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The Tetryonic Photon

1) The Tetryonic shape
2) The Tetryonic light ray
3) Linking the electric and magnetic waves in Tetryonics
4) The speed of Light, and Sound, in 4D

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This is a huge topic; much learning will be involved.
There are many subtle misunderstandings in science.
Tetryonics gives the same results, but from a different perspective.
It is a new insight, very different from that of a little ball...

Tetryonics does NOT use the top-down approach.
It starts with the quantum of Planck energy momentum.
A single triangle of plank energy has +/- charge and momentum>
Charge is the basis for the Boson energy.

When charges are combined, a photon is formed with two directions.
In tetryonics it has the shape of a flat a=paper diamond.
It forms a neutral geometry with a dipole geometry.
Slide it across a point in space, and the dipole charge will be measurable as a sine wave.



The sine wave is the logical result of the registered charge variation over that point.
The magnetic field, as can be seen from the shape is measurable there also.
And measured by a 90-degree angle; the so-called Tetryonic quantum Harmonic.
This give an electric field with its own characteristic frequency.

Curved lines are always related to an equilateral triangle; in tetryonics.
The photons radiate out, with electric and magnetic fields.
The theory was based on what was being measured.
Now we have a simple geometric explanation for that.

It shows what Faraday, Maxwell, described.
Changing electric field and magnetic fields are connected.
They are connected by their geometry.
In interaction with matter, the sine wave is created.

Working backwards from the sine wave this can not be found.
Working forward from the Planck Tetryon it all falls in place.

I first thought the photon was a tetrahedron.
But considering matter and mass and energy that 'did not fit'.
Instead, i had to conclude that the photon is a 'double-triangle'.
It has a length = distance = wavelength, for the photon.

A photon is not a round pall; yet 'a particle'.
A particle is of Matter, in mass we call it a field.
It has a zero-point formulation: 1/2.h.f;
It takes two bosons to make a photon.

The search for the zero point is wrong.
It is a Boson: unit of Planck charge: the Planck constant.
A photon with a frequency is neutral: 2 bosons.
Even number boson = photon; odd number = boson.

Bosons can for a double; photons can form doubles too.
This is energy; measured per-second, is a measure of mass.
The diamond shaped geometries, diamonds, have mass, energy and momentum but no matter.
Photons are NOT massless; they have mass, but they are NOT Matter.

mass =/= Matter; photons are not affected by gravity, but by electromagnetic fields.
The number of photons are a pressure density in a field; as known for sound pressure.
Speed of propagation depends on the medium.
For sound this is well know; the different speeds of sound in matter.

Pressure wave for sound and energy densities for photons are similar.
The photon is transmisison of electromagnetic over distance.
Bosons do the same locally, as on the surface of matter.
This has many implications, such as spectral lines.

Charge, mass energies and geometry form the shapes of protons electrons and neutrons.
Again, these are not 'balls' but coherent energy shapes.
They are a unique topology, in Tetryonics.
In combinations, they form the elements; with Deuterium as its basis.

Deuterium is an electrical device: a quantum synchronous convertor.
Like a gyroscope, it can take up energy, store/transform it and release it.

Chemistry book, 60.11

Deuterium stores energy of photons, as mass energy.
It can store it in the KEM field of the electron; a secondary field (cf the wave around a boat).
This field can also store and release energy.
Around a Deuterium atom, it allows the photon/electron to spin in place.

The model of spinning electrons is wrong.
The electrons will not move; they can extend or contract; as a field.
It rotates at speeds depending on the energy.
The velocity must always be an integer; per square multiple of the quanta.

The whole atom rotates; as do the electrons.
Bound electrons can only jump in integer levels based on square energies.
Bohr interpreted that as energy levels; but the photon-electrons are fixed; the KEM field energy changes.


The change operates by the difference of two squares; the Fermat theory.
It gives the spectral line for each element.
Rydberg formula works, gives the correct numbers, but is not understood.
Tetryonics give a simple explanation; in the electrodynamics e-book.

It is all about geometry, fractal numbers and their mathematics.
Equilateral planck energies shows that photons add energy to the electron.
Changes between squared energy levels are by odd numbers only (Bosons).
Bosons and photons accelerate/decellerate the KEN field energies.

With enough energy of the correct frequency (Photo-electric effect) will be odd boson quanta.
The frequency for the transition is very specific.
e.g. wavelengths of Boson level 7 cannot work where 9 are needed.
As is explained by the geometry of Tetryonics, for the photo-electric effects.

There are no balls of photons with different colours.
Tetryonics has diamond shaped photons operating at the speed of light.
They interact with facetted topologies, also a tetrahedra = matter.
In that interaction the electrons in the Deuterium can shange their in-situ spin.

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Bosons: electrostatic
Photons: electromagnetic

A ray of light is a collection of photons in a larger diamond shape.
Laser light is the same, but now not as a sheet, but same sized diamonds rotated 90-degrees: a transverse waves.
Monochromatic laser is like sails coming towards you; transverse waves.
The sun emits (knife like) longitudinal wave; thus with different properties.

See the QED Book.

Transverse versus Longitudinal are Maxwell/Hertz versus Tesla.
Same energy momenta/diamonds, bit different orientation.

It is the difference between co-linear versus perpendicular.
It is describe in the 90-degrees phase change, in quaternions.

The measurement detects the electric aspect.

27.07 and 27.14

In measuring the magnetic, circular polarised light can be created (as polaroid sun glassed filter)
Transverse, longitudinal and polarisation are all involved in understanding 'light'.

This is described in Tetryonic Electrodynamics.

  • monochromatic light,
  • Action as a distance,
  • Entanglement
  • and more can be understood on this basis.


What holds the two bosons together, to form a photon?

Two bosons join two opposite electric charges, cancelling out forming the diamond shape: the photon.
There also will be two north poles and south poles; the evans photons.
It is a quantum transformer; the boson is a short circuited quantum inductor.
Two coils, side by side, acting as a transformer; the shared electrons form a binding bridge.

Bosons are quantum inductors
Photons are quantum transformers
Fermions would be 4 Higgs bosons with inductive mass, two electrostatic fields: a same charge quantum transformer (by inductive coupling).
It is about the weak force and the strong force, bridging the geometries.

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