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Imagine this:

You are back in kindergarten, … or sitting behind your desk just now.
You are given (or make) a print of the images below; and scissors.
And are asked to cut out the triangles, and play with them, as you like.
Do you discover that together they can form patterns, and structures?

Basically this is how you can discover how the uniVerse is (being) created.
The Triangles represent the most fundamental forces.
In combination, they form the basis energies that form the whole uniVerse.
In the form of Tetrahedra, they even form Atoms, Molecules and Matter.

This is what Kelvin Abraham discovered, shows and shares; with you.
Any child in Kindergarten, and you, can play with these shapes, as did he.
In doing so, you will discover fundamental patterns; and Quantum Theory.
Even if you do not know that it is QT, you will still have hands on experience with how the uniVerse works.

This is the invitation:

  1. Print out the templates below, and cut out the triangles using scissors.
  2. Lay them out on the table, and see what patterns they form.
  3. Use sticky tape as you like to paste like-to-like forming forms.
  4. See what patterns of triangles and tetrahedra you can use.

Tetryon N1- Charged Tetryon N1- Neutral Tetryon N2- Charged Tetryon N2- Neutral Tetryon N3- Charged Tetryon N3- Neutral Tetryon N4- Charged Tetryon N4- Neutral Tetryon N5- Charged Tetryon N5- Neutral Tetryon N6- Charged Tetryon N6- Neutral Tetryon N7- Charged Tetryon N7- Neutral Tetryon N8- Charged Tetryon N8- Neutral

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