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Zero Point Energy
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There are many devices that create energy in manners that science cannot explain.
Eric Dollard has done much research, and starts to describe it.
He works with electromagnetic/radio fields.
Which he put into an electric theory of space-time.

That is also what Tetryonics has as its basis; at the quantum level.
It helps to give understanding to many existing practical results.
And shifts the attention from the mathematics, to the geometry.
With different insight into the relationship between energy and Matter.

Science in a way has become separated from experimental science.
It is as if devices 'cannot exist', if they 'cannot be explained'.
Coral Castle was built by a technology that was not explained.
Tesla did all his experiments, and only part of that was explained.

Tesla was a wonderful tinkerer, learning as he went along.
He changed from AC (which he developed) to DC.
He had findings which he could not explain.
But yet, most our present technology was invented by Tesla.

Yesterday we looked at the difference between technologies.
The Transverse wave which is now used, and dominant.
And the complementary Longitudinal wave technology.
The previous session explained how they are complementary to each other.

Quantum theory was able to describe the current technology.
But as a result, limited and restricted our understanding.
Fortunately many others kept the other aspect of science/research alive.
Tom Bearden, Eric Dollars, and many others have published their findings.

The theoretical framework was always to limited to integrate the findings.
In the start of Tetryonics, the exploration was to understand quarks.
It led to a different understanding of quantum electrodynamics; and 4 books.
But required a full reinterpretation of the basis of science; from the bottom up.

Tom Bearden created a device; which works, which he tried to describe.
In Tetryonics it is in a way self-evident how it works, from the geometry.
Tetryonics also helps to reinterpret and integrate different findings of different researchers.
But it is necessary to understand what these researchers were actually doing.

When Tesla talks about High Frequency Discharges is it NOT AC dynamics.
He was actually discussing opening/closing DC current spark gaps.
This involves the storage of the discharge in the circuit/capacitor.
It is a spark gap + capacitor plus a circuit-breaker.

John Bedini used a spinning flywheel for that purpose.
And shows how he can recharge a 'dead' battery, quicker and to more power.
When he patented/released the information it was clear that it was a 'DC discharge'.
Many of the 'free Energy Devices are based on a DC discharge principle.

Scientific theory ignores it and does not measure/describe it.
Only now are measurement devices for DC discharges being created.
The oscilloscope shows it as a Dirac Pulse ('very small, very tall').
It is an instantaneous vertical line: a longitudinal wave (as plane wave).

Tesla called that the "Stinging Ray', and can be used to create a breeze.
Longitudinal waves can move matter; thus also displace air.
It will also affect the air, such as in creating ozone.
In Teryonics this can now be described, thus explained.

Tetryonic shows how and why zero point energy devices function.
Marc Rodin's Torroidal coil is a representation of the electric field dynamic.
It represents only the electrical part of the electrical field; not the magnetic.
The Tokamac plasma reactors therefore do not work: fusion cannot be sustained.

The device makes it possible to produce a ball of plasma.
The energy momentum can be extended and tapped, via an inductive coil.
It is an EM field, with diamond shape geometry in Tetryonic theory.
This is equivalent to the experiments that Faraday did.

Relativity tried to resolve the coupling between the magnet and a current.
Magnetic field do not provide work; only electric fields can do work.
Magnetic fields can condition/guide a flow; electricity drives it.
Einstein interpreted the motion of the electric field as a force affecting electrons.

In that approach the spheroidal magnetic fields were assumed to become squashed; a shear tension/tensor.
In Tetryonics a different approach is provided: bar magnets are part of the Planck Quantum concept.
It is associated with an electric field; which can drive the electrons.
Magnets do not wear out; the energy it contains is in internal circulation.

John Hutchinson, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russel and Marc Rodin ...
All operate with different devices, with different experiments and findings.
All however show that we must extend the theories that we are now using.
Look for the link between energy. magnetism and gravity, as was already discussed.

In the session on Radio Circuit & Tetryonics part of the foundation was addressed.
It always needs to be based on the equilateral dynamic of the Planck Quantum.
In many cases, the schematics of the devices are not completely published.
In many cases, "Zero Point Energy is not an explanation but .. an 'excuse'?

DC discharges do not produce energy, but an EM field.
That can be tuned into, and tapped.
In Tetryonics i sought for tapping into that by the geometry of atoms.
But i discovered that the QED (Quantum Synchronous Rotator) needed to be understood.

The fields, when energise, are comparable to power added to a radio antenna.
It provides enough energy to make the antenna active, and tunable.
The same happens in electrons, in the vacuum (which is full of energy).
That is where the energy of the electron comes from, in motion/interaction.

