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The Tetryon UniVerse

1) Tetryons
2) Fermions & Bosons
3) Tetryonic Atoms
4) Tetryonic (In)organic Materials

Best start with fermions and bosons; 2D mass energies and 3D matter
Start with the smallest planck quanta, and how they form the uniVerse.
There are too many complex equations and calculations.
Many of which are not founded on an underlying connecting understanding.

Tetryonics discerns matter, mass and energies; which exist in different dimensions.

Best start with coordinates of space, and how mass and Matter fill them differently.
It is fundamental; and seen also in the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.
Every electromagnetic waves is a oriented triangle of energy; affecting effect.
Every thing in the universe is made up of equilateral energies, in different interactions.

Equilateral planck quanta make everything; except empty space.
See chapter 1 in the quantum mechanics books.
It shows, in an intuitive way, the difference between mass and matter.
You can spot when and where people are confused.

First, the spatial coordinates: see the Tetryonics 101 in the first teryonics book.
Look at the pictures while listening to the following explanation.
Know that space and time is separate.
And come to understand what “c.c” (c**2) is

Tetryonics 01.03 - Spatial co-ordinates.jpg

“Tetryonics 101” - "Free Space" - is empty, contains NO energy.
The first picture shows this EMPTY Space.
Newtonian physics defined it in terms of time.
Relativity replaced time units by the speed of light.

This maps out space in extenses of time, plotted in speed of light.
But is has no energy, no matter, no consciousness.
Space is often understood in terms of a box; 3D empty box.
Now see that length and width and height is a volume; without the height it is a plane.

Planes we can show on a sheet of paper.
The mapping of space and time, by Planck constant and photon energy.
It assumes a photon, in empty space, travelling in 2 directions.
If travelling only in 1 direction, it would be called a boson.

When photons 'go in 3 directions' they are actually electromagnetic fields.
A Photon is a diamond on a piece of paper.
First i thought that the photon was tetryonic.
But ... i realised that it could then not be massless!

I actually had to rewrite my book which i had just written.
We can still used some of the words and the mathcs.
But we must come to think about it in a different manner.
Such as: the Sun actually has very little matter, but lots of Mass in the form of electromagnetic waves.

I always use m for mass and M for Matter.
Without that rule confusion arises.
The next slide, Tetryonics 103, shows the geometry of Empty Space.
It is flat and has a charge; a vector direction: that makes it a Boson.

The vector will be called v or c (in emtty space).
It connects time and space.
Photons are 2 bosons: = & -; in two directions.
Without the motion, it is a static charge.

In the centre the electric and magnetic field meet.
The two vector directions are in opposition: Up, and Down.
The centre stays but expands when the vectors grow.
When 2x+ or 2x- join, they make an electromagnetic field, +&- together form an electrostatic field.

That is where coulombs law of attraction finds its basis: based on the direction of the charges.
They are part of the more general law of interaction.
Releasing a photon, with 2 planck quanta, will spread out from the centre.
c meters + and c meters - together create a circle.

The area of the photon is c*c is c-squared.
It is the energy within a region of one second in time.
This is called mass; because it is energy in time.
The sun does not create energy by converting matter; but radiating mass.

A photon is not massless; it has energy, and exists in time.
You can immediately correct misconceptions in science.
The photon, in time, forms a circle; with mas being energy/c.c;
A triangle of energy within the circular space.

We now understand energy relating to mass; which we now need to connect  to Matter.
It requires 3 bosons, in 3 orthogonal (Cartesian) coordinates.
This forms a cube, with axes c.c.c. c-cubed
This is seen in the formulation for entropy.

c.c.c refers to Cartesian coordinates; as formulated in the time.
Hawking formulates black holes using entropy.
But instead of having 3 directions we can go from a pane to a volume.
Use two photons: left-right and up-down; cg transverse and longitudinal, expanding 1 second.

That produces a sphere - relativity uses that formulation.
Now we have all the geometries to map energies, mass and matter.
c.c.c ('entropy') is a square box in a ball; the coordinates do not match.
Instead use c.c.c.c, to get the right answers; this is important.

