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  d.d. 2014.04.15

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  • Mechanics: orbitals
  • Dynamics: Dark Forces
  • Dark Matter, Dark ENergy
  • The Mysteries: Baryon Asymmetry
  • Tetryonics 94.01 - n1 [Charged].jpg
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  • Tetryonics 71.14 - Quantum GEM space-time fields.jpg
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SEE Tetryonics book 4.
71.14 summarises what was presented in the previous talk.
With the difference of mass and matter; gravity and charge.
And how pure gravity fields come together with charge fields.

In Tetryonics the charge field are KEM fields (dynamic) and BEM fields (electrostatic)
Combined with gravity it creates the GEM fields.
Static and interactive fields, plus convergent gravity all add up.
And determine the motion of stars, planets and 'falling' objects.

General relativity is Newtonian gravity + special relativistic corrections for EM fields.
The theory did not differentiate between mass and Matter, making it incomplete.
In Tetryonics that is resolved, making the various force fields explicit.
And provides a means to model their effect in 3D: atoms and Matter in general.

The equilateral geometry helps to see how it all falls in place.
It makes use of the difference between geometry and topology.
It uses geometry, instead of mathematics; making it more rigorous.
That makes it also simpler to understand, and work with.

This understanding can be applied beyond what we discussed.
Thereby it is found that confusions in physics can be spotted and resolved.

  • Tetryonics 72.01 - Our EM SUN.jpg
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It also helps understand beyond what is currently studied and understood.
So, let's see what comes to view when we apply the principles to various topics.

72.01. Let's start with looking at the sun, and interactions between planets.
It was that understanding that was later applied to model the atoms.
As a result, atoms are still considered to be mini-solar-systems.
In Tetryonics they are instead very precise topological construct.

Applying quantum mechanics to the sun starts with tetryonic charges.
There are +/- fields and N/S polar arrangements.
Because of the complexities, much of the polarities balance out.
Resulting in a magnetic polarity; and a radiating charged energy field.

That produces the magnetic field and the interaction with the Earth magnetic field.
Matter created a convergent force by displacing vacuum energy within tetryons.
The force of gravity is balanced by the emission of energy as light.
It was described as a hydrogen fusion process; Tetryonics negates that.

  • Tetryonics 60.08 - Neutron-neutrino interactions.jpg
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This has to do with the way Tetryonics can detail the topology of protons and electrons.
When neutrons were discovered they were assumed to be an electron absorbed in a proton.
In Tetryonics (QED book) shows there is a different process involving solar neutrinos.
See illustration 60.08 and 60.09 explaining the structure and nature of the neutrons.

  • Tetryonics 72.08 - The Solar Heliosphere.jpg
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This is why it is necessary to read the other books before studying gravity.
As always: we need to start with the basic building block: the planck quantum.
It is based on the charged basic triangle, and interactions it allows.
72.08 shows hos solar electromagnetic field covers the whole solar system.

  • Tetryonics 73.01 - Stellar mechanics.jpg
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The orbiting planets are all in line with the linear momentum of the electrostatic fields.
Viewed from the top, it is the radiant energy and linear momemntum ' pushing out' on the planets.
73.01, stellar Mechanics, looks at the sun by itself, and the convergent gravity it represents.
Plus the radiant energy of the interactions on the surface of the tetryon elements in it.

Convergent fields form a Singularity.
In Tetryonics they form a GEM field.
Electric and magnetic fields radiate from it.
While at the same time gravity 'pushes in'.

It means that something must happen in the core.
Currently it is called 'fusion'.
Tetryonics shows it is matter collapsing into energies.
The mass energies are released, as radiant geometries.

We will discover the details of that process.
But must therein account for different types of stars.
And sidestep some of the models that are currently used.
Simply by following the logic and philosophy of Tetryonics.

  • Tetryonics 73.06 - Stellar spectral lines.jpg
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Tetryonics provides a grammar for Planck Quanta interactions.
It is the foundation of cosmic creation.
And details quantum level interactions, such as atomic spectral lines.
Which are explained in detail, consisted with measured values.

  • Tetryonics 73.08 - Energy from the SUN.jpg
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73.06 shows the quantum transitions and corresponding spectral colours.
That explains how white light is produced, and starts can have different colours.
73.08 applies that to the energy from the sun: emanating from the core.
A G-M "PINCH" turns collapsing Matter into radiating Energy; of longitudinal waves.

