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Tetryonics and Water

This will be an exploration, of the nature of water.
The biology book is still being written.
Water is so much connected with life and biology.
And see how energy links up with/in Matter.

Starting point is 42.03: the bonding of Planck units.
Out of that protons and neutrons and electrons are formed.
In Tetryonics these are NOT spheroidal particles.
Instead, in Tetryonics, they are icosadodecahedra.

They are composed of Tetryons, tetrahedra; inert with flowing surface charges.
Grouped, they will have external but also internal (hidden) surfaces.
In Tetryonics, the inside has an opposite charge of the outside.
In the models that can be built, that is always the case.

Baryons are composed of quarks; combining as hexagons and pentagons.
That is shown bottom right in the page.
We can model any element up to the quantum and quark level.
And use colour coding to show the +/-, proton/electron/neutron charges.

This is where we can discern between mass-energies and Matter structures.
Mass is 2D, an energy force; which physics cannot see.
Matter is 3D, a physical structure.
56.02 shows the bonds that form Matter.

Sigma bonds are closed, weak, bonds which define the 's-orbit'.
(Tetryonics does not operate by the concept of orbits).
The Pi bonds fill vacant p orbitals;
This is NOT by electrons spinning; but fixed positions with the Deuterium nuclei.

The atom cores connect up.
The pi-bonds and sigma pi-bonds ' fill up orbitals; See 56.08
In filling the orbitals this form structures
56.09 shows the stable configurations, known as the Inert Gasses.

Helium is a unique noble gas, with only s-orbitals.
Increasing the orbitals is increasing the energy level.
Neon and Argon shows s-orbitals surrounded by p-orbital.
These form the core electrical configuration.

Within (the red numbers) show how one gas 'contains the other'.
The Tetryonic geometry shows how all the elements are thus interconnected.
Thus rewrites the periodic table - to show the underlying coherence.
The filled orbitals (56.08) show that Hydrogen is a free radical; not an atomic element.

Hydrogen forms bond between elements; by linking to a neutron to form Deuterium.
Deuterium is the core.
Hydrogen bonding creates a 90-degree rotation of the electron in the deuterium.
The chemistry books show the details of the principles and dynamics involved.

S1 and S2 are the first slots to be filled.
The p-orbitals add 6 electron fitting position.
The next level has more empty slots, and so on
2, 8, 18, 32; after which it reverses.

The symmetry of the atom reverses
2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 8, 2 is the geometry.
That means that there are 120 atoms.
With a stark geometric logic organisation.

The noble gasses are the reference point for the understanding>
57.01 shows how electrons stabilise the topology.
That is done by binding free radicals, to neutralise the charges.
Always seeking for a filling of the vacant spaces.

Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon are the key elements.
they are pivotal in creating stable elements.
The offer 0, 2, 3, 4, 'docking slots' for connecting atoms.
The bonding is always via electric/magnetic forces.

57.02 shows how the energy levels are balanced out by bonding.
In Tetryonics the charged mass energies are distinct from Matter topologies.
Mass energies are shown in orange (charge).
The matter topology for hydrogen is 96l; shown in green.

Right top shows how that works for Helium.
The topology and bonds are different than for hydrogen.
It is a bigger element; with more Deuterons.
57.05 shows how this is seen for oxygen.

It is always about aiming to fill up empty slots.
Oxygen has 2 slots, Ozone has 1 slot.
Left top water is shown: how hydrogen fills the slots in oxygen.
Bonding needs to be at level N2; otherwise bonding cannot take place.

59.01 shows the quark arrangement and charges of water.
it is neutral charged, with 284 Higgs Bosons which are balanced.
And a 768 topology: which specifies the phases of the Matter of water.
The phase states are discerned by the energy levels.

3D CAD models are available for this.

Water has filled lacunations; with two bonds.
The hydrogen positioning
1) Creates a stable configuration
2) Allow for N2 energy level bonding.

Water molecules can combine: 59.02
(Note, this is still work in progress)
3 molecules can create a tri-compound (ice); Top left.
The phase difference comes from the energy level changes.

