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Matter to Energy.jpg

Science is a discovery of understanding
Aside from 'established science' there is 'frontier science'.
Many researches did discoveries beyond 'established science' (models)
Some showed that devices work, effectively, in manners science cannot explain.

Tom Bearden is one of these researchers, repeating experiments that Tesla did.
Tesla already had the results, but was not able to explain it (in conventional models).
In fact, the models are thereby a bottleneck in our understanding.
Tetryonics provides a different foundation; 'from the (Planck Quantum) bottom up'.

Tetryonics explains how all matter and forces stem from Planck Quanta.
By this, it is possible to correct many current misunderstandings.
03.10 shows the Planck unit, and the geometry of energy it represents.
This us the cosmic unit of energy, thus change, thus cosmic creation (and Matter).

The triangular geometry represents a preservation of energy; a 'quantum inductor'.
This contains an oscillation; at the quantum unit fundamental level.
This was discussed in the previous session -
Computers are based on this notion of oscillation - and their corresponding electrical mass.

In the interplay of charges there is a transition point.
It is often associated with a "Zero Point Energy Field".
The name stems from the measured zero-transition in the measured field.
This however must be explained back to the atomic, subatomic, quark, in fact the Planck unit.

We can model our measurement, to make predictions.
What is found at the material level is measured in molecules and atoms.
That led to the insight that it must operate at the most fundamental level.
Max Planck and Albert Einstein postulated that it happens at the Planck level.

03.09 describes the understanding of Planck (n.hv) in terms of Tetryonics.
Einstein reinterpreted the Planck Frequency for the Photo Electric Effect.
And associated the same understanding of Planck, for the photons.
Thus Planck described quanta, and Einstein described photons.

Tetryonics however shows that a photons is composed of two quanta.
A boson is a Planck unit, with a dynamic and a direction.
Two balanced bosons together form a photon.
Tetryonics shows what geometry is involved.

Planck dealt with Bosons; transverse.
Einstein dealt with Longitudinal fields.
The two models cannot be equated to each other!
It would be the same as saying that 1 (Boson) = 2 (Photon)

Bosons are odd numbers of quanta.
Photons are even numbers of quanta.
Half a photon MUST be a Boson.
The equilateral triangle, MUST be the basis.

The Zero Point Energy is interpreted to be the source of free energy.
In fact, it is the quantum, the unit of energy for cosmic creation.
By the geometry, this can be seen to be the fundamental energy.
And must not be confused with Matter; formed out of energy.

Free Energy is a political issue.
It cashes in on fundamental misunderstanding in the scientific models.
The basis however is always the Planck Quantum; the cosmic energy unit.
Planck quanta cannot be produced; they can only be used.

With this understanding, Zero Point Energy Fields ARE Planck Quanta.
They create charged fields - few physicists actually understand these...
By the geometry of triangles the nature of fields can be shown and understood.
This can them be used to create devices which use this.

Maxwell formulated the understanding of electromagnetism, as it understood in his time.
He combined the laws of Gauss, Faraday and Ampere; leading to the Maxwell equations.
What he could not provide is the logic that links them
the geometry of the description.
Yet Maxwell realised that a physical model would be needed to prove his 'laws'.

Tetryonics provides and shows the underlying logic, as the geometry of Planck quanta.
Maxwell worked by a top-down approach; Tetryonics stats with the quanta
Bottom Up.
Understanding Planck Quanta Zero Point Fields, there is no need for further assumptions.
The geometry of the description can be applied in the creation of working devices.

Tetryonic theory is an ongoing exploration, in which quanta are seen to form Matter.
Matter optimises the flow of radiation circulation at the Planck quantum level.
Therein electric fields and electric fields are connected in motion; at the Planck level.
Therein the electric and magnetic 'feed into each other'; they are 90-degrees angle.

Moving electrons will create a physical (Ampere) current.
It is always the Field, that initiate the flow of the Current.
This was described in the previous discussion of the Radio Circuit.
Between a coil and a capacitor a field can be formed".

This is shown in 24.12 as the Displacement Current.
At high voltages and powerful capacitors much energy can be stored.
When fully charged, they can discharge to the environment; as artificial lightning.
Maxwell described the displacement current as a result of the Aether being 'stretched', then snaps..

Tetryonics shows that the discharge is not from being 'stretched', but by being 'compressed'.
The increase of energy density builds up a field, which then attempts to discharge.
That is then the Displacement Current.
This must be understood to see why Tesla's experiments are more and more understood.