The elements involved can be described in detail.
Matter is converted to mass-energy, radiating around the sun.
It is a longitudinal wave that PUSHES on objects, regardless of the distance.
There is a direct effect of changes in the sun, and effect on the planets.

The longer the distance of transfer, the weaker it will get.
But the interaction is instantaneous, as Newton already described.
Newton equations do not describe change in time.
Einstein added a limitation therein, as the speed of light.

  • Tetryonics 76.02 - SUN-Earth-moon GEM fields.jpg
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The electromagnetic energies propagate at the speed of light; by linear momentum.
But the physical linear momentum impulses, information, propagates faster than light.
Together that creates stable planetary orbits: see 76.02 (Sun + Earth + Moon).
The positive charges interacting with the electromagnetic fields.

While the sun burns the radiating interaction create Earth electromagnetic field.
On the moon the same happens, but to a much smaller extent.
Again, gravitation and electromagnetic fields/forces interact and combine.
There are 3 forces at work, but only the gravitation is 'noticed'.

The picture is not to scale, but does present the general idea.
Important is that gravity + electromagnetic form the green diamonds of interaction.
The strengths differ, but the geometry is the same.
The mechanics have been described; now they can be better understood.

  • Tetryonics 77.03 - Earth-Moon.jpg
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Once you understand the fields, you CAN tell them apart.
And understand how the overlap of the fields determines the orbits.
77.03 addresses what is often ignored in physics:
That gravity is attractive, but does not accounts for what happens on the moon.

Since a mirror was placed on the moon, its motion is much more precisely known.
Measurements shows that the moon moves away from the Earth.
If Gravity can only pull, there is no explanation for this.
Tetryonics with its interactive EM component, can explain it.

  • Tetryonics 74.01 - The Solar System.jpg
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The moon moves away because the EM fields push the Moon outward.
It is explained in the geometries that are involved, see image 74.01.
GEM fields model the solar system, combining gravity and electromagnetics.
Einstein tried to explain that in space-time curvature, which is not correct.

The convergent force of gravity if the pressure of the displaced vacuum energy.
While from the Sun the radian energies 'push out', also on all the planets.
Density and distance determines the precise location of the planets in their orbits.
It corresponds with the density of the planets: Rocky closer, Gaseous farther away.

This applies to any solar system, and also to galaxies as a whole.
Always it is the balance of the push and pull (Gravity and EM forces).
The motion also applies to the Moon, and its changing stable orbit.
Gravity must be balanced by an outgoing force for orbits to be stable.

  • Tetryonics 73.13 - GEM Pinches.jpg
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The Sun radiates sunlight accelerating Matter.
73.13 shows what powers this: the GEM Pinch.
This takes place in the core of the Sun.
Matter (3D) is converted into energies (2D)

When you fold the templates to create tetrahedra .. the sun does the inverse.
The standing Matter mass energies become radiant mass energies.
This is how clean limitless energies can be created.
Fusion energy is NOT a means to produce continuous energy.

Fission and Fusion is not very efficient.
GEM pinch is 100% efficient: matter is turned into energy.
This is the same efficiency rate of matter-anti-matter collision; without the toxicity.
For energy we can use the principle of the sun, on Earth.

It gives us a different age for the Sun.
With a different principle at the core, the burn-out rate is different.
Tetryonics suggests that the Sun will exist MUCH longer than assumed.
But it requires to think what happens in a different manner.


  • Tetryonics 79.03 - Singularities.jpg
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What we discussed for the Sun, how does it apply in general?
How does it apply to mass and Matter, of galaxies, Supernovas and Black Holes?
79.03 describes the singularity in the meeting of the electric and magnetic fields.
This can be mapped in detailed: pointing to, and away from, the source.

Electromagnetic fields are always convergent AND divergent.
Gravitation is always ONLY convergent.
We can now model point charges, singularities, in general.
Tetryonics shows that the Tetryon is the only point particle.

An electron is a dodecahedron, and has 12 charges.
The field it forms has a force vector converging in a single point.
Just mapping the fields of an electron does not make it a point particle.
Mathematics maps the fields of force; not t he topology on which the forces are based.

For physics, electrons and protons are tiny.
For Tetryonics protons and electrons are (many Planck quanta) Large.
The Tetryonic mapping shows what topology and charges are actually involved.
And shows that singularities DO exist; and can occur in Matter topologies.