Specifically the difference between KEM and BEM fields.
Physics looks at the Matter topologies only.
The bonding energies determine what geometries are formed.
Ice is the lowest energy state; an equivalent to a zero state.

It is the most compact organisation, without KEM/BEM field.
Adding energy, add a KEM and BEM field.
The radiant EM fields increase: acting as a lubricant'.
This changes it from a solid to a liquid.

Adding energy will dissociate the bonds, as liquids or as gas.
The change in geometry leads to changes in organisation.
The EM, KEM and BEM fields become determinant.
The energy flow over the surface of the Tetryons, affects the strong forces.

Water can have the various forms seen in hydrogen, ozone, and so on.
Similar is the change of behaviour in Salt - 59.04.
Here too the N3 electron is shed in the (3)s1 spit.
The chlorine misses an electron versus the inert gas configuration.

An exchange is made leading to a coupled noble gas configuration.
It has neutral charge and a Matter topology.
In water, a shift is possible; displacing some of the water in the system.
This is the capacity of water to dissolve Matter topologies.

Deuterium shows heavy water; where hydrogen is replaced by deuterium, creating an 'inert gas configuration'.
It is at the N2 energy level; a spark is needed to be able to do so.
A transition from N1 to N2 is needed, to allow for the bonding.
The Matter topology of heavy water is different than that for water.

We can calculate the difference form the topology.

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Tetryonics H2O - BEM field informatics [1024x768] 300dpi.jpg
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We can now look into the KEM - BEM field dynamics.
In Tetryonics the fields are at 90-degrees from the current model.
This is related to the vector force as SQRT of the EM field.
The physical quantum topology of the water molecule is shown,.

The quarks build up the elements.
We also know (on the right) how energy changes the dynamic.
KEM fields and BEM fields are formed: vectors.
The can balance out, or radiate out.

s1 and s2 are orthogonal to the p-level.
Therein 6 KEM fields are available in Water.
Their vector forces determine the interaction of water around it.
When energy is added, the field gets stronger (not larger).

2hv = E = hf (respectively as bosons, or as photons).
Bonding is possible between different p-level locations.
BEM field water memory shows how the bonds reflect the experiments for ice crystal formation.
The physical forms have corresponding energy dynamics, which will affect the water.

The water will respond to the mass-energy associated with the physical objects.
Masaru Emoto's pictures show snowflakes with hexagonal core forms.
A water molecule is small; in ice they are connected.
Their binding is by force vectors; following the force vectors in water.

The forces are up-down from the page; with an equilateral scalar component.
That is where the BEM field information is stored (we can assume)
Ben Field Information shows this: the 90-degree phase related scalars.
We can measure them as (transverse) boson charges) or (longitudinal) photon

Bosons are measured as voltage gradient; over the magnetic dipole.
The motion of water creates a voltage ('via eddy currents')
This is the hydro-electro-dynamic potential.
The KEM field interacts with the space around it; and can transverse bosons: a voltage charge.

A water molecule is the topology of the 6 fold vector forces.
The KEM and BEM fields can produce/contain information.
As voltages (bosons) or energy momenta (photons).
Depending on how we measure it...

Planck quanta in a BEM field store information.

The distribution is as a voltage, force, and distribution of information field.
We can project sound into water; or light (or symbols) and therein change the arrangement of Planck Quanta.
The number of quanta is immaterial; what Matters is how we measure/detect/interpret is.
Water memory seems to be the informatics of physics.

Water can store information of where it was and what it interacted with.
It will preserve this until a new interaction defines it.
Homeopathy could not be explained.
Now we see the mechanism: the difference between 2D mass versus 3D Matter.

The 2D field is EM, KEM, and BEM.

The Tetryon is coated with a film force field; the mass-energy.
It determines the weight, by E=mc**2.
54.15 illustrates this; again based on the noble gas configuration.
Increasing the energy level is colour coded in Tetryonics.

We can see that as Oxygen Isotopes.
The topology is unchanged; ONLY THE ENERGY ON THE SURFACE CHANGES.
That changes the weight, but also the fields of interaction.
All are electromagnetic; and dependent on the motion in the context.