The math has led us astray, and leads to erroneous understanding.
The geometry resolves it: connect empty space to energy to mass to Matter.
Matter is measured in tetryons; 4 triangles enveloping a space.
It immensely simplifies the understanding of how these  units form the universe.

A tetrahedron inside a sphere, as in Greek geometry, is old knowledge.
Geometry helps understand what mathematics cannot show in perspective so easily.
Photons have mass, because they have energy in time; but no matter ("matterless").
Because of their 2D nature they cannot give a 3D result.

1D, c, is a vector,
2D, c.c, is a force
3D, c.c.c is a mass
4D, c.c.c.c is matter

It is the basic origin of change in the universe.
The geometry sets the stage.
"We are made of equilateral triangles stardust".
It requires a complete rethinking.

- - -


I had to do this rethinking myself.
I had to go through everything i just discussed.
I even wrote a book not discerning ccc. versus cccc.
And had to rewrite it when i realised that tetryons are empty; and that matter is mass looped in 1 shape.

I had the Planck quantum en the Einstein equation; plus matter is energy per second squares.
I needed to realise that a second is c.c. and s-squared is c.c.c.c; thus an energy / c.c.c.c
Space now has geometry and time (mass and matter) and (c.c.c.c, and /seconds-squared) coherence.
We must understand what the math describes.

I knew that tetrahedral are in spheroidal 4D; with empty space inside.
The charge is on the facia; and oriented, per second region (which is mass).
'Matter is the teepee, mass is the cow hide'.
Matter is NOT conserved.

mass is a property of Matter.
Matter is NOT a property of mass.

The illustrations in the ebook have an hour explanation each.
They give a tangible physical geometry.
The geometry gives the grammar to the language of math.
The understanding of the dimensional properties must be included.

See how flat regions in time are different from volumes in time.
Matter involves tetrahedra, composites of equilateral triangles in a sphere.
Using c.c.c.c (quaternions), with a matter content: e/c.c.c.c
Summarised as: e=m.c.c is incomplete; m=e/c.c is a different form of energy: matter.

Mass and energy CANNOT be confused.
matter = e/cccc = e/sec.sec; see the  books.
We now corrected mass and matter, and ecplained empty space and the coordinate system.
And showed that e=mcc is an incomplete equation; half of the symmetrical pair.

This must be understood before gravity and biology cannot be understood.
Read the books, as the questions; re-educate your mind and learn.
And at some point it all becomes self-explanatory.

The easiest part was to understand the basics by playing with the shapes.
An actual hands-on learning, by playing with the templates.
I had to learn that the tetryons, thus Matter resulted from equilateral triangles.
By playing with the triangles, planck momenta, i saw the underlying basics.

I had to reconcile what i learned from that with what books describe.
I had to understand how 'particles' are different combinations of 'triangles'.
Once i understood how empty space is the starting points.
And what the role is for particles and fields; and what the names really meant.

I had to tie everything back to spatial geometries.
With energy/second, and mass=energy/c.c are related (Newton versus Einstein).
The geometry describes propagation in different directions.
Bosons are equilaterals with a direction; energy release; by linear momentum.

Bosons are the planck quanta; building blocks for change in the universe.
Without them nothing happens: they are 2D charged.
Flip the triangle over and the positive and negative swap over.
The +/- w and neutral bosons were described; which relate to a photon.

It turns out that there is a distinct rhombus shape of bosons, giving a sideways moving photon.
The bosons are defined by odd numbers as a result; with alternating side-by-side =&- charges
The charges cancel out, except for one; and form the quanta of matter.
N=1 is the planck constant. The opposite of the boson has the opposite charge.

They form equilateral energy fields; and add up to squares for every next row.
That means that bosons and squares scales are related; triangles within triangles.
Even numbers are also possible: the plank quanta the form diamons: "Photons".
Causing light to spread out in 2 directions; with either neutral or (electrostatic) charge.

Odd and even quanta can be associated with mass, and electromagnetic fields.
They are flat, but have a direction.
A field around a sphere will be represented by paired equilateral triangles pointing outward.
With the + or - pointing outward; and they can take up a 3D volume.

