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  d.d. 2014.03.11

1) Kindergarten cut ‘n paste
2) primary school tetryonic planes and chains
3) secondary school tetryonic complexes
4) academic tetryonic social/science politics/education

Tetryonics originally came from building models; and ideas falling in place.
I did not know what i was getting into.
Nor how i discovered i could rectify misunderstandings in science.
All that, by looking at what happens in connecting equilateral triangles...

I realised that the templates are a great basis.
They are simple, but contain much information.
They also illustrate a different way for learning how to count.
And show mathematical 'operations' by triangles connecting up.

If children learn to think in this manner they get an immense head start.
Tetryonic theory starts from the bottom up.
It is all based on combining triangles.
Leading to the understanding of the cosmos and science.

Much of what people know is ill-defined.
As a professor what e=mcc really means; or if mass=?=matter.
The contemporary science does not have a real understanding.
Modern physics is a top-down approach; inference by assumption.

Much of science is now by assumption.
Academia teaches 'facts', which are often dogmatic.
In tetryonics you see what you are dealing with.
Yet, children can easily play with tetryonics.

Most of our problems are based on erroneous preconceptions.
A new and fresh approach is needed.
I went through the process; in writing the books.
And had to rewrite them, in writing them also.

It no longer requires supercomputers to calculate atoms.
ALL can be done using paper and scissors and sticky tapes.
I can look at chemical reactions, in my head.
The next generation of scientists can do this also.

By putting it on paper i hope that others can take it up quickly.
But i find that many people are unable to understand it; due to being 'educated'.
Perhaps 1% is able to think in this manner; maybe able to apply this.
But what i now know shows that what universities still teach is in fact now obsolete.

Triangles offer a different view than the usual sphere or squares.
People who do not understand something tend to deny it.
This is basic psychology of reflex based conditioned behaviour.
That is where science can become a dogmatic belief system.

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