26.11 shows photons as quantum harmonic oscillators.
An observer can measure the dynamic of two separate photons.
The flat diamond shape geometry will produce a sine wave (+ -> -, then N -> S)
The phase relationship is important; and based on the diamond shape.

26.12 shows the EM waves - but requires advanced level mathematics.
In the geometry however the principle becomes very simple.
The electric and magnetic fields are at a 90-degree angle; creating "quadrature waves".
The light it represents is monochromatic; all having the same wavelength ('lased photons').

Aligned photons are shown as round lines in current electric theory.
In magnetic theory this will be seen as a sequence of magnetic dipoles.
Physics would in both cases represent that by an oriented arrow, a vector.
The electric and magnetic field are 90-degrees out of phase; sequenced.

Charged fields make an EM wav; just as Planck quanta, connected, make a photon.
Euler's formula is a natural expression of the geometry of photons in electromagnetic waves.
It combines, e, i and pi; the sqrt of -1 is the real linear potential - as shown in the image.
Mathematics 'is nice, and may be wonderful', but understanding the geometry behind it is better...

Tetryonics 26.15 - Photonic mass-ENERGY momenta.jpg ***

26.13 shows the linear momentum of +/- charge fields.
The sinusoidal waves are modelled in forming the field.
It helps understand the complementarity of the models of Tesla and Hertz.
And thereby make sense of the way the formulae complement each other.

For the 'math geeks', see image 26.15
the energy momentum of zero point energy field.
It is based on the frequency and wavelength of an electromagnetic fields.
The equations summarise the equations as they are understood
Newton described linear momentum; Leibnitz described linear momentum.
The square root of energy is Newton's linear momentum.

Maxwell described the vacuum impedance of electromagnetic field.
Their speed of light is their fundamental velocity of propagation.
It is the geometry of energy that gives all the equations that are shown.
All the constants of motion come from the equilateral geometry of the zero point field

Omega is the quantised angular momentum.
Energy can be measured, and divided by the number of triangles it contains.
This gives the frequency; or (when divided by c) it gives the wavelength.
Energy is formed of equilateral triangles, which gives the forces of all of physics, at every level.

Multiplying frequency and wavelength, the Omega cancels out (to the speed of light in vacuum).
That, is the energy content of EM quanta within a spatial region of radius c**2.
Now he did what Maxwell did in calculating the speed of light in vacuum.
But now we have a geometric formula to explain the velocity of light.

In 26.16 we can develop that further
The energy wave has a joule content in its region, with frequency and wavelength.
We can multiply them to produce the speed of light.
Tetryonics does not use E=Mc**2, but E=Mv**2.

Tetryonics 27.02 - EM waves.jpg ***

We have the geometry for wavelength, frequency and wave number (the inverse of frequency).
Thus we now have a much better understanding of the fields, waves and their properties.
27.02 shows a general EM wave; with its linear momentum (propagation).
This is shown as the spreading out of light, in the plane, in all directions.

Longitudinally, photons will be the measure; as described by Einstein.
This is force with direction of motion
kinetic energy.
Transversely, bosons will be the measure; as described by Planck.
The charged equilateral field will always sum up to the squares scalar energies of the system.

This is the basis of the quantum wave function.
In the image it is shown as the "Distribution".
You can calculate/measure the quanta; and find a Normal Distribution.
It is in mathematical statistics described as the Bell Curve - for which quantum theory is famous.

In the image 64 Planck quanta give a large equilateral triangles.
It gives Bosons, Squared Scalar Energies, a Normal Distribution of Bosons and Photons.
But now it is unified in one geometrical system; integrating Bosons and Photons
Just remember that 2 Bosons form 1 photon.

This gives the scalar energy, and the EM wave kinetic energy.
The diamond shape of the EM-wave/photon is Kinetic energy.
In physics this is described as the Massless Particles (a misconception in physics)
27.05 brings this together as the zero point fields forming photons and electromagnetic waves.

This vc give scalars, kinetic energy, scalar momentum and out of 2 steps of tesselation from a zero point energy field.
Multiple photons joined end-to-end were described by Faraday and Maxwell.
With the characteristic flip of the magnetic vector (indicated by the colour coding).
The transverse wave (linear momenta) and longitudinal wave always are combined; in a 90-degree rotation.

In the geometry the electrical polarity and the magnetic polarity are both essential.

Planck quanta form zero point electromagnetic fields.
We can now see by the geometry how the known models are linked.
We can see how bosons/photons, transverse/longitudinal, electric/magnetic are always linked.
It is summarised in the work of Schrödinger, see image 27.03; a snapshot in the time dependent field.