Protons store energy; it is composed of tetryons.
Deuterium nuclei can be filled up with energy; which adds to its weight.
They can store immense amounts of energy; adding to its weight.
Which then becomes energy that can be released.

Much of the Free Energy community seeks this.
It looks for devices that produce more energy than they require.
It is called an over-unity device.
And calls for explanations beyond the present understanding.

What is being neglected is that they limit theory to electric and magnetic.
Faraday and Maxwell already said that electric and magnetic are always connected.
We always must look at/for the one together with the other.
Always a magnetic field and electric field must be understood: together.

In an equilateral triangle the electric and magnetic dipoles are combined, in tetryonics.
THAT is what we need to work with, and can use to 'explain' all zero point devices.
We must explain where the extra energy comes from (and where it went).
Only by looking into Fission and Fusion did it become clear where the theory went wrong.

Only then can we see that the theory is wrong; and based on spurious assumption.
Black Holes, Magnetic Monopoles, and other theoretical singularities are not needed.
It separates theoretical physics from practical physics.
Plus, there are also the experimenters with valuable valid finding, outside of physics.

Some people have fantastic fantasy-full models of which there is no good description.
There are however many practical working devices, which are  not explained.
Tesla invented many devices that worked, but were not explained; and now ignored.
Tetryonics seeks to build working devices, showing the principles described in Tetryonics.

A Bar magnet is in essence the same principle as a Star.
It makes it possible to condition space and time to guide energy.
Therein we can use both transverse (information) wave and longitudinal (activation) waves.
By understanding how the sun works, we have the best model for all free energy devices.

Spark Gap driven devices use the driving force of the sun, momentarily.
In the sun the charge discharge is ongoing.
We must come to a different understanding to be able to  create a different technology.
Once the coherent understanding is in place, new devices can be created.

"Overunity' is a claim without explanation.
"Theory" is also a claim without explanation.
Theory is neither a formulation nor limitation of reality.
It is only a formulation for our limitation in realisation.

Stars produce energy from the principle of conversation.
Physics confuses the words mass and Matter.
In a star, Matter is Collapsed, releasing mass.
The energy store within it, becomes available around it.

In the core of a start, there is an electromagnetic pinch.
There, where the electric and magnetic fields meets, matter is collapsed.
Matter is NOT conserved, and can be made to release the mass energy.
It is a change from a 3D topology, to a 2D geometric field.

DC discharge momentarily mimics the pinch at the core of the star.
Experimentation makes it possible to discover the unknown.
We can learn to use the findings.
We can, then, also come to understand it.

Tesla created lightning balls; short lived little 'stars'.
Modern science still cannot well describe this.
Simply because science in itself was incomplete.
It looked at matter, found molecules, atoms then quanta.

Tetryonics starts from the quantum, and works from the bottom up.
It helps to be able to create devices for clean limitless energy.
And shows how we can recycle radio-active waste into clean energy.
There are many more applications than can now be discussed.

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We can start by studying existing devices in terms of Tetryonics.
We can thereby also correct the devices that do not work well.
We always must look for the link between electricity and magnetism.
Illustration 73.15 and 73.16 shows how this can be applied, to water.

The Pinch requires a Containment field.
This can be used by applying longitudinal waves.
Aeroplanes can work on electric motors, 'fuelled' by longitudinal waves.
That is what Tesla championed, until the Photo Electric Effect sprit science apart.

Funding was cut off from Tesla, and longitudinal; waves.
Yet Longitudinal waves is simply half of the story.
The Transverse waves, by itself, is by definition incomplete.
In Tetryonics both are described integrated, and combined.

Zero Point Energy make use of electricity, or magnetism.
DC Discharge spark devices are examples of the work of Tesla.
Often the explanations are full of fantasy, but mythical.
We always need to see what works; and how we can understand/describe it.

Many devices and inventions aim to gein money.
These can often be ignored, leaving a core group.
75% of the devices uses magnetic energy in rotation.
25% of the devices uses invisible electric (discharge) field forces.

Tetryonics can be used to model all of the devices.
The ones that work must use the universal laws of physics.
That we can then describe in terms of Planck Quanta.
That means that Tetryonics may be able to describe this.

We will need experimenters and theoreticians.
Who are willing to apply Tetryonics to Zero Point Energy Devices.
There are too many people who now believe theory  more than findings.
In reality it is not what we think, but what works, that matters.

