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Tetryonic Atomic Static/Radiative Fields

1) N +/- (1/2) orbital wave bands (Interference pattern model)
2) deBroglie interference fields: Planets & Atomolecules
3) Left/Right spin tetryonic electronics (& BioLogical implications)
4) Magnetic Vortexing

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In Tetryonics, atoms are a lego-kind-of-construct.
My starting point was electrical engineering.
Tesla invented them; the information can be found on the internet.
In that  view,  the atoms are a form of rotating converter.

A Deuterium atom, of planck quanta, are a rotating converter.
Protons and neutrons (baryons) form quarks.
Neutrons are neutral, but yet composed of charges.
You can build them as models from the tetryonic templates.

You will see that shapes fit; even if no charges play a role.
In tetryonics you can recognise how charges connect up.
The electron is a 3 pole rotor; a synchronous converter; a flywheel.
Electrical energy can be stored, by changing rotation rate.

The electron has the same topology as Tesla's Rotor
Not mini solar systems, but a solid state device,
In which electricity and magnetism can be interchanged.
It results in speeds of rotation of 'engineered structures'.

A deuterium atom is a proton and electron and rotating neutron.
Adding energy is internalised in the internal motion.
It creates a - proportional - magnetic dipole, created by the dipole.
It is called the Bohr Magnetic (or Bohr Magnetic Moment).

Relativity tried to explain this by contraction in time.
It is easier to understand this as the internal movement.
Mass, inertia, is flat and has no shape.
Matter has a shape, a topology, in 3D.

By NOT differentiating between mass and Matter an error is made.
The Lorentz contraction only applies to the KEM field; a vector.
Without energy of motion the particle is stationary.
Only when accelerated, will the KEM field develop.

Imagine what happens when an electron wants to moved, but is stopped.
Instead, the motion is turned into a rotational motion.
This is the electron spin, described in the books.
It is the Dirac constant; which is half of the kinetic KEM field.

A tetrahedron is a 3D Pixel, a universal unit.
It alls starts with the equilateral triangle.
Which can have an inscribed/circumscribed circle.
Which will the basis of the electro/magnetic field.

There are no circles; they represent the oriented flux.
From the one side plus-rotation, negative rotation from the other.
It is what mathematics calls a Lorentz Transformation.
Mathematically complex; in teryonics ... a flop-over.

The charge vector (linear momentum) flips over also.
It explains cheirality; left- and right-handedness.
In Tetryonics is is an (inetrial mass) inductive loop.
It is only shown in the electrodynamics books, but valid throughout.

The charges will interact as fields and shapes; bosons and photons, and tetryons.
They are not see in contemporary physics, but observed by Tesla.
They have a tetrahedrag geometry and 4 charges; charged or neutron.
Neutral tetryons are now stioll called gluons.

Tetryons can be ++++, ----, or ++--
Neytral Tetryons can bridge between ++++ and -----
Out of that quarks are formed; with 12 charged facia.
Quarck geometry is characteristic, a 3D Trapezoid (Octahedral)

It has a hidden topology; inmistabeably unique.
Tetryonic topology is new; and very neglected.
Textbooks do not describe Tetryon topology.
So i described them by their shapes.

Tetryons can bond by their axes; as cores of their 'coils'.
They can then form a 12-sided dodecahedron.
Again, charges are decisive, in different combinations.
Therein n/3 charges are the outcome: the partial charges.

It is usually heglected, but now explained.
Protons and electrons are +12 and -12.
Some theories have already noticed that.
Now it can be explained, in teryonics.

It builds particles of 12 charges: neutralised as "Neutrinos".
All leptons have the same topoligies and sizes.
They are the same dimensionality and physicality.
Remember: mass =/= matter (in the 12 quanta system).

Each facies of a neutrino has an identical charge, but more triangles.
The mass energy is greater where there are more quanta involved.
it is the difference between 12 quanta and 10**19 (Compton frequency).
It is the number of triangle sin each charges facies.

Electrons, neutrinos and positrons are edinetical, except for their charges.
They are the essence of the Rotor in the rotating convertor.
WHen bound, the electron will spin faster.
The physical model has the wrong understanding of quantuised angular  momentum.

It is a motion that creates a magnetic momentum.
it is an equilateral geometry.
Thus leads to a dynamic motion.
And shows the energy, momentum and acceleration.

This is the basis of the spin, as it is usually called.
The normal description refers to a magnetic moment.
With an arbitrary 1/- value.
WHich is where Einstein provided a model.

His understanding, 100 years ago became theory.
Tetryonics gives an explanation; a different one.
It discerns the mass and Matter components.
And shows that the energy in the KEM field changes.

This is the basis of physics, in Atoms.
Quarcks are forms of equilibrium.
The result can be charged, or neutral.
And thereby form larger complexes.

That then broduces larges complexes, such as baryons.
Quarcks form Mesons, seeking equilibrium again.
Forming anti protons, pions, and such.
These are NOT little spheres, coloured balls...

Instead we have 36-charged Baryion family elements.
All are forms of local equilibrium.
These are icosahedral forms with hidden facets.
Leaving 20 charges facia, on the 'outside'.

From the top thgey are a hexagon.
At the bottom they are a hexagon.
You must build the models to see this.
And determines how deuterium can be formed.