Tetryonics 28.01 - Photoelectron KEM fields.jpg ***

Through the colour coding you see the force releasing energy by inverse squared law.
You can see the photon and boson distribution, and quanta accumulation.
The diamonds on the right are of different sizes; increasing quanta => increased frequencies.
see 28.01 showing the fields at their respective sizes; (with the linear momentum for particle accelerations).

Adding quanta increases the number of Planck Quanta; while the physical size of the quanta is seen (as if) smaller.
Adding more energy actually increases the size at the Planck scale,
It is a relative change, known as the Lorentz Contraction (in the theory of relativity).
But it does not discern between mass and matter; and therein makes a mistake.

The Planck constant is not elastic.
In motion, the Planck constant will not change.
But in motion, the wake around the quantum will change.
The speed will affect the wake, but not the particle itself.

At high velocities the wake will appear as a line.
While at rest the wake may appear as circular around the boat.
The Lorentz Contraction describes the Wake; the EM (KEN/BEM) wave field.
The mass energy can contract, but the Matter will not (this corrects relativity theory).

Tetryonics 27.06 - E&M wave geometries.jpg ***

We can now look at the difference between physics and radio technology: see 27.06
The central geometries are the reality of zero point energy fields, forming photons/EM fields.
When split up, it is about E-field propagation and Magnetic vectors.
This is where modern radio theory misinterprets what happens.

Radio Theory assumes circular radiation.
Tetryonics shows that the 'circles' are in fact equilateral diamond shaped photons; energy momenta, Planck quanta.
Therein +/- and N/S alternate; (which depends on the perspective of measurement/involvement).
Equipotential lines will show the standard ripple pattern of Transverse waves; the measurementt is circular, the source is not.

Tetryonics 27.07 - Energy momenta in EM waveforms.jpg ***

The circle described the inverse square law; which is easier understood from the equilateral geometries.
Equilateral geometries create the illusion of the sign wave.
But they are 2 diamond shaped scalar energies.
And resolves the 'war' between longitudinal and transverse waves.

27.07 shows 2 EM waves; illustrating the difference between longitudinal and transverse.
Transverse waves are the ones described by Hertz, and used by Marconi.
Their linear momentum is orthogonal to the direction of propagation>
Longitudinal waves have their linear momentum co-linear to the direction of propagation.

The transverse wave is show up-down, moving left-right.
The longitudinal wave is shown left-right; moving left-right.
The first oscillates on the spot.
The second moves to and fro
pushing particles along (accelerating Matter).

Tetryonics 27.13 - Tesla vs Hertz.jpg ***

Our modern technology is based on Transverse waves; local locomotion (lacking drive)
We could also have longitudinal technology, with particle acceleration.
Maxwell theorised transverse waves (up-down) and discovered by Hertz.
Tesla developed the Longitudinal wave model - able to transmit forces over large distances.

Transverse waves are impotent; like a sail.
Longitudinal wave as like a metal sheet.
Spark gat transmitters were used for Marconi transmission.
Under ultraviolet light the spark gap work better, by the photo-electric effect.

Einstein explained the photo-electric effect - and relativity theory.
In the technology spark gaps were replaced by solid state devises.
The sparks were avoided, squelched, dampened out.
Because the sparks were 'noisy', by radiating energy out.

Tetryonics 27.08 - Disruptive spark gap discharges.jpg ***

Thence, silent powerless transverse solid state technology was created.
And the powerful spark gap technology was studied mainly by Tesla.
Using a DC voltage source, connecting up to charge capacitors.
Discharge of the arcs create longitudinal waves (as in arc welding of spark plugs in cars).

Tetryonics 27.09 - Longitudinal energy momenta.jpg ***

We need to see the relationship in Tetryonics
discerning longitudinal and transverse waves.
It is as different as the relationship between mass and Matter.
27.09 describes the basis of the stinging rays described by Nikola Tesla.
You can feel the air being pushed away; pinching into your skin.

Tetryonics 27.10 - The Velocity of Electrical Energy.jpg ***

At a high enough charge you can produce ball lightning - from DC charge discharge.
Longitudinal wave link the linear momentum into alignment; 'forming a rod'.
This can create a force, at a distance, which is what Tesla wanted to use.
27.10 describes the velocity of energy propagation; of a charge discharge.

In longitudinal waves te linear momenta line up; as was explored by Wheatstone.
He used a conductor of miles ling with 3 discharge points along the length.
That allowed him to measure the velocity of propagation of linear momentum.
And found the velocity of propagation is pi/2,c (1,6x speed of light).