EM pinches are 200x more efficient than the model of fusion.
It is all about understanding how Matter collapses into mass.
Only 6kg of matter can power the world energy supplies.
With pinch generators, we will always have energy enough.

Tetryonic theory can also convert raw energy back into matter.
Radio active waste can make any material that we choose.
We can integrate physics, electrical theory, in Tetryonics.
We can likewise integrate the models and theories of Free Energy Devices

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  • Thinkers for Zero Point ENergy explanations
  • Builders for Zero Point NErgy Devices
  • How can Tetryonics help.

First it is important that each can communicate what they find.
That all can do what they do, and look at and learn from the work of others.
Tetryonics is a very practical fundamental model and description.
It is not a theory, but a geometry - a scaffolding for understanding.

Science has multiple theories; many of which are very fragmented.
Tetryonics is able to integrate them, and also correct them.
Tetryonics is still fully being developed.
Can all use tetryonics to communicate/integrate their findings?

Theoreticians may find that Tetryonics helps them find logic and coherence.
Builders may find inspiration in understanding the Planck Quantum model.
Science has been split, in theoreticians and experimenters.
Money is being used to drive that rift asunder...


Tetryonics offers a geometry, a coherence, a grammar.
It levels the field as far as education is concerned.
The theories that we have are seen to fail, in many cases.
Tetryonics is new for everybody; and offers a new basis for communication.

I was doing research on low budget.
I had to really think over to see what i could afford.
I had to really think it over: thus form a theory.
You do not need a  degree; you can now use tetryonics.

Scientists like everybody else are new to Tetryonics.
Tetryonics builds from the ground up: the planck quantum.
This is modelled in a graspable tangible way.
Any one can do that, even young children can learn this.

While tetryonics is being developed, the information will go out.
Instead of fracturing science, it unifies science.
Theory and practice can share a common language; geometry.
With the understanding of the difference between mass and Matter.


The physicists can see what they do, and see how what they do uses the Quantum.
Tetryonics is a common field to all aspects of science.
As a geometry it has a logic; and is clear and visible.
Every element is a unit of energy; showing what energy is, and does.

The Tetryonic Graphs show what is taking place at the level of the physics.
The graphic models acquire a direct understanding in the mind of the user.
They are not schematics; they are a schema of energy dynamics.
The geometry helps see, and play with, what otherwise we cannot understand.

GeoMetrics of Tetryonics is absolutely precise.
There is no room for fudging; everything is precise.
It is always in direct interaction with the Planck Quantum.
And taking responsibility in your own hand, in how you use it.

- - -

Using Tetryonics teaches you how to think and understand differently.
It is not at all how you may have learned in school: rote repetition.
In learning Tetryonics, everybody starts at zero: a fresh start.
You build your own understanding; by DOING it, only.

In playing with Tetryonics, what you already know will fall into place.
But the model of Tetryonics (the planck quanta) is the only basis.
It requires trusting the geometry, only; simply, purely.
And see how the geometry shows what you have known all along, anew.

In that way i learned to think differently about all atoms.
I realised that i needed more neutrons in Tetryons atoms.
I spent months making models, hundreds of them.
And stick them together, in the only way they could fit.

I also saw how quarks function, how mass en energy are related.
But often i had to rethink everything that i had learned.
Such as realising that Deuterium is at the core of every atom.
And that at the quantum level of each atoms the answer could be found.

I learned how the changing quantum levels account for the atom structure.

The solution came from looking at the model: Tetryonics taught me.
What happened for me, can work for any one using Tetryonics.
All it takes is paper ans scissors, sticky tape and open minded patience.

I modelled all the atomic models, and understood all periodic elements.
But ended up with a different, more logical, periodic table.
In which many of the (false) assumptions were now explained.
While also accounting for the known finding of science.

All i needed was the triangles, to play with.
And trust the geometry, while i used it.
In using it i found all that was known already.
But also corrected errors in the existing descriptions.

I wrote the theory; it was cheaper than doing experiments.
Now that the theory is written, we can all do experiments.
It is a first pass of a unification theory.
Unifying also theory and practice in science.

I needed to do unlearning and relearning.
But mainly, i needed to learn to trust the model.

- - -

Tetryonics is a solid theory that can give great results.
It took me five years, but it already helped me immensely.
It helped me connect and correct current understanding.
My training was electrical; i now see how it operates at/as the quantum level.

I now have a more unified understanding of the universe.
Take it on face value; try it out, discover.
Ask questions, let's together get further,
Together we can learn more and quicker; and further the planet and humanity.

We can together develop Tetryonics further than what it can do already.

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