Compared it to circles with spokes radiating  out.
The pointers have l=positive linear momentum.
When the negative charge points out the effect is similar but different.
There is no Matter; but a mass component with spatial arrangement.

mass is a 'sheet of paper'.
You can add odd numbers (bosons) and equal numbers (photons).
An electromagnetic wave is an even numberes set of quanta.
By drawing them in circles the force can be gauged.

Next you can start to put triangles together in aolume: fermions.
As space-constructs, they are mutually exclusive; only one in a space quantum.
Mass energy has plane geometry, matter (fermions) have a spatioanl topology: volume.
They have a z-component, and 'displace space'.

The tetrahedra linking 4 masses is a standing wave; a tetrahedron, a tetryon.
The energies move at the speed of light, but as localised standing wave.
Every tetrahedron has its own space; they can attract/repell but not coincide.
The fermions are always 3D, and always have mass; their motion is local internal only.

You can move a fermion; it will move in its environment but operates as a KEM field.
It has Kinetic Energy, is scalar (squared numbers) and moves by quanta of energy.
4 quanta of force will move it 2 quanta. the law of squares; in the equilateral field.
It will always require a boson (odd number) to change its speed.

Bosons are in fact forms of change of matter: acceleration/decelleration.
It always involves odd numbers; see Fermat’s squares-difference theory.
It applies to mass energies; and explains fractions of energy: "Spectral lines".
By looking at the geometries, mass energies are planer odd geometries, and fermions are tetrahedral topologies (4N.pi charges).

You can then see that the elementary are 12; electrons are 12 negative topology; protons are 24+ &12- charge topology.
It is the opposite of the electron, but a totally different topology.
I could only see that this was correct by seeing the other baryon, the netron, with 18+ and 18- charges, thus net zero charge.

All of that followed from the topology.
Quarcks have 12 charges, split in 1/3 versus 2/3; elemental charge is not 1, bit +12 and -12.
Charge gives shape, via odd numbers of fields and photons and bosons; forming 3D fermions (with 4N.pi tetryons).
Quarks have 3 tetryons, baryons have 12 tetryons (including hidden particles, within).

Planar mass energy geometry,  the resulting charges and particle formation are all geometric.
It took me 12 months to discover that; and needed to do that before i could understand spectral lines, electricity and gravity.
It only works if mass and Matter are NOT confused.
mass is Flat, Matter has volume.

only by understanding the geometry does the confusion disappear.
Most physicists operate the models they were given.
Thus confuse mass and Matter.
Higgs Boson must be equilateral giving inertial mass to matter... work it out.

A proton with 20 charged particle has 20 Higgs bosons; with inertial charged facia; resisting energy addition within it.
It is not a round ball slowing matter down.
It is merely a charged baryon 'surface',  with 36 fascia in the baryon.
Normal bosons are odd numbers; Higgs bosons have squared quanta.


Compare it to an inertial loop; serving as an inductor.
In electricity it will evoke an magnetic with two poles.
Adding/subtracting charge operate like inertial mass.
Equilateral geometry creates inertia.

Moving protons involves moving these implied loops.
These loops resist change in energy; as in gyroscopes.
The mass energy of the quanta creates the resistance.
Reintroduce the aether to understand how it works.

Tetryonics invites you to build the paper model.
Toss it in the air and see how it works.
Protons with matter act as sails.
Bosons are flat charged fascia.


We already spoke about space, mass and Matter; and how energy is involved.
The tetryon is the Planck unit of matter, the key building block of the material universe.
Discern mass (surface) and Matter (volume), with the electric/magnetic charged fascia.
The law of interaction/attraction acts on the surface to form larger particles out of tetryons.

They form quarks, leptons, baryons and so on.
Each has a different complexity and change.
Energy, and change, seek equilibrium.
Imbalance will seek to combine and neutralise; thus electron and proton forms Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a radical.
The first atomic element involves a Neutron; a quantum synchronous rotating convertor ('gyroscope')
This is the Deuterium nucleus; able to store/release energy in a relulated fashion.
Charged dipoles are used; an even neutral particles have many implies +/- charges and dipoles.