Protons have 36 charges geometry: 24+, 12-.
Replaces thinking in spheres to thinking in geometries.
Electrons (3D rotors) balance this net charge:  12-
Neutrons have 18+ and 18-, thus zero charge.

Do not just think about charges; think of their arrangement.
Build the models, also for the up-/down-quarck netrons.
You combine the different types of quarks, in your building kit.
The resulting combination is the Baryon 'particle zoo".

There are 216(?) possible combinations of quarcks, with 3 levels.
There are antiparticles also;
The electrons therein can spin, and store/release energy.
With different energy levels; when exceeded, it will break away.

In building the model you can see how half the electron is burried in the nucleus.
It can break out and then move off in a straight line.
Tesla, Westinghouse and Edison already worked with this.
In breaking away the electron leaves behind a 12+ charge, free to attact another electron.

The KEM fields are equilateral.
The ONLY emerge after energy is added.
Tetryonics shows that only squared quanta energy levels can be added.
That explains the quantum levels, which can be added to deuterium nuclei.

The energy can be added to the KEM field only.
In squares levels, up to 8.
Beyond 82 quanta electrons will break away.
See the QED book, and the inverse squates Rydberg formula.

It always involes equilateral geometries, thus sqauerd, when bound.
When unbound any level of energy can be added.
We can see how elementary changes build up and how the geometries forms the 'particles'.
The topology 'matters'; and we see that bound electron energy changes are in 'squares'.

We donot have mini solar system atoms.
We have proton neutrons, and 3-pole rotor electrons.
It is an electrical device, with an inherent logic.
The universe is a logically engineered energy structure.

Tetryonics 18.05 - Bohr radius.jpg

Tetryonics 18.04 - Principal Quantum Levels.jpg

Tetryonics 18.02 - accelerating electrons.jpg

  • make the models.
  • See the patterns.
  • Get to know their names.
  • And play with the forms you can form.

The teryonic models explain the enegy levels.
It fits the theory and the measuytements.
But shows the topology which forms it.
And helps understand the dynamic.

Tetryonics 18.01- Photoelectron KEM fields.jpg

Tetryonics 18.08 - Nuclear Quantum Energies.jpg

It come together in the dynamics of change in-between.
As seen in the electron bound in deuterium.
And the direction of spin of the bopund electron.
See the illustrations in Tetryonics.

The Bohr MAgretrom has its own field.
When moving: dipolar, in same or opposite directions.
That is called the spin direction (versus the dipole).
It is much weaker than the electron.

Alignment of the rtoations are called up-spin.
It is the electron rotor spin in the deuterium.
Look at the illustrations to understand this.
In essence it is a KEM field, with magnetic moment.

The description actually fits what tetryonics shows.
Spin is up/down depending on its orientation.
It is always relative to the deuterium spin orientation.
The complexity remains, understanding is easier in Tetryonics.

The teryon is a quantum of matter; that's it.
The rest is just combination of it.
Creating Quarcks, Baryons, and the basic physics of quantum mechanics.
It is literally a quantum electromagnetic device.

God is an engineer.
Playing with Tetryons, making matter.
At the quantum scale we see how the electromagnetic rotor stores energy.
And can release the energy into the field as radio-activity; as radioactivity.

  • All of a century of physics in one shape.
  • the equilateral triangle
  • in various connections
  • forming the whole universe...

There is no quantum indeterminacy.
Momentum is always clear and can be determined.
Indeterminacy is the equilateral geometry; its invertability.
((It is the  pivot of freedom of Choice, in O#o's model))

The universe is predictale;
The KEM-BEM field interaction shows how choice can be affected.
By making use of the invertability at the unit level.
An thus creates the experience of freedom of choice, as we live it.

We can see that physics is upside down.
QUantum level is deterministic.
Macro level operates with freedom of choice.

Tetryonics 87.07 - Physically modeling the geometric forces of acceleration in calculus.jpg

Tetryonics 87.08 - Tetryonic Planck geometries in calculus.jpg

Tetryonics 85.05 - Tetryonic Flash Math.jpg

Tetryonics 85.07 - Tetrad Math Tables.jpg

  • Newton's slider calculus
  • Visual math flash cards
  • Tetryon table game
  • Tetryon video game

Tetryonics 86.06 - Prime numbers.jpg

Tetryonics 96.02 - Fermat’s method of Factoring.jpg

Tetryonics 96.03 - Fractions.jpg

On science of life Tetryonics site:

Newton differentials

Fermat's differentials

all the spectral lines

Same for



odd = acceleration

even = photons

Tetryonics 96.04 - Lyman transitions.jpg

Tetryonics 80.19 - Matter - Antimatter symmetry.jpg

symmetry-break is a form of symmetry

Tetryonics 80.18 - Types of Matter.jpg

Tetryonics 98.04 - Quantum computing via EM wave superpositioning.jpg

Tetryonics 98.06 - Organic Quantum computing.jpg

recording session on the P vs NP

i ching

chess board



Triplet Codons -A sticky problem in quantum chemistry.pdf

Pinch is the Star Drive: divergent and convergent energies;
it is a singularity where electric and magnetic meet, collapsing mass into energy.
The Einstein formula is incomplete; and cannot be used in general.
This, is a topic in itself.


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