Electron acceleration is a simple way to illustrate this: 28.06.
Force creates a KEM field, with a vector velocity (force/mass dependent).
The Field will be equilateral (charged) or photon shaped (electrostatic).
A KEM field is always pointed; thus has a direction.

Adding heat changes the energy and the acceleration.
In Biology a new level shows up: KEM fields operating as BEM fields.
Chemistry is about energy in motion; without internal 'choices'.
That is where 55.03 shows which forces an in play, and affect particle motion.

Energy seeks equilibrium; regardless of the forms.
VanderWaals forces are the London force, between two molecules.
It is the field of interaction; with a KEM component.
Their overlap forms and Alpha field (coupling field)

Therein the changes are part of the story.
The other part of the story is how the information.
Until now we looked at Bosons and Photons.
56.06 describes that as ionic bonds.

KEM fields are related to motion; and related to charges.
Photon fields show the same as interaction of energy momentum.
As KEM and EM fields, black body radiation must be accounted for.
That is the BEM field: in which information can be rearranged.

Bosons and Photons are arranged as +/-.
In KEM and BEM we can regard rearrangement of charges.
That allows for additional imprinting or information.
The patterns (and fractals) literally carry information.

This is the level of Quantum Informatics.
Without changing the physics, we can change the information.
It affects the interaction forces; with more quanta than a computer has bits.
Think 3D: thus the interaction of 6+ (alpha) fields in interaction.

That is why biology is more complex and more demanding.
We are not longer dealing with energy of physics; but information.
This is also where we can start to understand information imprinting.
See also quantum encryption in the book on mathematics.

    The interaction of the KEM field and BEM field is essential.
    KEM = Motion
    BEM = Black Body Radiation
    2D images cannot show what happens at this level.

    KEM = field around a particle in motion in a field
    BEM = information in a cluster of particles in and environment.
    Molecular motion can be described as a KEM field.
    Molecular characteristics can be described as a BEM field.

The KEM and BEM fields interact.
Information can be transported with water,
DNA is an example of materialised information.
This is different than biology books now describe it.

Water is a means of transport; cf. electrical current.
The water can dissolve other molecules within it.
These materials can be reconstituted elsewhere.
With H, N, C, O atoms determining what happens; also in DNA.

We will need to rewrite chemistry.
And see how carbon biology relates to photosynthesis.
And how that creates fields of consciousness in Matter.
And how therein there is internal degree of freedom (of choice).

Water has and information: BEM field.
It also has a dynamic: KEM field

cf information in formation.

- - -

We need a spark to combine hydrogen with oxygen.
The inverse is also the case.
Plants operate this; in the KEM energy transitions.
When the KEM field dissipates, the BEM field is left.

When Hydrogen goes from N2 to N1 the noble gas configuration is lost.
Release of oxygen in plants is part of the use of the hydrogen.
The process of creation of water is reversed.
And the hydrogen is combined with carbon, in the plant.

In Tetryonics, we can draw the illustrations.
Other can use this geometry to describe what they have found.
In that way Tetryonics can integrate our information.
But also bring our current understanding (much) farther.

In this way we can link homeopathy with Tetryonics.
Tetryonics however has a different understanding.
It does call for a basic understanding of Tetryonics.
And requires an need to interpret 2D in 3D as in chemistry.

This requires 3D modelling; which Rene Coumier has created.
That took time.
All elements have now been created.
We can now look for the compounds.

Then we can look for the KEM fields and BEM fields.
Others may well know how to do it.
The 2D and CAD models already exist.
The more people join in, the quicker the results.

We can now see how information is included in physics.
Nut just as quantum encryption, but also as information in water.
The more we can develop, the more encompassing our understanding.
Already, there is much that we can explain.

Water is the magic molecule.
It stands out as the ingredient for life.
It links animate and inanimate.
The common denominator, for everything.

We can now link up to all other insights.
Tetryonics was able to integrate and correct physics.
Can the same occur for the understanding of biology and life?
We are dealing with immense amounts of molecules; can computers help?

A 'seti project' for Tetryonic biology ...

NEXT: Deutrons

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