Relativity described that cannot take place; the experiment shows that it does.
It was discarded because the theory did not explain it; suppressed/ignored.
In Tetryonics the explanation is simple
the co-linear linear momentum.
The momenta impulses are propagated in circuits as Bedini and others have shown.

Tetryonics 27.19 - EM waves.jpg ***

Often the theoreticians pretend that they determine the outcome of the experimenters...
In fact, only the theory can show what happens in Nature; if we understand it or not.
27.19 sums up the previous explanations
Tesla's spark gaps radiate longutudinal energy.
Maxwell’s/Hertz radio waves are the same geometry but 90 degrees out of phase.
[16:18:22] An experimenter using DC spark gap makes use of longitudinal waves.
These waves 'line up' with transient very high voltages.
And the contain the co-linear linear momentum.
And can thus propagate faster than light.

The energy is created in huge spikes of high voltages.
Bedini uses this with a timer circuit; charging a battery.
The DC discharge creates a larger voltage, charging batteries better, even if dead.
The charge is stored longer, and not so much heat is created during the charge cycle.

The voltage sparks contain positive and negative Planck quanta.
The battery is actually filled with quanta, rather than merely charges.
The DC discharges act at both electrodes at the same time , driving the sulphates back in solution.
Cleaning out the anodes/cathodes, and charging the battery; equalising the equilibrium within.

Thence the batteries hold charge better, and they hold charges longer.
The battery is rejuvenated, better than by a DC charger.

Transverse waves are used for heating, lasers, wifi, micro wave.
But for a transmitter-receiver a longitudinal wave will work as well.
The frequency changes drive the radio/TV/computer code communication.
Tesla is not measured in frequency, but as voltage (joules/coulomb)

The voltages can produce real forces.
When first created these fields radiate energy out at the speed of light.
Once the connection is established, communication is instantaneous along that line.
The back-to-back alignment allows for direct transfer of energy and motion.

In the same way information can be communicated instantly, once a 'communication line' is set up.
A communication to a Mars Rover can be instantaneously; instead of with a time lag of 20 minutes.
The longitudinal waves are a needed next development of electrical technology.
We need to see that Transverse waves are part of the story; Longitudinal wave knowledge must be added.

Not all Zero point energy devices are genuine; many are 'made to make money'.
Tesla had to revise his insight; he needed to let go of the ‘Earthing’ concept.
Then he understood that energy can be set up for energy propagation.
Wardencliff was still a transverse radio wave transmitter; longitudinal waves are needed for free energy for all people.

Tesla versus Physics; The difference between the two wave forms.
And why the geometry shows something different than the mathematics.
It is not the theory that tells nature how it works.
It is nature that shows how nature works, but can we understand it?

Tetryonics 27.12 - Longitudinal wave polarisation.jpg ***

Tetryonics 27.14 - Transverse  wave polarisation.jpg ***

27.12 shows longitudinal wave propagation
90-degree different from the transverse waves.
Longitudinal waves can be polarised; as also shown in 27.14 for Transverse waves.
That means the one can be turned into the other, forming circular and spiral an polarised light.
Polarised filter can then be used to filter vibration/information.

Longitudinal waves sting; they are a real force.
To save the planet, these are the wave to be used.
These are the waves used in the SUn in creating radiation.
When we can tap into this we will have free energy for al people.

We can destroy nuclear waste.
Communicate at real time across any distance.
Connect to different galaxies, in real time.
This already exist - even if that is denied.

It connects to the cosmology that keeps planets and galaxies in place.
With the geometry in place we can design our engineering.
We can understand and work energy directly.
The ebooks give further explanation

see the QED ebook.
See how what you were taught in school is incomplete.
You will be taught about transverse waves, not longitudinal waves.
Sparks are eliminated, and free energy thereby eradicated.

To Be Continued:

There is much to be said about the other technologies.
Tetryonics gives a model by which these approaches can be understood.
That adds understanding already existing in modern science
EM waves can be rotated, with respect to the observer.

That changes 'everything'
the longitudinal wave will supersede transverse wave technology.
With the new technology, '  new worlds opens up'; literally, faster than the speed of light.
With an elimination of all the diseases and energy wastage by using transverse waves.

One central communication in line of sight will suffice to communicate between all people.
The energy information is the instantaneous action at a distance, described by Newton.
With that understanding quantum gravity can be understood, and applied as a technology.
All it requires is the understanding that you can rotate the wave at 90-degrees.

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