Deuterium element, element 1, can compound to form larger atoms.
The Z-number is the number of Deuterium Nuclei.
They can build up energy levels, and therin interact by their geometry.
The external charges fascia of their topology is the 'residual strong/em force; as separate from the Deuterium charges.

The full charge is face to face; the residual charge is by the 3 points of the circumference; when aligned.
That will be ++&- or --&+; every particle, even neutral, has intrinsic + & - charges.
When the Deuteriums are not face to face the charge is indeed weaker; yet links the particles.
It is the principle by which matter in fields 'attracts'.

Atoms are described in energy levels and shells.
In the allotropes there are energy level differences; leading to different properties.
The shaping (topology) determines the characteristics, dynamics and charges.
In Carbon the 6 Deuterium elements are at the same level, in Carbon 12: the other form is diamond, with a vastly different shape.

Adding energy to Carbon 12 adds the energy to N2; suggesting more mass than should be: a C13 isotope.
The extra mass is believed to be an extra neutron; but not so: it is ectra mass in the interplay in the Deuterium.
The isotope concept and Mendelyev table is to be replaced by the teryonic table.
It shows the electron configurations, and scghroedinger charges, for each of the 120 elements.

We can add energies an restructure them, weaken their links, or restabilise them.
Radio active elements are explained by that dynamic.
It is possible to allow the +/- charged fascia to form compounds; as the Deuterium element can handle.
By adding mass to Matter, weight increases. mass energy is not affected by gravitation fields.

massless, topology-less, is a different topology than Matter.
Adding energy to mass increases mass; not its weight because it does not become 3D Matter.
Applying energy makes radio active; adding force (energy in motion) created KEM (Kinetic ENergy Motion).
The energy does not increase the mass nor weight, only the secondary sqrt-vector particle motion; as the wake on a boat.

Imagine pushing a boat.
The wave around the boat, is the KEM field.
Adding 2N Kem fields, in all direction, keeps it stationary; it creates
electroSTATIC energy.
It is the complement of the sun radiating light in all directions.

KEM fields have mass energy, are dense, full Planck quanta, and add to the ('relativistic') mass.
But they also add another layer of interaction at the surface of the tetryons; allowing them to expand.
This extends the range for chemical boding, but also for the information storage capacity.
The EM field affects the bosons and photons in energy distributions: Planck quanta can be organised.

Here, tetryons and computations become interchangeable.
With electric and magnetic components; with momenta and geometry.
This allows for different interaction, via the EM fields; as used in organic life.
Thence it can use the 'electric aura', 'carried' by the material structure.

The electrostatic and kinetic field are the basis for the information computation.
The material particle without own motion, can thus connect and compound to form quantum electric (storage/regulation) devices.
That is the basis for life; in which the form of the elements of the periodic table all have different functions.
Every object and life form is a 'circuitboard', for a computation; organics has a larger associated field to work with.

Molecular dynamic is based on the motions in relationship to the impingent energies.
This can create an associated surrounding field, allowing for a different level of energification.
It can also store energy, as information, for computation - as a basis for soul conscious life.
It has no orientation; and motion must be generated out of energy oriented by the information.

The organism is a BEM field: Bio Electro Magnetic.
The brain is the quantum processor; and has its eigenprocess: the Id.
The human consciousness can not be found in the brain; the computer currents are not the program code.
The information processing takes place in the BEM field, carried by composte Planck quanta.

Plants, animals, anything alove works, lives, by this; including humans.
Kem (1D Boson) and BEM (2D photon) are in different dimensions;
The BEM field is like a hard disk; with immense storage capacity.
It is possible to share information fields between different people.

The Body is the 3D material field; the fermion equivalent.
Doctors are thinking in terms of material physics.
The top down model is a control model.
Tetryonics allows for a bottom-up approach.

Food for thought:

The BEM field is carried by billions of quanta;
then the sun may be conscious too - as mystic traditions described.


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