would be displaced.
And that it would increase the local Einstein stress energy tensor.

In that sense the topology had answered the question.
I saw how gravity was 'created'; displacing vacuum energy.
And that it mean that the graviton was not needed; so i dumped it.
Knowing that is i was wrong, i would have to pick up gravitons later.

I now know that i still do not need the graviton.
Displaced vacuum energy creates a weaker force than EM forces.
That is what measurements have shown already.
Without a graviton, all of Tetryonics still works, also for what physics thought up gravitons.

It is about inverting momentum.
Bosons would invert.
Photons would stand still.
And all kind of other changes which we would by now have noticed.

Similar for gluons.
Which i now can describe as the neutral tetryon.
I always test what i use; and see if it works.
But likewise eliminate what i cannot use, and cannot work.

The graviton came out of mathematics.
It was introduced to make sense of an equation.
But, in tetryonics it is not needed, just as black holes are not needed, and came out of mathematics.

Einstein postulated that nothing travels beyond the speed of light.
Schwartschild did some calculations on the equations of Einstein.
And came to the notion that light could not escape a sufficiently large star.
In Tetryonics you can see that Matter is 3D, but the photons are 2D.

When Matter collapses, mass-energy is released.
Dark Stars are mass-matter also.
When they collapse, the Matter must collapse also.
In Tetryonics this cannot occur, because matter will collapse into mass=energy.

You cannot collapse a tetryon from 3D to 2D.
Tetryonics is based on field geometries.
Tetryonic chemistry helped to understand and resolve some other misconceptions.
All about understanding how Matter conversion must lead to the release of light.

Tetrahedral matter must convert into 2D radiant energy.
When a star collapses, radiant light is released.
I modelled that by the templates of tetryonics.
And the relationship between N/S, +/- and charge spins.

The sun operates by the principle of a planck quantum inversion.
I had already shown how atoms are formed, in tetryonics.
And understood how spectral lights are formed.
And that stars result from mass collapse into radiant energies.

Solar Matter to Mass conversion can now be studied.
In a large EM field any superimposed photon will be aligned.
The system is self-scaling.
The smallest scale is that of a Boson; half a photon (a Planck quantum)

The Planck quantum is the singularity.
It comprises opposites, in its essence.
If in balance, it would not be noticed.
In essence, it would appear as .. a black hole

It there is an EM field, a pinch, it would operate as a black hole.
EM energy will be sucked in
Matter will be collapsed, and radiated out.
There is no sucking matter out of the universe.

Black hole is a mathematical invention.
Tetryonics accounts for all the same, using normal planck quanta.
No singularity transitions are needed.
And the EM pinch explains the nature of Dark Matter.

It will also induce convergent energies moving to the centre.
Tetryonics offers a different understanding.
Electrons are not point-particles; a tetryon 'is'.
Tetryonics helps to go beyond assumptions, and explains more than existing models.

Mathematics is a model; but not real.
Tetryonics makes it possible to see how quanta interact.
In using it, i saw how atoms can be made'.
And in more general terns, how the universe is 'made'.


Tetryonics 71.05 - Newton's Gravity Fields.jpg
553.7 KB


  • Tetryonics 71.07 - Coloumb's Forces.jpg
    574.0 KB

We can bring all together in the GEM force
It is based on the 3D topological displacement of vacuum energy.
The resulting converging force we call gravity.
Newton described this. coulomb described the associated surrounding electromagnetic field.
The equations and their properties are similar

These operate in the equatorial regions of the Atom.
And in the equatorial E fields in the starts

  • Tetryonics 71.09 - Ampere Forces.jpg
    529.9 KB

In the Earth these form the van Allen Belt.
With the specific shapes linking to the north ans south poles

  • Tetryonics 71.10 - GEM fields.jpg
    539.9 KB

These electric fields are dynamic and static.
Static electric forces are mapped by their charges.
Dynamic forces are seen by their interactions

  • Tetryonics 71.14 - Quantum GEM space-time fields.jpg
    550.0 KB

71.10 brings it together in one equation; with a coupling force for the interactions.
Mass energies and Matter interactions are all accounted for.
That gives a net gravitational force: displaced vacuum PLUS electromagnetic (static/dynamic) interaction.
All three levels must be accounted for in the description

The micro must be used as basis for understanding the macro.
The rules are rigid: the planck quantum is the key.
By it, newton, Coulomb and Einstein can be united.
71.14 shows how every atom is based on this concept.

This was the first half of Cosmology
Not yet dealing with black holes and dynamics

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