  • Tetryonics 79.06 - Blackholes.jpg
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In Matter, the G, E and M fields can meet in one singular point.
Mathematics failing to know the detail, operates by assumption.
And starts to assume 'infinities' to 'correct' the calculations.
It is best interpreted as a warning sign, that the model is ... speculation.

In Tetryonics the model is always only based on planck quanta interactions.
That prevents the need to introduce fiction, but requires rigour in application.
Tetryonics shows that in the singularity Matter collapses into Energy.
The Information is lost, but not destroyed: it goes back into the universe.

  • Tetryonics 79.05 - Active Galaxies.jpg
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In this view Black Holes do not exist: matter would be crushed and released as light.
The singularity is a dead end: time (Triangles) is a different dimension of space (Tetrahedra).
In Tetryonics many 'spooky' phenomenal can be seen to be straightforward mechanics.
With always the interaction between (2D) mass and (3D) Matter - in various forms.

Astronomy assumes the existence of 'black holes'.
In Tetryonics this instead is a "Pinch".
It appears the same at the cosmological scale.
At the core of the Galaxy, there is an electromagnetic Pinch.

  • Tetryonics 78.02 - GEM pinches.jpg
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As described with the solar systems, it operates the push-pull of galaxies.
78.02 illustrates the galactig GEM pinch.
Acting on elliptical galaxies; around the galactic core.
The planar distribution is the result of the electric & magnetic effects.

  • Tetryonics 80.05 - Galaxy Rotations.jpg
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That is the hidden mechanics; not a black hole but a 100% efficient GEM Pinch.
It radiates out with a co-linear linear momentum: see image 80.05
Its co-linear momentum explains the organisation and distances of matter within it.
Again, the density determine the precise location and motion.

In astronomy the velocity of the stars at the edge of the galaxies is 'too fast'.
This is because not only gravity but also the electromagnetic fields act.
Again, it is based on the similarity of the Newton and Coulomb laws.
With the difference of convergent versus convergent AND divergent effects.

From the core of the galaxy to the very edges, this determines the dynamic.
It accounts for the observed motions, without the need of 'dark matter'.
Dark Matter was another mathematical assumption/correction/extrapolation.
In Tetryonics Dark Matter is not needed.

What is needed, is that the electromagnetic forces are take into account.
And thereby describes and explains galaxy rotation.

  • Tetryonics 80.01 - The Dark Forces.jpg
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We also need to address dark energy; just as we looked at Dark Matter.
80.01 described that in terms of GEM dynamics.
Think of the deuterium principle, at the scale of the galaxy.
And see that the radiant energy fields are convergent AND divergent.

The convergent creates and addition to gravity; a.k.a. 'dark matter'.
The divergent energy momentum radiates out; as a field.
When it acts on energy collapsed in a pinch, seem to accelerate more.
The consumption of matter in a pinch seemingly accelerated in that region.

Dark energy creates a divergent vector force in that region, by inverse squared law.
It is Coulombs Law, at a cosmological scale,
No cosmological constants, dark matter or dark energy is needed.
Again, what is needed, is that the electromagnetic forces are considered.

As in the solar system, there is Gravity PLUS the +/- electromagnetic forces.
This operates in the universe as a whole.
When Matter is Collapsed, energy is added.
Matter does not need to be conserved; mass is conserved always.

  • Tetryonics 79.10 - The Dynamic Universe.jpg
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Matter =/= mass.
Matter can be created and destroyed.
When matter is destroyed it is converted into mass/inertia/time energy
In this way the universe (re)cycles energy, between Matter and mass.

79.10 show this eternal universal dynamic equilibrium.
It sidesteps the open/closed, flat/3D universe discussions.
Instead it again falls back on the way planck quanta form the universe.
And shows how Planck Quanta can form Tetryons, which can collapse.

mass-energies form/determine the dynamics.
They also form the materials, the tetryons forming all matter.
With a continuous evolving mass-Matter interaction.
Wherein fields can increase in complexity and coherence (information in formation).

  • Tetryonics 80.11 - Inflation.jpg
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By this approach we can understand inflation.
Release of Planck mass energies as radiation van interact.
Illustration 80.11 shows how this takes place.
And applies to the beginning of the universe, and its end.

Energy is an equilateral geometry.
Within any spatial region (c**4) mass can be converted into +/- energy.
The release of energy creates time; the beginning time in/of creation.
With a superluminal propagation of change in that region of space.

That continues intill the energy adds up to a threshold, slowing it down to the speed of light.
The universe is created by expansion in 2 directions, faster than light.
That is know as Inflation: a pulse, operating faster than light.
Until the energy momentum drops back to the speed of light, creating Matter.

  • Tetryonics 79.09 - The Big Discharge.jpg
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All of the area of the universe starts from the area of the Planck Quantum.
While it expands, faster than light, it produces light, then matter, thence gravity.
The back-pressure can no longer collapse the Matter topology, but charge balance calibration.
With Pinches throughout the universe, where Matter can be converted to energy.

  • Tetryonics 80.14 - Physical Constant geometries.jpg
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There is a balance, in regions of interaction, creating the observable universe.
This is hypothetical, speculative.

Every physical constant is a geometry.
Math may be the language of physics, but it does not explain causation.
It is descriptive, but does not address the Logic.
What we see is the result of the geometric properties of Energy; based on the equilateral geometry of energy.

  • Tetryonics 80.17 - Charged fascia chirality.jpg
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That can be positive or negative; as inherent in all Planck Quanta.
The interaction is via dipoles, forming energy fields.
Angular Momentum (energy/second) is a charge.
Making topologies, of mass energies.

    There are three forms:
    1) antimatter
    2) ordinary matter
    3) neutral charge matter

Neutrons have 18+ and 18- charges.
Antineutron has the same charges, but a different (inverse) topology
Same applies to negatrons and positrons.
When neutrons and antineutrons combine into neutral charges.

  • Tetryonics 80.18 - Types of Matter.jpg
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80.18 expands on these 3 forms
It shows how these materials can form quantum synchronous rotors.
It is what is the essence of Deuterium.
By combining neutrons, antineutrons and neutrinos, with 42 +/- charges in balance

They can be discerned only via Tetryonics, which shows their topologies.
With the topologies in views, the differences are very clear.
The three forms of matter would otherwise be indistinguishable.
The light they emit is identical, for all 3 forms of matter.

  • Tetryonics 80.20 - Baryon Asymmetry.jpg
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We cannot discern a matter, anti-matter and neutral galaxy.
As far as we can know, matter and antimatter can co-exist.
Due to the distances betwen them, they do not interact.
Their position is still determined by the cosmic Pinch which determine their position and motion.

  • Tetryonics 80.21 - Galactic Matter distribution.jpg
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A neutral matter star and anti-matter star behave as our star.
Dirac already described how particles and anti-particles both exist.
They cannot be distinguished in that model; except from by their charges.
With the question: why do we think that we live in a matter-universe?

From the view of Tetryonics that may not be the case.
As long as they are far enough apart, they will not interact.
80.20 shows the asymmetries involved.
The antimatter can however easily exist, ... WITHIN matter.

80.17 shows how charges are distributed over the outside of matter.
INSIDE the deuterium atom, you would see the reversed charges.
This inside matter, we have the inverse charges: anti-matter.
The matter and anti-matter universe are the duals of each other...

In creation, matter and anti-matter were created simultaneously.
Anti-matter, with the inverse charge, is INSIDE the Matter.
It is the other side of the coin, so to say.
The +/- balance at the time of creation is still preserved.

  • Tetryonics 80.19 - Matter - Antimatter symmetry.jpg
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No matter how many quanta are released into space: +&- are in balance.
Tetryonics shows where the balance occurs.
And that there are 3 forms of matter.
In which neutron stars are not made from neutrons; but are a different form of matter.

80.19 connects quantum mass-matter to planck quanta matter-anti-matter symmetries.
All the particles are shown, with their spin and stored energies.
It negates the need for symmetry break, and matter bias of our observed region of space.
Because EVERY QUANTUM balances the opposite polarities, in forming the universe.

  • Tetryonics 80.22 - Unifying Physics.jpg
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Baryons, neutrons and anti-neutrons for deuterium, anti-deuterium and neutral deuterium.
Energy in all it forms seeks equilibrium.
80.22 brings all findings together: it shows the planck quanta as the unifying concept.
It shows how the various models of physics can be unified by using the geometry of tetryonics.

This is the key to understanding everything that we have discussed.
It is not about mass of Matter, but the equilateral geometry.
In combination, it forms the whole universe, including the invisible forces.
This is all you need to create the universe.

The geometry is the answer.
Empty space is not empty: it has vacuum energy.
With the equilateral triangle, all of it falls in place.
The transitions in-between shows where freedom of choice can act.



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